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You can’t hit a target you can’t define – Personal Power Mastery with Douglas Vermeeren

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Most people have a hard time creating success because they never consider what success really looks like for them. Without a clue of what it looks like they lack a direction of what to do first to get there. And even if they happen to start down a correct path they have no idea what to improve or adjust along the way. You’ve probably heard the saying that a problem well defined is already half solved, The same is true in success. If you really know what you want half the challenge of creating it will be solved and you can more easily recognize what you need to do to make it happen. Take some time today to think more carefully about what you really want and don’t just passively wait and watch for things to happen. #personalpowermastery #ppm #douglasvermeeren #success #achiewvement #goalssetting


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Are you bold enough for success? Personal Power Mastery minute by Douglas Vermeeren

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Success comes to those who pursue it with boldness. You can’t hesitate and hold back and expect big things to happen in your life. Excuses and hesitation rob more people of success than strategies or understanding. Performance and action are what make things happen. Just thinking alone with not open the doors. You need to open it yourself and walk through boldly. #douglasvermeeren #personalpowermastery #ppm #acheivement #success #personaldevelopment #successquotes

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How to get to high levels of success – Personal Power Mastery minute by Douglas Vermeeren

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High levels of success require the support of a team. But a team requires the vision of a committed and dedicated leader. The idea that a solopreneur can create massive success by themselves is incorrect. It has never happened on a major scale. In order to reach higher, further and do it faster you will need the expertise, effort and insights of others. You can’t possibly do it alone. So the question is how will you find and inspire those people to get behind your vision? The answer get committed to one. #douglasvermeeren #personalpowermastery #ppm #success #enterpreneurship #commitment #goalsetting

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What do you value? Personal Power Mastery Minute by Douglas Vermeeren

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As people it is our human nature to select the activities and habits in our life to lead with our highest values. One of the disappointments that we create for ourselves is that we try to fool ourselves into chasing and pursuing things that don’t matter to us at deepest levels. We often pursue the wrong things because we take messages from those around us or the media as to what we are told we should enjoy and appreciate. Authenticity to our highest values will create results and happiness. This can be seen in immediate gratification choices too. People grab what they think they want in the short term rather than what they really value in the long term. #douglasvermeeren #ppm #personalpowermastery #success #goalsetting #personaldevelopmentDouglas Vermeren Personal Power MAstery 189

Won’t you be successful? Personal Power Mastery Minute by Douglas Vermeeren

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What you tell yourself about your ability to succeed goes a long ways to either creating or extinguishing your success. If you say that you can’t without even trying it is a lie! Most of the time when people say they can’t they are believing a lie. If there’s one thing that I’ve seen often is that people quickly say can’t because they don’t think they have the skills (or access to other people who have the skills that can help then.) A limited view always creates limited activity which naturally created very limited results. #douglasvermeeren #personalpowermastery #PPM #Success #quotes #successquotes #personaldevelopment

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Are you making the best choices? Personal Power Mastery Minute by Douglas Vermeeren

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Too often people try to short cut things and find the quickest and most satisfying routes in their habits. Often these choices are not well thoughts out and are base don immediate gratification or an easy path. most times these kinds of choices do not lead to lasting results or foundations of success. When we short cut our choices we generally shortcut our lives. True success often means doing things that are harder and require more effort. Success often requires sacrifice and commitment. If we don’t really get behind what we want, we get far behind of what we really want. Choose your success and then get committed enough to do hard things for what you want most. #douglasvermeeren #personalpowermastery #ppm #hardchoices #hardwork #sacrifce #success

What will you to succeed? Personal Power Mastery minute with Douglas Vermeeren

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Success requires you get committed to constant change and constant improvement You cannot stay stagnant and expect everything around you to stay the same. It never will. And even if something is working for you today it will very soon become obsolete. Progress and performance both require activity and forward motion. You can’t have lasting success if you don’t have lasting effort. #douglasVermeeren #personalpowermastery #PPM

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