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Douglas Vermeeren PPM 14

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Simplicity Proceeds Success – BAM #14

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Simplicity linked to success
By Douglas Vermeeren

At first glance it may seem like the most successful, wealthy and influential business leaders in the world have a lot going on. It’s true that they have hectic and busy schedules. Their days are full and very productive and they don’t waste time. While those things are true one thing is certain and that is that their activities are precise and focused. To create high level success creating simplicity and effectiveness is fundamental. Here are three suggestions from my research of top achievers as to how you can create more simplicity and effectiveness in your activities.

Determine your specific mission
Recently I was at a networking event for entrepreneurs. One individual handed me his business card. On it were listed several unrelated businesses opportunities this individual was engaged in. I could immediately tell that he wasn’t extremely successful in any of them. The old saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none” was apparent. Don’t-Forget-to-Give-People-Your-Business-Card1One of the most important things that I learned in building my own business with the support of incredible mentors was just because you can do a skill doesn’t mean you should. We only have so much time, ability and energy and of we try to do everything we cannot possibly do them all well. I use the analogy in my seminars of having a single glass of water and a remove full of plants. If you try to water everything it will all die. If you select a small group of plants to nurture they will thrive. Most entrepreneurs try to do too many things and therefore nothing really thrives. Pick a specific mission and dedicate yourself there.


Go deep enough to know your business and focus on solving specific problems
By going deep into an area of expertise in your business and career you develop yourself as an expert. When you spend more time in that specific area you develop thinking and tools that allow you to solve problems in that area better than anyone else. This is same strategy that turns regular doctors into brain surgeons, average athletes into olympians and scientists into astronauts. If you want to become an expert in your business or career expertise will be required.


Your value to others will be in proportion to the problems you are able to solve. If you want to be paid more solve more complex problems. The way more complex problems are solved is to simply spend more time solving problems in that area. Your experience and knowledge in the area will give you what is needed to solve problems in a specific area. It’s that simple.

sam-waltonOne of the impressive things to me as I interviewed the 400 top achievers was to observe how how they were to learn about a specific area directly related to their business. They read, researched and talked with everyone they possible could. Sam Walton founder of Walmart would visit the retail stores of his competition and talk with them about how they were doing things every opportunity he had. He even used to do it on family holidays and in far away countries. It was his thirst to understand the world of retailing that lead him to introduce many of the ideas we take for granted in a Walmart today. It was this same thirst that made him the richest man in America for a time.

Eliminate needless activities and time wasters
You’ve heard it said that time is the most important commodity in the world. It is true yet still most people only pay this concept lip service. Most people take longer with activities than is required to solve them. For example, most people feel that a meeting with someone ought to take an hour. I suspect that this is a remnant of the idea that a class in school was an hour so therefore every other meeting should be an hour too. I’ll never forget on of the top achievers who became a mentor to me divided his day into 15 minute increments. If you wanted a meeting with him it was generally allowed 15 minutes. To stay on track we actually put a timer on the table as you talked with him to keep you both on track. With such time limits imposed you didn’t find yourself talking needlessly about the weather, the local sports team or any other kind of fluffy feel good banter. It was straight to the important matters.


Now I’m not saying that we need to eliminate all friendly discussion but average people spend too much time making meaningless conversation and time passes quickly. I recently had a student at one of my events who had a continual problem with meetings running into each other. He was always late and continually falling behind. In addition his meetings with clients were not converting for him. As we talked about the structure of an effective client meeting we found that he was spending way too much time on discussions that did not serve the client. While some of this chit chat may have been polite it did not contribute to his mission.

Simplicity requires setting up boundaries and that means you’ve got to spend some time in preparation to determine what is most valuable to you. When you know what is most important you can start spending your valuable time there.


In conclusion Leonardo Di Vinci was credited for having said that “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Getting to simple takes work, the above suggestions are not easy and they are also just the beginning. As you learn to simplify and get focused your results will improve and success will become possible for you.



DV Photo 1Douglas Vermeeren – Are you ready to level up? You’ve come to the right place. Douglas Vermeeren is considered one of the top leaders in personal development and achievement psychology. He is considered by many to be the modern day Napoleon Hill for his extensive research into the lives and psychology of more than 400 of the world’s top achievers. Douglas Vermeeren is the creator of The Personal Power Mastery program which helps you unlock your most powerful self and created positive changes in your life.

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An Awesome life is living your life by decision. You are where you want to be, doing the things that excite you, inspire you and bring out the best in you and in those around you.

Douglas Vermeeren – Your Decisions determine your destiny

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Douglas Vermeeren PPM 12

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Written by douglasvermeeren

June 25, 2016 at 10:59 pm

Douglas Vermeeren – PPM 11

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Douglas Vermeeren PPM 11

Personal Power Mastery Intro session curriculum

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Personal Power Mastery

Thank you – Why your messages were important

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Thank you for so many reasons – Why your messages were so important
By Douglas Vermeeren

Happy-Birthday-Fresh-Cake-HD-WallpapersYesterday was my birthday and it was one of the best days ever. I want to thank everyone for your birthday wishes and kind messages. It’s pretty easy to say,“it’s no big deal.” But it really is.

Just like everyone in the world my life doesn’t always go smoothly. Things don’t always go as expected and sometimes life really sucks. There are also times when I have made mistakes and hurt people or have people get mad or frustrated with me. I try my best in life but things can happen. I am sure that you have experienced this in your life too. It can be challenging to attempt to lead an inspiring life and encounter this.

Occasionally when things don’t go well it’s easy to forget the blessings and great people in your life. It’s easy to feel alone.

In admitting this I don’t want anyone to think that I was depressed about my life. I love my life.

Yesterday clarified for me that I was not alone. My Facebook, linkedin, email, home phone, cell phone, voicemail and mail box were all filed with messages of love from friends from around the world. Some of the messages were from places in the world I’d never visited and from people that I was sure would never remember me. One of the calls from a radio station was so random I thought I had missed scheduling a radio interview in my appointment book. every message was received with gratitude and consideration. I felt loved, appreciated and valued. I want to thank everyone.

These messages reignited my desire to do good and be of service to those around me. Many of these messages were from people who claim I touched their lives for good. As I read them I couldn’t help but rededicate myself to the cause of helping people find their brilliance.

Now here’s the message I realized yesterday and I wanted to share today.

If these messages made me feel so loved I wonder why we save messages of love and appreciation for birthdays. How many others around us must be in a funk? How many others (especially among those we love) are feeling alone? How many could use a simple message reminding them they are appreciated?

In this world where we often experience and focus on the negative far more than we deserve shouldn’t we take a minute today and send a few quick positive and encouraging messages.

You never know the good you will do.