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Exclusive Douglas Vermeeren articles on this blog

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Exclusive Douglas Vermeeren articles on this blog Exclusive Douglas Vermeeren articles on this blog Exclusive Douglas Vermeeren articles on this blog Exclusive Douglas Vermeeren articles on this blog

Exclusive Douglas Vermeeren articles on this blog

Exclusive Douglas Vermeeren articles on this blog

Exclusive Douglas Vermeeren articles on this blog

Exclusive Douglas Vermeeren articles on this blog

Exclusive Douglas Vermeeren articles on this blog

Exclusive Douglas Vermeeren articles on this blog

Exclusive Douglas Vermeeren articles on this blog

Exclusive Douglas Vermeeren articles on this blog

Exclusive Douglas Vermeeren articles on this blog

Exclusive Douglas Vermeeren articles on this blog

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August 31, 2016 at 11:14 pm

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Douglas Vermeeren featured on the cover of Soar to Success magazine

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For more on this issue click on the following link:



Are you making effective decisions?

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Check out my latest article on NY daily news: What kind of decisions are you making?

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August 31, 2016 at 2:24 am

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Missing opportunities and targets – WHY – Douglas Vermeeren

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When I am teaching the Personal Power Mastery course level that is designed for Business & Entrepreneurs I often hear of people concerned that they want to find more customers, discover more opportunities for their companies and identify ways that they could increase their profits.

Many of these people ave tried a lot of different things and may have found quick fixes or small improvements. But most of the time high levels of success have somehow passed them by.


As I have observed these individuals it has become clear why most of them miss their target goals and what they can immediately do to fix it.

Problem #1 – When they look at new things to do they move froward with what they want. Too many business owners progress their business from an ego point of view. In others they move their company in the direction of the thing they think the customer needs and wants. They move towards things which they think will make them look better. Often they also move toward things that they find easy to do rather than gain new skills to serve. Your desires however great aren’t really what your customer is looking for.

Problem #2 – They aren’t hearing the complaints. Customers will tell what they need. Just listen to their complaints about their problems. These are what they are trying to solve and are most willing to pay for. Too often business owners just nod their head when they hear complaining when they should be taking notes. Especially when it comes to things they may hear about their competitors and the marketplace. Some of our best materials and developments have come to our company as we have heard horror stories about how other training programs let people down.

Douglas Vermeeren ppm 50

Problem #3 – You’ve heard it before and nodded your head but most likely you haven’t done a thing about it. Problem # 3 is that most people don’t get these opportunities because they aren’t prepared. Success doesn’t just fall into place it arrives only as you are ready to receive it. It isn’t an accident that the same people keep making incredible progress or that their companies continue to grow and soar. The stretch themselves and reach for the next level and all the opportunities on that next level reach towards them to help them up.

It’s like climbing a ladder. You can’t reach the rung of success until you step up a rung yourself. Then it’s in reach.

climbing the ladder

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Douglas Vermeeren – Power Quotes 7

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DOuglas Vermeeren top motivational Speaker 7

Are you seeking out the best? – Douglas Vermeeren

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When it comes to the development of self you deserve the best. At least you’d think that’s how people would think. My experience in reality has been quite different. Not everyone understands the importance of seeking out the best. In fact, that has been one of the biggest differences between the top achieves in the world and those that are still struggling to find security, stability and success in their lives.

As I interviewed more than 400 of the worlds top achievers one common trait among the best of the best was that they always sought out the best. If they had a job to do they found the best people to do it. Doing something right once is always more effective and less expensive in the long run than doing things multiple times with an inferior solution.

Douglas Vermeeren ppm 49

Through out the years I have seen those who on the surface say they are interested in creating success remain stagnant and repeat the same mistakes because they are more committed to cheap and insufficient solutions more than they are to levelling up. If you want to level up you must increase the quality of your solutions. There is no other way. It’s like trying to dig a hole with a broken shovel.

This group is just rolling themselves. They are not committed to higher levels of success. They are seeking out a cheap, quick easy fix that doesn’t require more than they are currently willing to give. If you solve problems at the level you currently are comfortable with you get to keep the problems you are experiencing at this level. It’s that simple.

If you want more invest more in yourself and the solutions and support you need to get there.  Get committed to level up.


Douglas Vermeeren – Quotes

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Douglas Vermeeren top motivaitonal speaker 6

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Is success reserved for someone else? Douglas Vermeeren

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Often times when I speak with people about success I will hear people point out that many people are born into ideal circumstances and that’s why they are successful. Sometimes it will be mentioned that those in the “lucky sperm club”  were born into money and opportunity and that the biggest successes experienced in the world are reserved for them.

Douglas Vermeeren PPM 48After interviewing more than 400 of the worlds top achievers today (and even some who could be considered as being from the “Lucky sperm club.”) I would like to refute this idea. Success is available to all. Success is not a respecter of person. Success follows those who comply with the rules and laws of how success is created.

In fact, I have seen those from the lucky club who have not created lives of success because they haven’t kept these rules. They may have started with money or opportunity but very quickly they have revealed their values.

What we value most in life immediately becomes reflected in our actions and results. The only thing I have observed is that those who start with more money and opportunity can often get their a little easier or quicker, but that certainly does not prevent others from getting there. I have also noticed a massive shift even in the last few years of people who had no previous advantage rise to the highest levels of success.

The most important commodity for success (even more important than money and opportunity) is resourcefulness. Anyone can access this – especially with the way the internet connects us all together. There are no limits. Py the price and you will gain the reward.

Everything around you can change – Douglas Vermeeren

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Everything around you can change

By Douglas Vermeeren, Creator of Personal Power Mastery

Too often people become discouraged because they are caught in the middle of a less than perfect situation. Sometimes these circumstances can even be painful. They are certainly not inspiring and often times do not give the individual involved the tools or beliefs that things can be better. we are highly influenced by what we surround ourselves with and these things often limit us rather than empower us. But are we trapped by where we are and who we spend time with. Is there no hope to live the dreams we have if we are surrounded by challenging circumstances?

The simple answer is YES! Things around you can change. Here are a few significant ways that negative circumstances can change. And quickly…

  1. Change the way you look at things and they will change. When we see things as a challenge they stay that way. But when we look at them as stepping stones to a new situation they become that. I do recognize that some situations are just difficult to paint positive. In some situations such as a abuse that may be near impossible. And quite frankly when something is just plain wrong you should not look at it in an acceptable manner. But even in those severe negative situations you do have a choice in how you will respond and react. Rather than look for a way through LOOK FOR THE WAY OUT! On this note I also want to mention that there is support, help and loving people who will be there for you to make this escape. Start looking at it in the way that you know there are people who will support your exit. You are not alone. Even this shift of perception will give you strength and courage to start to create the changes you need.
  2. Raise your standards. As you change what you will tolerate your entire situation will change. If you decide that you deserve better or more in your specific situation you will start to become more. As You become more you will begin to attract the things that will change your situation for the better. Most people settle for their current situation and so their current situation continues. If you don’t level up your life you will always get what you’ve always gotten.
  3. Get moving. Action always changes a situation. Results appear as a result of an equation. Things around you will change in the same way.  1 + 1 = 2. You have control over one of the 1s in this equation. It’s you. If you decide to raise your standards to a 2 and act that way the end result is this equation 2 + 1=3. The end result has changed. You can also choose to not participate which turn turns your 1 into a 0. 0+1=1. The equation is changed again. recently one of of my students shared that their marriage wasn’t going as planned. There was a lot of conflict and challenge. We had this discussion about equations and she decided that even if her partner was not going to be loving and kind she could be. Even if her partner didn’t value some of the things she did she would still live her live with those values. So in some circumstances she became a 2 in their 1 +1 and a 0 in their 1+1. As you can imagine things changed in both circumstances. Douglas Vermeeren PPM 47In this case her spouse decided he needed to change his behaviour to keep up with the new and improved version of his spouse and this story now has a happy ending. That is not always the case, sometimes the changes to where you know you need to be result in a recognition that you and the other person are more empowered apart.  as you create yourself in the way you know you should be those answers will appear.

Change is required for success and satisfaction in life. When the things around you begin to conspire to help you magical and marvellous things begin to happen. Everything around responds to what you do next. Both in positive and negative ways. So determine carefully what you want and then use these 3 concepts to shift your reality to follow your vision.

Personal Power Mastery is Coming to FLORIDA!

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PPM logoGet your free tickets for Douglas Vermeeren’s Personal Power Mastery by clicking here! Personal Power Mastery in Florida! Get your free tickets now!

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Personal Power Mastery is a top rated course designed to help individuals unlock their best self.


Some of the empowering strategies that participants are introduced to include:

Finding what you really want out of life, business and relationships
Make better choices that give you what you really want
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Making changes to make the most of your life
Tap into the mindset of mastery
Rising to the standards of excellence
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How to use your emotions to create the results you want
The power of the reactive/proactivity paradigm
Making decisions that lead you to your greatest self
Recognizing your brilliance and igniting your best self
Discovering what you value most and what will be most valuable to you
How to recognize what’s most important in life and putting first things first
How to overcome the 2 main obstacles that stop most people from living the life they really want
Why getting momentum is more important than motivation
How to increase the probability that you will be successful
Breakthrough obstacles that are keeping you stuck
Understand and overcome fears that are robbing you of your best self
Beat procrastination once and for all
identify your strengths and take them to a higher level
Dial into the frequency of success
Open up the doors to your most important dreams
Recognize who you really could be

This material has been developed through Douglas Vermeeren’s extensive research into more than 400 of the worlds top achievers. It is calculated to help you transform your life and situation from where you are to the life that you dream about. With Personal Power Mastery you will be armed with tools to make the changes you really want and be programmed for high levels of success. Your best self is ready to meet you. Now is your time!

For more information on this program please call 1-877-393-9496 or email Rachel Dobson