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A neglected conversation in passive income – By Douglas Vermeeren, The worlds #1 Passive Income Coach

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Douglas Vermeeren #1 Passive Income coach 6

The conversation that most people are having around passive income is always around how to make more money. While this is an important conversation it is missing a very essential component if you want to become wealthy. (it also lets you know clearly who understands wealth from Passive Income and who does not.)

A Passive Income Lifestyle and wealth through passive income must include more than an understanding of creating income streams, it must also include a conversation around how to preserve and protect the income generated through passive income streams.

NO, I’m not just talking about a boring conversation around tax strategies and financial planning. Protecting assets and money generated through passive income is generally more complex (and important) than what can be done around regular income streams. Often times passive income comes from untraditional or unconventional methods and that means you need to have specific and appropriate ways to protect it.

You will need to find an accountant who is well versed in how technology of today generates money, the expenses associated with the use of this technology and also an understanding that you may no longer be based in the country where you have paid taxes in the past. This is certainly true if you are a bit like me where you spend the bulk of your time abroad. In fact, you should have seen may tax returns for the years that I was abroad in Asia. As a non-resident in the country of my passport I paid very little in taxes. Obviously with more and more people gravitating towards a passive income lifestyle that includes travel and living abroad these are certainly considerations you need to be aware of.

As for marketing and technology it’s important for your preservation support team (account, bookkeeper etc.) to understand that marketing is the lifeblood of online passive income. Without it you cannot thrive. But they also need to understand the experimental nature of some of the campaigns. Not only can you discover tax deductions as a marketing expense but these can also receive benefits as R & D (Research and development) for you company. Just a consideration for you to be aware of.

And certainly the systems you need to create to support delivery of online products or digital delivery are often overlooked. These are components that traditional businesses often received benefits and deductions to create in the real world but are often overlooked online.

As the rest of the world catches up to the online world there will yet be many interesting changes and considerations given. Be sure that those you select to help you are aware and can support you in preserving your assets and capital.

Stick close as we explore some of these ways in the future.

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Some essential considerations in creating Passive Income – By #1 Passive Income Coach

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Creating passive income can be hard work in the beginning. Most people in fact, never get to a high level of passive income because they give up or lose hope when the rewards don’t immediately arrive. Passive Income, when done properly, requires commitment, effort and energy. (And it’s kind of obvious who is really doing in real life when you see how people talk about passive income.)

It will also be a passive results always followed by an absolutely active beginning. Without your expertise you will also find it more difficult. Those that will buy from you to create your passive income have many choices today. They aren’t looking to give their money to people that can’t get them results or the information they need quickly – and they don’t want the same information they’ve seen everywhere else.

Passive income is really for those who are prepared to stretch and serve more than their competitors.Or set up better systems than their competitors.

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Why you need passive income – by the #1 Passive Income coach

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Douglas Vermeeren #1 Passive Income coach 4

Passive Income is supposed to be just that PASSIVE. That means that it does not occupy much of your time once it is set up and running. Can you believe that as I am here snorkelling and finding sea shells I am making money. This is the kind of experience I believe everyone should have. And it’s not that difficult to do if you know the right systems to set up.

Passive income is your ticket to freedom and it is the way that all wealthy people build their fortunes.

No one wealthy trades time for money.

They just don’t do it.

I am just about to launch my newest ebook that will show you how to build passive income in your life. I am excited about this because this book reveals how you can actually create passive income using easy to follow ideas and strategies. In this book I dispel so many of the passive income myths that cause most people to think it’s just too hard. It’s not.

It really easy quite straight forward and there are specific things steps you can take immediately that will make it even easier. Stay tuned and shortly you can get your own copy of this easy to use manual for wealth.

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#1 Passive Income Coach – Passive Income allows you to seek out Adventure.

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Douglas Vermeeren #1 Passive Income Coach 3

That was a fun day as I stood for the first time on the Great Wall of China. I never eer thought I would see this place live growing up. It just wasn’t a possibility given the financial circumstances I had come from. We were broke and the closest I ever came to this kind of adventure was borrowing books from teh Public library.
That day however I realized how much Passive Income had changed my life. It literally opened the doors to adventure for me.
Now as I stood on the Great Wall I had another epiphany.
You can see from the picture that The Great Wall goes on for miles and miles, stretching over hills and mountains further than the eye can see. SOme have even said that The Great Wall is the largest manmade object on earth - even visible from outer space.
Here’s the epiphany. As I stood on the Great Wall I looked down a tmy feet and saw that the entire Wall was made up of small bricks. It was then that I realized that the reason why most people never build financial freedom through passive income is that they look for the big payoff. (The Wall) and they neglect how the wall is built. (Small bricks.)
The lesson don’t neglect starting with small passive income streams. Recognize that you will need to build several small streams to create your life of financial freedom.
Passive Income allows you to step out from behind a desk or a job and LIVE! Our planet has so many amazing things to see and do. Most people will never have the chance to explore even a fraction of it.
You don’t want that to be you. Seize the day, embark one the exciting journey which is life! And that opportunity can become your daily life through Passive Income!
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CREATE WEALTH TODAY USA – Event in Las Vegas April 27, 2013

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Create Wealth Today event in Las Vegas

Create Wealth Today event in Las Vegas

5 Reasons you should join The Monthly Millionaire Mentor

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Are you ready to be a Self made Millionaire?

Are you ready to be a self made millionaire?

5 Reasons you should join The Monthly Millionaire Mentor program.

Are you ready to become a self-made millionaire? The Monthly Millionaire Mentor program is the only program in the world that guarantees positive financial results. The reason we can do this is that we extremely different from any program you’ve ever seen.

Here are the top 5 differences that makes our program the most successful wealth building experience available today.

1. We are the only program with mentors that are real millionaires and billionaires.
What this means to you: You are getting real world strategies that actually have worked in real life. Too many programs are taught by people who made their wealth in the seminar business. Our experts come from a variety of backgrounds and industries.

2. We are the only program that goes beyond simply suggesting ideas and education, we actually give you the opportunities to implement what you are learning under the supervision of our experts.
What this means to you: You can actually implement what you are learning in practice, not just theory. We take you from the beginning all the way until you are cashing a check at the bank.

3. We are an ongoing program rather than a one time seminar.
What this means to you: With most one time seminars research has shown that people only go as far as the first obstacle they run into. They become paralyzed when they run into something that the seminar didn’t teach them. With us, you have ongoing support through the entire process. Wealth creation is a process. Not a one time event.

4. We offer opportunities to meet, network and mastermind with people that can actually grow your wealth and expand your business.
What this means to you: No doubt you’ve heard that your net worth comes from your network. What you didn’t hear is that the quality of your network and the way that you are connected also makes a significant difference. If you’re serious about doing it right, we have some great opportunities you will appreciate.

5. We provide the most recent research, studies and opportunities on how wealth is created.
What this means to you: Most programs share their only personal experiences on wealth creation that may or may not work for everyone. The truth is that there are many different ways to create wealth. We share a wide variety of perspectives from a diverse pool of High Net worth individuals and sources. Our experience has shown that when participants select the methods that they are most comfortable with they can create wealth more easily. In addition, by using actual scientific research to back these methods you can understand the principles behind the activities that often allow these principles to be duplicated in a variety of other settings.

To find out what people are saying about our programs, please click here.
To apply to join us, please click here.

3 rules to create the ideal financial future.

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Is your millionaire life waiting?

Is your millionaire life waiting?

3 rules to create the ideal financial future.

By Douglas Vermeeren

Being poor sucks.  When you are broke your choices are severely limited. When you don’t have enough money your life experience is one of want and need, instead of enjoy and participate. I have been in that position and like I said at the beginning, “being poor sucks.”

It’s no mystery that life is easier when you have the financial power that you need to explore beyond your obligations to find your dreams.

As I have made my fortune and have rubbed shoulders with some of the wealthiest people on the planet I have learned a thing or two about creating wealth that I want to share with you here. In fact, I want to share what I believe to be three of the most powerful ingredients to changing any financial situation immediately.

1)Focus on what you want

The first key to changing your financial situation is to begin to focus on what you want. When we see better possibilities ahead our mind automatically begins to create pathways to find that future. Too often those in poverty situations can’t see a different future than the one they are currently experiencing, so nothing changes.

What we focus on is what we get. Too often those in poverty circumstances are so busy worrying about the next bill and the debts that are surrounding them that they can’t recognize the escape routes.  No matter how difficult your situation is there are always escape routes and life-lines.

Why don’t people shift focus? There are many reasons, but I think the most difficult to escape is being too comfortable.

In fact, if we are comfortable in the negative situations our mind will look for ways to continue creating those exact situations we are most comfortable with.

Great wealth is rarely created by staying comfortable. Building wealth requires us to take a leap of faith into a new future we have never experienced before. The shift from poverty to abundance is more than just a mindset. It requires a whole new set of habits as well. If you aren’t focused and dedicated to making the shift you may get motivated temporarily, but you won’t have to power to make lasting change. Stay focused and realize it will not be an easy shift.

  1. Spend properly

It  has been said that people are broke because of two things, either they spend too much or they don’t make enough.  I would like to suggest that the real reason is actually limited to their spending. If we spend in the right ways and the right places our purchases can help us make the money we need. The problem is that most people don’t think enough about their spending habits.

Most North Americans spend close to 96% of their income on purchases that depreciate or things that do provide positive cash flow. While this may seem harsh most wealthy people do not spend over 50% of their income on purchases tat appreciate either. But they do spend more on appreciative purchases than those in poverty. On average they spend between 5 – 10% more. 5 -10% that’s not a lot! But it is not always by big sweeping moves that people become wealthy. In fact, more often it is in the small little things where all the difference is made.

In one of my seminars a man accepted a challenge to simple cut out his fast food expenditures each month and put that money towards an investment instead. At the end of six months he reported that just that act alone put a little over $58,000 into his pocket.   You’re probably thinking he was sure eating a lot of fast food. By some standards maybe he was – but what could you cut out or slow down on that would provide you extra money to get working for you in an investment.

Most people do not realize that to make a Million dollars in a year you only need to generate $2,739 a day. (That’s $114 an hour and $1.90 a minute for those keeping track.) So how can you spend a little bit of your income now to slowly start create other streams of income that will contribute to that daily amount?

The wealth understand that having their money work for them in this manner is what makes a person rich.

3)Take a look at what you have to work with

A common excuse that we were in our seminars is that people think they either have no resources to get started making money. Perhaps this comes from the oft repeated idea that ‘it takes money to make money.’ Nothing could be further from the truth.

To make money requires resourcefulness, not resources. When you have great ideas money will find you. In addition, there are a lot incredible ways to generate funds that can begin with exactly what you have and exactly where you are right now.

To get started take an inventory of everything that you have that can be turned into value.


Skills and Passions

Your skills and passions can be a tremendous source of income. There are currently formal school diplomas available for your life experience. Yet too often when it comes to earning extra money we neglect to think of the experiences and skills our life experience has given us.


Even the contacts and people within your network can be a great asset. A Russian proverb states, “It is better to have a 1000 friends than a 1000 Rubles.” A great deal of money can be made through the cooperation of people in your network and your network will grow to include people that have additional skills to help you.

Other sources of Money / OPM

One of the most value lessons that I learned early on in constructing real estate deals, funding massive venture capital projects or even lending money to others is that there is no rule that says you have to use your own money. There are many places to find money to do these kinds of deals (and I’m not talking about the banks.) Many of the deals I am currently involved in are very seldom funded with my own resources.

OPM stands for Other Peoples Money. There are many people that will gladly bring their money to deals if they can find a benefit for them. Surprisingly, the benefits are not always what you’d think. I have found money from people because they wanted to take advantage of a tax situation, wanted to be recognized as a part owner, or even wanted to have a building named after them.  There are endless motives.

The bottom line is that you don’t have to be poor. You get to choose what your financial future looks like. If you feel like now is the time to change your situation drop us an email and I’ll send you a Free report on how you can grow your wealth exponentially with the millionaire rules.  Send your request directly to my assistant Rachel and make the Subject line Millionaire Rules.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Douglas Vermeeren

Douglas Vermeeren is the author of Millionaire Wisdom.


The Millionaire Evening in LAS VEGAS

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The Millionaire Evening

The Millionaire Evening

Douglas Vermeeren, Author of The Millionaire Myth will be coming to Las Vegas to share The Millionaire Evening.  This event will share 3 of the most overlooked things that keep you from becoming Rich! This event will take place April 29, 2011 7PM at:

Hampton Inn
3245 Saint Rose Parkway
Henderson, NV 89052
Tickets to this event are $197. To learn how you can get your ticket for FREE ticket call 1-877-393-9496