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You get to decide if you will be rich

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Most people live life like driving through a drive-thru without ordering at he first window. When they get to the second window they are disappointed when they either get nothing or what the person inside decides what they should have.

Most take what they are given rather than strive of what they want.

If you really want to begin a journey to creating more wealth in your life start by realizing you have the power to reach for what you want and recognizing that you don’t have to accept whatever shows up. Becoming more proactive and seeking for what you want is the most common attribute of the wealthy.

Wealth doesn’t appear by accident. You must seek it, create and nurture it.

douglas-vermeeren-600Douglas Vermeeren is the CEO of the Millionaire Training Systems. He teaches wealth strategies and mindset. Unlike most wealth coaches and teachers in the market today Douglas Vermeeren actually makes money in the real world and not just through the sale of seminars or personal improvement products. He is the author of the book Guerrilla Millionaire, Millionaire wisdom and several other books on money strategies that build wealth in today’s marketplace. He is also known for his extensive research into the lives of many of the elite and wealthy of today.



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April 8, 2017 at 11:04 pm

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Douglas Vermeeren featured in this month’s MOTIVATED MAGAZINE

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Douglas Vermeeren is featured as one of the WEALTH EXPERTS interviewed in this month’s issue of MOTIVATED MAGAZINE.

Douglas Vermeeren in Motivated Magazine

Douglas Vermeeren in Motivated Magazine

Some of the topics discussed include:

New research into creating personal and business success.

How to know if you’re in your brilliance zone.

From broke to financial freedom in six months.

Specific action steps to creating lasting success.

Creating success in your family and with your kids.

In this 5 page interview Douglas Vermeeren talks about wealth building strategies, his next movie and the importance of family.  This is issue of Motivated Magazine is on new stands every where now.




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October 20, 2012 at 4:00 am

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The #1 Millionaire Secret you need to know – For FREE!

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Millionaire Secrets Revealed

Millionaire Secrets Revealed

The #1 Millionaire Secret you need to know – For FREE!

Like many people interested in the subject of wealth growth and millionaire creation, I have searched google to see what tools there are that can help give me the edge in my journey to expand my wealth. It is not surprising to see headlines like “Millionaire Secret revealed Now!’ or ‘The Secrets of Millionaires – unfolded for the first time.’ or how about ‘The Millionaire Mystery and how to get rich overnight!” These are enticing headlines and are sure to attract attention. But is there just one secret that all Millionaires know?

Over the last decade I conducted extensive research on more than 400 of the world’s top achievers. The research I conducted was very similar to what Napoleon Hill did to create the personal development classic Think and Grow Rich. One of the major differences between Hill’s work and my own was that he studied primarily their behavior, while I went deeper exploring their cognitive process or their thinking. I wanted to understand the roots of why these top achievers thought what they thought, made the decisions they did and were able to create the fortunes they did.As far as I am aware no one since Napoleon Hill has undertaken such a task. As you can imagine my results were astounding. In fact, it was these results that made me my own personal wealth and later became the foundation of the Millionaire Training Systems Program.

Since then, my study of millionaires has included practical real world strategies and systems, an academic approach and continued research with a growing number of real world millionaires and billionaires.

So if there was just one secret that all millionaires have you’d think I would have found it. Would you like to know what it is?

The #1 secret every millionaire knows is that your success is not dependent on one single thing. In other words, there is NO ONE SINGLE SECRET to success. It starts with your thinking, then shifts to your commitment to act, and then is a matter of being consistent and disciplined to take that action.

Thinking: Simply put Scarcity and abundance cannot co-exist. So if you aren’t thinking abundantly then you will never create abundance. (If you want to learn more about how to create abundant thinking go to my website and listen to the audio recording UNLOCK THE MONEY MINDSET. This program will share with you what the wealthy are really thinking and how you can start to duplicate this kind of thinking in your own life. Awareness is the first step to be able to start creating.

Action: Action refers to actual strategies. Many of the wealth programs or training seminars out there today focus mostly on mindset. They are afraid to share strategy in many cases because they are worried about liability. I used to go a step further and even offer done-for- you services but that did get me into trouble with securities so I don’t do that anymore. (True story) But I do still teach the strategies. now it is up to you to implement them and when you do you get results.

Consistency: This is probably the most important. Most people wait for big events to get started with investing or real estate or whatever vehicle they choose to create wealth. The truth is that its better to start small and be consistent than it is to do one thing big. Be consistent.

These are the three big keys to growing wealth. The END! Drop mic! Whatever.

Becoming a self-made millionaire requires the development of several different skills and habits that follow the above three things. develop these habits daily and your will see wealth. Some of these different skills include: Your thinking habits, your spending habits, Your ability to systematize your cash flow, Habits of correct education, Habits of effective working, Habits of being balanced, Habits of building and nurturing networks, Habits of Personal presentation, Habits of effect evaluation of opportunities, Habits of partnering your desires with abilities, Habits of effective time use, Habits of seeking help, Habits of tenacity and follow through, habits of organization and more!

Many people have learned and are learning to master these skills to the level of millionaire. A recent study by Dr. Jeffrey Rosenthal of the University of Toronto identified that in North America more than 200,000 people per year become millionaires. According to those numbers that would mean that there are more than 547 Millionaires created each day. 22.8 millionaires are created per hour. And just under 1 millionaire is created every sixty seconds. It is possible for anyone with the vision and determination to achieve this attainable financial goal.

What is the best way to grow these Millionaire secrets in your life?

The best way is simply to get a mentor who understands these attributes and has a proven track record of creating wealth in their own lives.

The Millionaire Training Systems program is such a program. It is the first program of its kind that involves an ongoing relationship with your mentor and not just a one-time seminar. It is also the first program to take the participants through the process of the education all the way through to implementation. What that means is that you no longer have to wonder what to do next when you hit the inevitable challenges that will appear on your path. Growing your wealth exponentially is not a get rich quick or easy venture. If you want to do it correctly there will be many thins to learn ahead. This program ensures that you get it!

For more information go to When you come visit us we have a free gift for you that will start you on the path to your abundant financial future today!

Where Education meets opportunity to create your new financial reality. This exclusive program currently teaches participants how to create a million dollar cash flow through passive income.

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April 20, 2011 at 4:55 am

3 rules to create the ideal financial future.

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Is your millionaire life waiting?

Is your millionaire life waiting?

3 rules to create the ideal financial future.

By Douglas Vermeeren

Being poor sucks.  When you are broke your choices are severely limited. When you don’t have enough money your life experience is one of want and need, instead of enjoy and participate. I have been in that position and like I said at the beginning, “being poor sucks.”

It’s no mystery that life is easier when you have the financial power that you need to explore beyond your obligations to find your dreams.

As I have made my fortune and have rubbed shoulders with some of the wealthiest people on the planet I have learned a thing or two about creating wealth that I want to share with you here. In fact, I want to share what I believe to be three of the most powerful ingredients to changing any financial situation immediately.

1)Focus on what you want

The first key to changing your financial situation is to begin to focus on what you want. When we see better possibilities ahead our mind automatically begins to create pathways to find that future. Too often those in poverty situations can’t see a different future than the one they are currently experiencing, so nothing changes.

What we focus on is what we get. Too often those in poverty circumstances are so busy worrying about the next bill and the debts that are surrounding them that they can’t recognize the escape routes.  No matter how difficult your situation is there are always escape routes and life-lines.

Why don’t people shift focus? There are many reasons, but I think the most difficult to escape is being too comfortable.

In fact, if we are comfortable in the negative situations our mind will look for ways to continue creating those exact situations we are most comfortable with.

Great wealth is rarely created by staying comfortable. Building wealth requires us to take a leap of faith into a new future we have never experienced before. The shift from poverty to abundance is more than just a mindset. It requires a whole new set of habits as well. If you aren’t focused and dedicated to making the shift you may get motivated temporarily, but you won’t have to power to make lasting change. Stay focused and realize it will not be an easy shift.

  1. Spend properly

It  has been said that people are broke because of two things, either they spend too much or they don’t make enough.  I would like to suggest that the real reason is actually limited to their spending. If we spend in the right ways and the right places our purchases can help us make the money we need. The problem is that most people don’t think enough about their spending habits.

Most North Americans spend close to 96% of their income on purchases that depreciate or things that do provide positive cash flow. While this may seem harsh most wealthy people do not spend over 50% of their income on purchases tat appreciate either. But they do spend more on appreciative purchases than those in poverty. On average they spend between 5 – 10% more. 5 -10% that’s not a lot! But it is not always by big sweeping moves that people become wealthy. In fact, more often it is in the small little things where all the difference is made.

In one of my seminars a man accepted a challenge to simple cut out his fast food expenditures each month and put that money towards an investment instead. At the end of six months he reported that just that act alone put a little over $58,000 into his pocket.   You’re probably thinking he was sure eating a lot of fast food. By some standards maybe he was – but what could you cut out or slow down on that would provide you extra money to get working for you in an investment.

Most people do not realize that to make a Million dollars in a year you only need to generate $2,739 a day. (That’s $114 an hour and $1.90 a minute for those keeping track.) So how can you spend a little bit of your income now to slowly start create other streams of income that will contribute to that daily amount?

The wealth understand that having their money work for them in this manner is what makes a person rich.

3)Take a look at what you have to work with

A common excuse that we were in our seminars is that people think they either have no resources to get started making money. Perhaps this comes from the oft repeated idea that ‘it takes money to make money.’ Nothing could be further from the truth.

To make money requires resourcefulness, not resources. When you have great ideas money will find you. In addition, there are a lot incredible ways to generate funds that can begin with exactly what you have and exactly where you are right now.

To get started take an inventory of everything that you have that can be turned into value.


Skills and Passions

Your skills and passions can be a tremendous source of income. There are currently formal school diplomas available for your life experience. Yet too often when it comes to earning extra money we neglect to think of the experiences and skills our life experience has given us.


Even the contacts and people within your network can be a great asset. A Russian proverb states, “It is better to have a 1000 friends than a 1000 Rubles.” A great deal of money can be made through the cooperation of people in your network and your network will grow to include people that have additional skills to help you.

Other sources of Money / OPM

One of the most value lessons that I learned early on in constructing real estate deals, funding massive venture capital projects or even lending money to others is that there is no rule that says you have to use your own money. There are many places to find money to do these kinds of deals (and I’m not talking about the banks.) Many of the deals I am currently involved in are very seldom funded with my own resources.

OPM stands for Other Peoples Money. There are many people that will gladly bring their money to deals if they can find a benefit for them. Surprisingly, the benefits are not always what you’d think. I have found money from people because they wanted to take advantage of a tax situation, wanted to be recognized as a part owner, or even wanted to have a building named after them.  There are endless motives.

The bottom line is that you don’t have to be poor. You get to choose what your financial future looks like. If you feel like now is the time to change your situation drop us an email and I’ll send you a Free report on how you can grow your wealth exponentially with the millionaire rules.  Send your request directly to my assistant Rachel and make the Subject line Millionaire Rules.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Douglas Vermeeren

Douglas Vermeeren is the author of Millionaire Wisdom.