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Where do money problems come from? Science of getting Rich minute by Douglas Vermeeren

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Money problems are never the result of money or a lack of money for that matter. The root for money problems can always be found in how you feel and think about money. If you focus on the lack of money that is what you will create. If you don’t value your money you will soon have none. All money issues are a result of the strategies and efforts of the person behind the money experience. You are the driver, so to speak, and your money is the vehicle. As the driver you control the destination you will arrive at. If you want to have fewer money problems you need to change the way you are leading your resources. #thescienceofgettingrich #douglasVermeeren #Wallacewattles #thescienceofgettingrichtoday

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How bad do you want it? Personal Power Mastery minute by Douglas Vermeeren

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Are you really invested in making something big happen? Over the years I have seen many people create success and I’ve seen many people just talk about it. As you can guess the big difference starts with how much the actually person desires to have success in their life. True desire creates action and activity.Those with true desire are willing to make sacrifices and push themselves further. Those with desire are willing to take risks and do the hard stuff. Without that thirst for the success you never get results bigger than your already have. #personalpowermastery #douglasvermeeren #ppm


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How Storytelling can increase your sales – Learn to Sell or Die minute with Douglas Vermeeren

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Studies have shown that stories about your product and how it has helped other actually increase sales dramatically by sticking to the old features and benefits routine. In fact. most customers already know most of your features and benefits through their research on the internet. What they don’t know are the ways your product has actually been applied to help real people in real life. Think about that. #learntosellordie #douglasvermeerenLearn to Sell or Die Douglas Vermeeren storytelling

Sales Skills? Do you need them? Learn to Sell or Die Minute by Douglas Vermeeren

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Your skills are within your control and can also be the difference between success and failure. Recent studies also demonstrate that when you have skills your confidence goes up and so does your will power. Skills are also a reflection of how much you belief in your purse. If you believe you’ll get to work and develop yourself to do the job. If you don’t you won’t. #douglasvermeeren #learntosellordie

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The Science of Getting Rich today!

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The Science of Getting Rich Today!

What do you thinik about becoming Rich? Do you believe it is possible for You? Do you believe that there are strategies and steps you can take to make it happen? Do yu think there is someone out there that can help you? Absolutely.

And the Science of Getting Rich Today has those tools for you. In 1910 Wallace D. Wattles wrote the book that has been building welath for hundreds of thousands of people around the world, that same book inspired the hit film The Secret.

Douglas Vermeeren, also known as the modern-day Napoleon Hill, has interviewed more than 400 of the world’s top ahcievers on the subject of success and welath in todays economy and marketplace.

Together these two giants share what it takes to become wealthy and rich in todays world. Stay tuned and apply what you learn — you may just change your entire future!

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Which one are you? Personal Power Mastery Minute by Douglas Vermeeren

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Most people are quite undecided when it comes to what they want out of life. Others think that they have decided but their action are timid and hesitant. These people will never accomplish great things. Top achievers have no such hesitation. Instead they have a boldness that make BIG things happen for them. They approach the world with a strong sense of certainty and commitment. If you really want powerful outcomes in your life you have to go and claim them! #personalpowermastery #douglasvermeeren #ppm

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Emotion is our highest trigger – Personal Power Mastery minute with Douglas Vermeeren

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Emotion is our highest trigger. Often people say that they really really want something in their life and they are still not taking action. That is because they re not emotionally attached to what they claim they want. Emotion is actually a function of the imagination. If they haven’t yet captured deep emotions about a subject its because they haven’t really spent time imagining that future and really seeing themselves in the picture. Take a moment to really own your desired outcome and paint it vividly in your mind and do it often. You’ll find that soon enough you will begin to develop a stronger emotional connection which will in turn motivate your actions! #personalpowermastery #ppm #douglasvermeeren

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