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Douglas Vermeeren | The Modern Day Napoleon Hill

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In today’s tough economy, it is extremely easy for discouragement and pessimism to quickly turn a company with a very high potential of success into just another “failed business” statistic. The major reason is the rapidly changing business environment. However, this variation has made it extremely difficult to focus on things that your business needs to stay afloat: results.

Without results – you will see a quick collapse of the ceiling in your business growth model. Your constant efforts are insignificant to keep your company profitable. The rise in your bottom line is something completely out of the question.

However, It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way! Here’s The Explanation

Willingly, if you are a businessman, entrepreneur, or just someone who is planning to move ahead in life and take yourself to that “next level”, the statements you’ve heard of Napoleon Hill are pretty valuable. Napoleon Hill is the person behind the most popular self-help and personal development books “Think and Grow Rich”.

Douglas Vermeeren From Napoleon Hill Douglas John Vermeeren Shares Some Of The Most Important Lessons

About The Book Premises – In early 20`s, Hill conducted a research on 400 of the most successful people. The research focuses mainly on understanding factors that separated the financially successful apart from the average person.

Fast forward 100 years. The things that had worked in the 90s are not necessarily going to work in the generation we now live in. Can you imagine what the results would be if someone was able to repeat Hill’s experiment with top industry leaders and successful business people today?

The man who has gone out on a limb and done exactly the same is Douglas Vermeeren. He is a modern day Napoleon Hill, as he shaped positive financial landscapes of thousands of businesses across the world. Being a college dropout, Douglas Vermeeren is successful in discovering secrets that the millionaire’s and top successes of today must have.

Years later, after successfully understanding the business models, principles, and ideologies of 400 of today’s leading business men and women, Douglas Vermeeren knows exactly what separates the successful from the “average” business owner that just doesn’t know how to increase their profit and bottom line.

The best part is – Vermeeren aims to share his knowledge out to as many business people as possible. In order to accomplish this, Vermeeren has created the maximum results coaching program specifically for business owners.

Unlike many mentors and other self-appointed teachers, Doug Vermeeren Now, you might willing to know. What actually separates Douglas Vermeeren and Maximum Results Coaching Program from other coaching and consulting programs that are available today?

Simple: the majority of people who are talking are simply doing that; they don’t actually demonstrate that their systems will provide any type of results. Willingly, anyone can implement these “strategies” that are being taught today to small business owners. It could be nothing more than theory to get the hopes up of unaware business owners.

Vermeeren`s teaching and materials that are specifically based and backed-up by real world data make his personality unique. However, the Maximum Results program Douglas John Vermeeren providing isn’t full of fluff and filler that simply waste your time. In fact, the program will encourage people to achieve success by strictly tested against the things happening in the field today.

4 Reasons Your Sales Representatives Requires CRM

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Douglas Vermeeren

Happy customers influence, simultaneously unhappy too. Comparatively, unhappy customer stories are likely to influence twice as happy customer stories. In today`s digital era, the rise and fall companies depend on their online presence. Competitors are just a click away, and the obstacles to market entry are minimal. Therefore, this intensity of competition induces the demand for tools and strategies to effectively assist companies.

The implementation of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software helps to track and analyze entire interactions users have with potential clients. The software centralizes, simplifies, and secures information for easy access. “CRM once introduced in telecom industry can serve as a powerful tool to increase sales and improve customer engagement, said Douglas Vermeeren”. Here’s how.

Douglas Vermeeren – Create Wealth Today

A Centralized Place for Storing Data.

Speed and ease are critical in sales. Wasting time searching through inbox or call history to get a prospect’s number or recalling when they last spoke – is a huge waste of a salesperson’s time. Also, it’s non-reliable. In case rep forget a touch point, there`s a risk of sending emails multiple times and annoying a prospect.

Data Storing By Doug Vermeeren

Centralized Place for Data Storing

A CRM offers entire, accurate record of a rep’s entire interaction history with a prospect that’s accessible with one click. Sales rep needs to manually reconstruct a timeline of touch points again. Also, it proved advantageous for sales reps to view their sales pipeline and opportunity queue, ensuring them of the place – they stand relative to quota.

Enhance Communication Across An Organization.

To simplify every sales rep life, Doug Vermeeren CRM systems offer the gain of improving communication at the organizational level. What if a rep is working with a lead that their colleague spoke two years ago? What if they’re taking over someone’s territory and have only been given an indecipherable Excel spreadsheet of prospects?

With the advantage of CRM, sales reps can analyze and assess – what’s already been done with a given prospect and what’s next. For interaction history, the reps don’t need to reach out to their colleagues. The information is already in the system.

CRM Make Executives’ Lives Easier.

Another boon for an organization: CRM`s can be standardized track their activities and prospect interactions of sales reps that streamline reporting.

Douglas Vermeeren said, “Inaccessibility of CRM makes it challenging for managers and leaders to track activities that piece data together to form a coherent picture”. CRM makes data entry uniform – means; managers can easily combine and analyze data to understand the overall health of the sales organization.

Keeping consistent recording reduces friction – when passing a lead from one rep to another, switching territories, or reassigning a departed colleague’s opportunity queue. Not only, entire information is accounted for, but also it`ll be recorded in a manner that makes sense across the sales force.

A Scalable Tool for Growth.

You may be asking yourself, “Is it possible to make all this in an Excel spreadsheet and call it a day?”

With few customers such as one or two or five, it’s possible to track every interaction manually. But when you think of next one, two, or even five years from now. Doubtlessly, you want to triple or quadruple revenue. The time your salespeople spend recording prospect and customer information is eventually going to take over their day.

Tool for Growth By Doug Vermeeren

Scalable Tool for Growth

Moreover, if you want to analyze your salespeople’s activities to discover what strategies or series of touch points suits the best. Probably, pulling inconsistently tracked data from multiple sources can drag out or compromise your ability to get an accurate picture.

Ultimately, if you’re considering a CRM – there’s a very simple question from Douglas Vermeeren you should ask yourself. Do you want to grow your business? Your ability to do so is dependent on contacting your prospects at the right intervals. Further, providing them relevant information at the right time, and you simply can’t do this effectively without a CRM.

Written by Douglas Vermeeren

August 29, 2017 at 2:26 pm