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3 Keys Every Entrepreneur must master to grow a Million Dollar Business

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Maximum Results for Your Business

Maximum Results for Your Business

3 keys every entrepreneur must master to grow a million dollar business

By Douglas Vermeeren

As I began my research of the world top achievers I was a broke college student barely living on the small allowance my parents were helping me with. Within my research it wasn’t too long before I discovered three keys that helped me launch a business that now brings me several million dollars a year. I want to clarify that while I am excited about my business these keys are not exclusive to one specific kind of business. In fact, if you can learn to improve these key areas in any business you will immediately make a significant difference to bottom line.

Being and staying in business is a privilege granted to only those who know how to become profitable and manage that profit for growth.

Here are the three key areas that every business needs and cannot neglect. To the degree you master these three keys will determine the size of your business and your bottom line. I divide these three keys into the categories of TELL, SELL and SERVICE.

Let’s talk about each one of these:


This categories is by far where most of your efforts and budget should be spent. This is how people find out about your business. If they don’t know you are in business they can’t do business with you.  How are they supposed to find you. Think of the marketplace as a big library or bookstore. Unless your customers know your name or come specifically looking for you – they’ll never find you! How are you letting people know who you are, what you do, how you can help them and why they should choose you over your competition? If you aren’t answering those questions well it will diminish your bottom line entirely. Here are some examples of some things you need to consider in building the TELL components of your business:

Your mission statement *Branding *Networking

Public Relations* Company Image *Social Media

Packaging *Referral programs *Advertising *Attracting customers Store front Website

Your presentation* word of mouth* Categorizing

Essentially anything that has to do with how people perceive you and what they understand you to be fits into the TELL category. I have seen a lot of great business ideas who just didn’t know how to find their customers or tell their story correctly and as you can guess – they are now gone.

It isn’t enough for you to understand what you do – your customers must get it too. If they don’t get it, you’ve missed the purpose of your business. 


This area of your business is probably the most important. If you don’t make sales your business will not survive. There are many great brands that many people have heard of and that have done a great job of TELLing people who and what they are, but that is not enough. In order to thrive a business must make money and that means sales! This key area essentially includes everything and anything related to the sales process of getting your product or service into the hands of the customers. Some of the activities here include:

Pricing *Agreements* Sales presentations

Contracts *Negotiating *Collections

Billing *Asking for the money *Sales calls

Sales teams *Persuasion skills *Communicating value

Credit policies* Up selling *Problem solving

Some people I have run into in our coaching programs are frightened by this area. They sometimes feel that asking for money or charging too much will offend customers. Without mastering the area of sales your company is in a very risky place and will most likely not survive.

Sales is not only necessary for you to stay in business it allows you to continue to provide value to your customers. If they are not excited to pay you then you haven’t given them enough value. 


This area related directly to how your customers receive your service or product. The way this is done is what keeps your customers coming back and it is also connected very closely to the first section TELL. Naturally when people have a good experience they TELL others. The same is true when they have a bad experience too.

All business comes down to an exchange of value for value. They value your business enough to give you their money. And you value their money enough to provide a product or service. You can provide that service in a way to be profitable and the benefit the customer receives is also profitable or beneficial to them. It is a good relationship.

Some of the areas that you need to consider when it comes to service include:

Systems *Processing orders *Shipping

Distribution & delivery *Creating repeat customers *Guarantees

Inventory *Shrinkage *Return policies

Manufacturing *Customer retention *Customer Support

Naturally even companies with great products lose customers because their delivery strategies are terrible. To me this makes no sense considering that most of your money is generally spent in TELL and most of your efforts are used in SELL, once a person is a customer it is least expensive and time consuming to maintain them, but most companies have a problem with this.

If you can master these three keys of business you can create increased business success. for more information on additional essentials that you need to consider in each of these categories participate in my MAXIMUM RESULTS Business coaching program where I share more of the tools that I learned in my research of more than 400 of the world’s top achievers. These are tools that I have used to create several million dollar enterprises for myself and others.  You can find more information at or or you can call 1-877-393-9496.

I might warn you upfront however, we do not take everyone who applies into the program. We are looking for businesses that we can believe in and support and people who are serious about growing their bottom line. If you feel you are ready to really make things happen please contact us!

As a side note think about this: When a brand new product from Apple comes out how many people line up to give them money (and even before the store opens.) All products and brands are on a spectrum with companies like Apple being on one end and slow moving products on the other end. The ones on the end where people are excited to pay generally solve big problems, are innovative, exciting and are worth talking about. They have mastered TELL, SELL and SERVICE and because of that their jobs become easier. Customers line up to do business with them. How is it that people currently feel about you? What can be changed to improve your product or service?

Douglas Vermeeren

Douglas Vermeeren,

If you want results you’ve come to the right place! Douglas Vermeeren has conducted extensive research into the lives of more than 400 of the world’s top achievers. He knows what it takes to become among the top 10% in your field and he can show you how. He is considered by ABC and FOX to be ‘the modern day Napoleon Hill.’ He was the first North American invited to address the Chinese Political leaders on human performance and motivation. He is the creator of the films The Opus and The Gratitude Experiment, co-author of Guerrilla Achiever, Guerrilla Masterminds and Guerrilla Millionaire with Jay Conrad Levinson. His coaching program MAXIMUM RESULTS is currently rated as the top coaching program by celebrities and business leaders for getting results.

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April 22, 2013 at 11:58 pm

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Gratitude Experiment – Douglas Vermeeren

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Gratitude Experiment - Douglas Vermeeren

Gratitude Experiment – Douglas Vermeeren

Douglas Vermeeren – Maximum Results 7

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Douglas Vermeeren - Maximum Results 7

Douglas Vermeeren – Maximum Results 7

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April 22, 2013 at 10:17 pm

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Members from the cast of The Gratitude Experiment being interviewed in the media

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Members from the cast of The Gratitude Experiment being interviewed in the media

Members from the cast of The Gratitude Experiment being interviewed in the media

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John Demartini and Douglas Vermeeren being interviewed for The Gratitude Experiment by Lisa Wolansky of ShawTV

John Demartini and Douglas Vermeeren being interviewed for The Gratitude Experiment by Lisa Wolansky of ShawTV

The Gratitude Experiment has been rated!

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The Gratitude Experiment has been rated!

The Gratitude Experiment has been rated!


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  • I had a Facebook inquiry today asking about my MAXIMUM RESULTS PROGRAMS so I thought I would publish my response in case anyone else may have similar questions. Feel free to ask further if there’s something I haven’t answered here. If you are interested in creating more success in your life hopefully you sees the value in this program and we can start talking one on one soon,
    Chong Chee Hou

    Hi. MR.Douglas. I am Jacob ,lived in Malaysia. I am interested to the maximum result program. May you tell me more?

  • Douglas Vermeeren

    Hi Jacob,

    Thank you for your inquiry. I am excited to share with people what I’ve assembled for the Maximum Results program. I started out as a broke college student about twenty years ago and was able to build a business in less than six months that produced 1.6 million dollars. The principles I used came from my associations and research of more than 400 of the world’s top achievers. Basically, I put in place the lessons, strategies and systems that my mentors taught to me and now I teach others how to do it too. The wonderful thing about these tools is that they work for any massive achievements you are looking to create – wealth, Business builder, strengthening relationships, health & Fitness whatever it is you want to achieve. Because of the predictable success of my programs I am a regular featured expert on FOX, ABC, CTV and others. I also have several books behind me including three titles for the world famous Guerrilla Marketing brand with Jay Conrad Levinson. My program is considered the most trusted for business leaders, celebrities and world class athletes. You can probably tell that I’m very excited about the work I get to do with others and I am always on the look out for people I can help to achieve their goals.

    I have developed three options to experience the program. Naturally the only people we accept into the program are those who are serious about their success.I don’t want to work with those who are curious – I want to work with those that are committed.

    If you are a good fit with our program here are the three options:

    1) Our online MAXIMUM RESULTS BASIC PROGRAM. This program is $159 (US) per month for a minimum of one year. In this program you have access to online lessons and materials every month. These lessons are CALCULATED to raise your thinking, actions and results to level of a top achiever. This program is designed to be an ongoing relationship because I believe that success is not a one time event. To be highly successful you have got to have time to develop and change. As you learn you will develop the ability to implement more. This program gives you that support. This program also has several secret bonuses that you will receive that are valued at over $4,200. (I should also mention that once you are involved in this program the door opens for you to be invited to participate in several exclusive events and opportunities.) This program will grow your business, increase your bottom line and develop you into an effective leader.

    2) MAXIMUM RESULTS GOLD – This program includes all of the online lessons, tools, privileges and benefits included in our MAXIMUM RESULTS BASIC PROGRAM. BUt this program has a significant benefit. You have access to me personally through e-mail and on the phone. (Sometimes depending on where you live you also get access to me in person.) Typically this includes one contact per month where together, you and I explore you personal goals and develop strategies that will accelerate your achievement. This level of involvement gets access to several exclusive achievement boosters, special products, event opportunities, networking opportunities and more. The approximate value of this program has been estimated to be over $25,000. But the investment to participate is only $7,500. I think it is probably our best value. One of the things that our participants in this level experience is financial growth. If you’ve been following me you know that money & wealth has been a primary focus of mine. People in my programs always experience at least one major common results and that is that they end up learning how to make more money. This program is limited to only 100 people per year.

    3) MAXIMUM RESULTS PLATINUM – This program includes everything in the MAXIMUM RESULTS BASIC and MAXIMUM RESULTS GOLD but we add to that regular weekly access to me. We chat by phone, email and in person (location permitting.) At this level you and I become very close as we work together regularly to help you achieve your greatest goals. I also bring my team and my network to help you. This includes many of the top achievers I formed relationships with in my studies of the 400 top achievers. (You’ll remember this include the CEOs of many top fortune 400 companies and other highly influential leaders.) If you are serious about success and connecting with some very high level players THIS IS THE PROGRAM THAT YOU WANT. This program also includes exclusive masterminds with myself and other top business leaders where we look at YOUR BUSINESS and help you take everything to a significantly higher level. In addition, to getting our support with structure and systems we have helped people find financing, distribution, manufacturing and licensing opportunities for their ideas. This program is not for everyone and getting in is a little more difficult than the other levels. We take only those that we are confident we can do BIG things for. One of our participants called this course Business School on Steroids. But it’s not just about business, you’ll learn personal development at the highest level. This program will turn you into a leader and top achiever… and those results will show up in ALL other areas of your life. The MAXIMUM RESULTS PLATINUM PROGRAM starts at $35,000 per year. And is limited to only 25 participants worldwide.

    If you are interested to apply for this program please send me through my assistant Elaine Atay :

    I look forward to hearing from you and getting to work on your success right away, Doug


    Maximum Results

    Maximum Results

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April 17, 2013 at 12:20 am

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