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The Prosperity Consciousness TEST

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The Prosperity Consciousness Test By Douglas Vermeeren

Do you have Prosperity Consciousness?

As I have considered all of the people I have met who have manifested a clear prosperity consciousness I decided to make a list of how they looked at the world and how they thought and acted. I should confess that this is not a complete list. You may even have some of your own to add. 

The following are some of my observations specifically as I interviewed and researched some of the top business leaders and entrepreneurs of our times.

 Perhaps you will find yourself in these reflections. (And if not, maybe you want to consider adopting some of these ideas to widen your personal prosperity consciousness.) It’s my hope that these things will either reenforce the prosperity qualities you already have or inspire you to get to work on creating some you feel might be missing in your life.

Here we go:

  • Prosperity Conscious people look for ways to become more.
  • Prosperity Conscious people resist negative influences.
  • Prosperity Conscious people pay little attention to what others think.
  • Prosperity Conscious people collaborate rather than compete.
  • Prosperity Conscious people look at money as a seed that grows more when planted with care.
  • Prosperity Conscious people are deliberate in their actions.
  • Prosperity Conscious people understand prosperity is not just about money. (They honor all abundance and use all resources with respect.)
  • Prosperity Conscious people act with courage.
  • Prosperity Conscious people deal with risk by getting a better understanding and the support of knowledgable experts.
  • Prosperity Conscious people have a long term perspective.
  • Prosperity Conscious people believe abundance is everywhere.
  • Prosperity Conscious people believe it is not necessary to knock someone else down in order for them to win.
  • Prosperity Conscious people believe wealth comes from systems and connections. (Not through the rat race.)
  • Prosperity Conscious people are not afraid to let go of old ways of thinking or doing.
  • Prosperity Conscious people believe that resources follow resourcefulness.
  • Prosperity Conscious people believe they have control over their outcomes.
  • Prosperity Conscious people believe they have a choice on what happens in their life.
  • Prosperity Conscious people are learners.
  • Prosperity Conscious people are active.
  • Prosperity Conscious people do not reach abundance by accident. They have plans.
  • Prosperity Conscious people are optimistic.
  • Prosperity Conscious people are on a mission of constant improvement.
  • Prosperity Conscious people celebrate success wherever they find it.
  • Prosperity Conscious people use the power of visualization.
  • Prosperity Conscious people associate with other prosperity conscious people.
  • Prosperity Conscious people understand they choose and create happiness.
  • Prosperity Conscious people understand that a Prosperity Consciousness is learned and must be nurtured to keep.
  • Prosperity Conscious is a result of discipline.
  • Prosperity Conscious people have string self esteem and confidence.
  • Prosperity Conscious people boldly declare wha they want!
  • Prosperity Conscious people have strong degree of willingness!
  • Prosperity Conscious people have faith in the future.
  • Prosperity Conscious people are active decision makers.
  • Prosperity Conscious people look for ways to create income streams.
  • Prosperity Conscious people are problem solvers and solution oriented.
  • Prosperity Conscious people are good team players.
  • Prosperity Conscious people take care of what they already have.
  • Prosperity Conscious people understand that everything they need for abundance can be acquired.
  • Prosperity Conscious people do not wait for perfection to start.
  • Prosperity Conscious people are not threatened by challenges or obstacles.
  • Prosperity Conscious people are not frantic, desperate or discouraged. The trust their destination and keep going.
  • Prosperity Conscious people expect good things.
  • Prosperity Conscious people are eager to try.
  • Prosperity Conscious people are teachable.
  • Prosperity Conscious people practice self care.
  • Prosperity Conscious people build strong support networks.
  • Prosperity Conscious people are enthusiastic.
  • Prosperity Conscious people look to keep things easy and simple.
  • Prosperity Conscious people leave things better than they found them.
  • Prosperity Conscious people take responsibility.
  • Prosperity Conscious people are always looking for ways to increase education and skills.
  • Prosperity Conscious people are persistent.
  • Prosperity Conscious people see prosperity everywhere.
  • Prosperity Conscious people are specific about what they want.
  • Prosperity Conscious people keep prosperity flowing.
  • Prosperity Conscious people treat themselves to experiences that reenforce feelings of prosperity.
  • Prosperity Consciousness is an expanding energy.
  • Prosperity Conscious people see potential for greatness in themselves and others.

Hopefully you have recognized some of these attributes in yourself or at least been inspired to start working on some. Prosperity Consciousness is the beginning of all wealth and abundance in your life. Everything you create in reality begins first in your mind. 

Lessons in Prosperity Consciousness – Your mind is like a Polaroid camera

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Lessons in Prosperity Consciousness — Your mind is like a Polaroid Camera

By Douglas Vermeeren

Your thoughts are like a polaroid camera.

The images you form in your mind about your future (especially when it comes to PROSPERITY) are created inside before the image is developed in reality.

If you’ve ever used a Polaroid camera you know that after the image you selected is snapped the picture comes out. But there is no image on the photograph. At least not yet…

Then as you wait and watch the image of what you snapped appears slowly on the photograph.

This is exactly how Prosperity Consciousness works. In fact, all consciousness for that matter. You snap the images in your mind of what you want by holding them in your thoughts. Then slowly they begin to materialize in your real world. If you imagined prosperity, abundance and wealth the opporunities to create these will start to appear. You will literally see them.

However the opposite is also true. If you see scarcity, lack, struggle and challenge you will begin to experience situations that will confirm your perceptions. (And as a reuslt you experience more of the same.)

What are you creating internally before it shows up in the real world? Are you creating the images and outcomes that you really want? Are you “photographing” your world with Prosperity Consciousness?

#Prosperityconsciousness #abundancemindset

Lessons in Prosperity Consciousness – The roots determine the fruits

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Big apple tree with fruits and roots. Vector illustration isolated on white background

Lessons in Prosperity Consciousness—The roots determine the fruits

By Douglas Vermeeren

When you plant a seed deep into the ground it becomes invisible to the world around it. In fact, aside from the farmer no one may even know that a seed has been planted. No one knows what kind of tree will show up in the beginning — only the farmer who selected the seed knows.

As the seed begins to grow roots the activity is still invisible to pretty much everyone. In fact, at this point the farmer may not even see it happening, but in faith he continues to nurture the expanding roots.

As the roots grow deeper they solidify the seed and will protect the future tree against the wind, the storm and other elements that may be encountered.

Soon the exciting day arrives when the sprout appears the farmer gets to see how his efforts to nurture the invisible paid off. Other may begin to notices changes at this point too.

As the nurturing continues the tree grows in strength and in size. It now becomes clear to everyone involved that some big things are happening and about to happen.

Later when the tree appears some people may be excited to see the tree. Some may actually even be surprised at the kinds of fruit that begins to appear. Maybe the fruit are apples, pears or even cherries.

Naturally we can look at this analogy as a reflection of Prosperity Consciousness and abundance thinking. 

The seed is very much like our invisible thoughts. No one really knows what you’ve decided to plan or what you’ve chosen to grow in your mind. 

But just like the growth of the seed when it is nurtured it begins to reach out roots. The roots give strength and support what is to come next. The roots once they have created the foundation can often be difficult to alter once they have stretched out. 

The stretching of the roots can be a good thing or a bad thing as I will soon explain.

As the sprout breaks the ground and becomes visible to everyone it reenforces the thinking of the farmer and also enters the awareness of others. The reality is that thoughts that you hold will long enough will eventually shift from private invisible things to very visible public things. This is done as you begin to act on your thoughts or your thoughts begin to attract the people, places and things that your thoughts have summoned to you. These are direct results of your thinking and consciousness.

As the sprouting thoughts and results that are now appearing are nurtured the tree grows even more. Eventually there are fruits. Sometimes these fruits are surprising to others who may not have been aware of your thoughts. But it is rarely surprising to the farmer who knows exactly what they planted in the beginning.

The reality is that this analogy works well to illustrate the power of PROSPERITY CONSCIOUSNESS. If you plant and nurture Prosperity Consciousness you will soon discover that the seeds you plant grow. They lay down roots that strengthen your ability to have prosperity. 

As the sprout grows others will see things beginning to work for you. There will some who celebrate the growth and others who may act jealously or criticize. This is often a revealing moment not only for yourself to see you CAN do it. But also to recognize who around you has a Scarcity Consciousness. No matter how successful you become there will always be some in your life who are so connected to the past that they will not be able to see you any other way than how they had seen you years ago. Just wish those people well and continue on your prosperous journey. (More on this later.)

However it is important to point out that this analogy of the seed is also works well to illustrate the negative power of SCARCITY CONSCIOUSNESS. If you plant and nurture scarcity, lack, criticism, frustration, challenge, jealousy, comparison or any of the elements that are found in scarcity you will soon discover more of the same.

At first these seeds will also be invisible. 

These negative ideas will also produce roots that are very powerful and difficult to control or eliminate.

Eventually a sprout will appear. There will be moments that surprise you to see yourself as you are. But that invisible seed will also now be publicly visible. Many people who have a Prosperity Consciousness will choose to spend less time with you. Those that have the same views as you do will be drawn to you — misery loves company.

The fruits you will eventually seed will be scarce, decayed, rotten and will not fully sustain your best self. Slowly the tree will die, as will your hope for a bright future.

The moral of this story is to choose and nurture the right seeds in your life.

Lessons in Prosperity Consciousness – Sensory Perception & Awareness

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Picture of businesswoman dressed in white shirt sitting in her office and holding money in hand near face

Lessons in Prosperity Consciousness – Sensory Perception & Awareness 

By Douglas Vermeeren

Most people have a hard time shifting their consciousness to higher levels.  I ma not talking about shifting to a positive feeling or a sense of happiness. I am talking about high levels of Prosperity Consciousness that really starts changing their outcomes.

This level of Prosperity Consciousness that I am referring to the consciousness that starts creating massive amounts of abundance and wealth.  This level of prosperity consciousness is what gives a person the awareness to recognize opportunities for abundance and wealth. It is the level of prosperity consciousness that gives a person the belief to see a prosperous and wealthy future. It is the conviction in consciousness that results in taking action to do something about the situation that will create the money in real time. 

Most people do not have this level of prosperity consciousness.

The mental connection they have to wealth has never been first hand. They are leaning on the ideas and concepts that they have heard about from others. They are imagining experiences they may have seen in films and tv. They are creating their own version of what wealth must be like. Most of the time they are wrong. And on a subconscious level they know that they are subtly lying to themselves. 

Because they have never held it in their hand or experienced it in reality their prosperity consciousness is relying on a fairytale. Often when I talk to people about the figure of 1,000,000 dollars. The majority of people focus on all of the zeros and their brain translates this as the likelihood of them earning this amount of money – zero chance. 

The reason for this is that if you’ve never seen 1 million dollars, it becomes very difficult for you to bring it fully into your consciousness. Perhaps this is why it is always easier and faster for millionaires to make their second million dollars. Once they have had the experience of the first it becomes more real to them. Their awareness levels go up of what creates wealth increases. The believe that they can be successful goes up.  And in the their willingness to take action also rises dramatically.

I once brought one million dollars cash to a television show to show people what it really looks like. (I have done this at live events as well.) Most people are surprised that it is a much smaller pile than they assumed. There’s an interesting lesson to think about there as well. Once most people really get a look at prosperity it is isn’t as large or as difficult as they have made it in their mind. 

Once people experience things in real life their perception and expectations around these things change. Most often the result is they begin to recognize higher levels of prosperity as real and more importantly accessible.

I try very hard in our live events to bring prosperity experiences to our students. We host our events at luxury hotels. We have brought exotic sports cars on the stage or the room of the event and have invited participants to touch or climb inside. (some have even photographed the vehicles for their own personal vision boards.) We have hosted masterminds in private planes and on opulent yachts. We have taught seminars on beaches under the tropical sun. We have created networking events with movie stars, famous athletes and multi-billionaire business leaders.  This is all for a purpose. The more they have these encounters the more prosperity seems like a reality.

When your senses connect with prosperity it flows to you faster. Again you become aware of what it’s really like. That makes it easier to recognize it in the outside world later. Prosperity Consciousness isn’t just about thinking positive. It is about being aware of prosperity and opportunities to create prosperity. 

This sensory connection also strengthens your belief that prosperity is available to you. When you’ve seen it, heard it, felt it, tasted it and inhaled it – the seeds of prosperity begin to find root in your consciousness. Your money mindset is elevated. Your connection to the prosperity consciousness grows and expands.  Instead of seeing wealth from a distance it is now something you have a personal connection to. Like a seed your prosperity consciousness begins to grow and develop.

So how can you use this to increase your prosperity consciousness? Simple. As we’ve seen at our events the more contact between the senses and prosperity the faster a person is able to create prosperity. My challenge  and invitation to you is reach out and have as many prosperous sensory experiences as you can. Connect with luxury and seek it out wherever possible. You’ll be surprised at how accessible the abundance you desire is already within reach. (no pun intended.)

5 Reasons you want to join the Speaking Business Masterclass

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5 Reasons you want to join the Speaking Business Masterclass

By Douglas Vermeeren, CEO Speaking Business Masterclass

The speaking and coaching industry is one of the fastest growing opportunities in the world today. There are so many amazing individuals with expertise to share. The world that we live in makes this the best time in the history of the world to learn from others and share specific information to create powerful outcomes.

However while many people are primed to share their content as speakers, teachers, trainers and coaches they do not understand that speaking is a business. They have all the skills required to share their content, but they lack an understanding of how to make an impact as a business. 

They could really use support with such things as finding events to speak at, creating the right products, selling from the stage, building brand loyalty, Using the media to create their brand and position themselves as experts. Naturally all of these skills and many others are not taught by in the general marketplace. And these necessary skills are precisely what hold back the best speakers from being recognized for their expertise. 

As you’ve probably noticed in the speaking marketplace it’s not always the best content and speaker that is recognized as the authority. It is those who understand how the marketplace perceives and positions those authorities. 

For the first time ever there is now a program taught by industry masters as to how you can build your speaking business in the most effective, profitable and influential ways.  While the program shares insight into what to do on stage, it primarily focuses on the things you need to do behind the scenes to shine on stage and beyond. As Stephen Covey said, “Public victories are proceeded by private victories.”

Here are the top five reasons you need to join the Speaking Business Masterclass 

  1. You have great content and deserve to be seen

Too many speakers in today’s marketplace have amazing content to share, but they remain invisible. Too often great speakers and coaches take the approach that as long as they develop great content people will find them. Most likely if you’ve been a speaker for any length of time you know that this approach does not work. In fact, most often it is the better marketer that is recognized as the industry expert rather than the better speaker. 

Most great content providers stay anonymous.  Why is this? Primarily it’s simply because most speaking professionals assume the speaking business is mostly about speaking. They forget that the speaking business is a business first. As a result they don’t know how to tap into the business like the top industry leaders. 

The truth is that if you have good content you deserve to be seen and heard. And if you knew how to tap into the high level platforms like the biggest industry leaders you know you could have expansive internationally profitable businesses like they have. 

The Speaking Business Masterclass can show you how to do that.

2)Speaking Business Masterclass is an exclusive resource with Top Leaders teaching

The Speaking Business Masterclass is very unique for many reasons. Perhaps one fo the most powerful differences between what we do and the few marketplace copycats are that we actually have the very best in the business teaching within our programs.  Not only do our members have the support of some of the best and most well-known speakers in todays marketplace, but we also have some fo the top speaking bureaus, associations and organizations sharing how they select the speakers they work with. 

Not only will you learn from the professionals we bring into our programs but you will have the opportunities to form relationships with them and speak with them or for them.

Some of the names who teach for us include Brain Tracy, Denis Waitley, Bob Proctor, Les Brown, Joe Vitale, John Demartini, Marie Diamond, John Assaraf, Dan Clark, Sharon Lechter, Andy Harrington, David Newman and others. 

In addition, many of our media partners share how to gain media attention for your business. Some of our partners include Success magazine, Law of Attraction magazine, the edge leadership and others.

The Speaking Business Masterclass also has relationships with multiple speaking bureaus, event organizers and associations like the Nationals Speakers Association and others. 

No other speaker training has such extensive relationships to support your success!

3) Speaking Business Masterclass focuses on the business of speaking

We recognize that there are many individuals or groups that are trying to teach platform or presentation skills. We congratulate them and encourage them. However that is not our mission. Most of the people who join us have bigger goals than just mastering a presentation. Our students are on a mission to build a speaking business.

We are the only organization that teaches how to build a profitable international and expanding speaking and coaching business. One of the reasons we are exclusive in this pursuit is that we are the only organization with a faculty of leaders that have done it. 

We carefully screen and select what we share with our students with a focus on creating results. We want you to be speaking at events that grow your business in a way that builds your brand and positions you as an expert.

For the most part those who join us have already developed the skills to speak. Our students generally come knowing their content. They have put in the effort to earn the right to take the next steps. 

However having said that we do have room for those as earlier stages in their career who want to do it right from the beginning.  What we don’t want are people who are just here to dabble in this profession. We want to develop people who understand that this is a profession, not a hobby.

If this is you then The Speaking Business Masterclass is where you belong.

4) The Speaking Business Masterclass is the most relevant and current

As you have explored the training available to speakers in todays marketplace you have most likely discovered that much of it is dated. In fact, we are still surprised to see people teaching techniques from the 1980’s and 1990’s. (For example that every speaker needs a signature talk and a book. LOL.) It’s no wonder that the majority of people in those programs struggle to find relevancy and success in a marketplace that has moved on.

The Speaking Business Masterclass shares tools and strategies that are current and effective. Why is that? Because our faculty are among the most successful speakers in today’s marketplace. Most of them are earning over 7 figures annually as international speakers and recognized names you know. There is no guessing as to whether what they share with you will work or not. These instructors are doing it and you will get exactly what they are doing. 

With Speaking Business masterclass you can expect immediate and effective results.

5) Speaking Business Masterclass has exclusive Opportunities

As Speaking Business Masterclass is the premiere choice of the speaking professional we have unique and exclusive relationships with event organizers, speaking bureaus, media outlets looking for thought leaders and support services for speakers. 

That means as a speaker you have access to many opportunities that are only available through this community. Again one of the major distinguishing factors between top speakers and those playing at lower levels isn’t the strength of their content, but rather access to to opportunity.

With Speaking Business Masterclass the doors of opportunity will finally be available for you.

To learn more about Speaking Business Masterclass can help grow your speaking business go to 

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What are people Saying about the new movie HOW THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS? — A few reviews

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What are people Saying about the new movie HOW THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS? — A few reviews

Did you hear what people are saying about this extraordinary movie? If you haven’t seen it yet — you must! www.HOWTHOUGHTSBECOMETHINGS.COM

“The movie “How Thoughts Become Things” is a must see for everyone! The many powerful statements remind us of just how valuable and powerful our thoughts are. The movie shares valuable and life changing information that every viewer can benefit from in multiple areas of their life as well as affect how they impact those around them. I am so grateful to Doug and his associates for greeting such a masterpiece.” — Paula Vail owner of wellnessinspired and host of “Elevating Your Life”

“How Thoughts Become Things” is a movie for anyone looking to grow personally to a higher level of thinking. It’s applicable and tangible advice from both established names in the personal development industry with some newer faces adds genuine value to the subject as a whole. My favorite takeaway from this movie is to better manage toxic people instead of just avoiding them altogether. 7 out of 5 stars! — Dom Brightmon, Going North

The movie “How Thoughts Become Things” is very well layed out from the beginning about thoughts and concepts, then holding the vision of desires and into execution and taking action to manifest those thoughts. These principles should be taught in our school systems. The information in this documentary, would make for a fantastic book that can be used in academia. People from all around the wold are opening up to these creative principals. – BRAD MagicBrad GUDIM Synergy Ventures LLC

I throughly enjoyed watching ‘How Thoughts Become Things’ as it helped me to reinforce teachings that I have seeded into the lives of my five precious children. I learned so much about myself and the world around me and I was able to shift my perspective. This movie added such value to my life firing a time when the world stood still with so much fear and panic, it gave me an opportunity to reconnect with myself and family in such a deeply profound way.

I highly recommend that you watch this movie because it’ll totally transform your perspective in life no matter how much you May feel that you May already know.

  • Sabrina Ben Salmi Co-founder of SARVA, multiple award winning author, Business/Personal Development Consultant and Podcast Host

HOW thoughts BECOME things… notice the two words that are capitalized. Douglas Vermeeren explained this in a way to really grasp the entire concept of the film. It is the HOW and BECOME that are the key focus. It is truly exciting when one can master their present thoughts and comprehend HOW your thoughts ultimately manifest or create what you BECOME. Through continuous repetition of the concepts and learning more from those whom have mastered the art of thought creation, I have been able to reshape, or as they say in the movie, reprogram my brain, to put me on the right path to attain everything that I want from life. Really understanding how my conscious and subconscious thoughts are creating my reality has been a great awakening for me, and I can’t wait to learn more and share this with the rest of the world! — Kristi Maggio (Radio & TV Host of What’s Up Punta Cana!)

The film was inspirational and insightful and made me realize want you can achieve with just the power of Thought.This film will when watched will release endless possibilities to improve you and your business.

I highly recommend it 5–5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟- Mark Antony Raines, Ghostman Radio Station

I had the opportunity to view Doug Vermeeren’s latest film where he uncovers secrets from some of the world’s top achievers. Doug recognized the things that we can learn from others that can change our lives. We all are programmed by what we read and experience, so it is critical to surround ourselves with people and ideas that help us strive to reach our full potential. These and other valuable lessons can be gleaned by the film.

— Dr. Diane Hamilton, CEO at Tonerra, Creator of the Curiosity Code Index, Nationally Syndicated Radio Show Host — Take the Lead with Dr. Diane Hamilton

“Before watching How Thoughts Become Things, I thought why am I watching this as I have been studying this stuff for like forever? I found out quickly this movie is like no other movie ever produced in evoking deeper consideration of truly how your thoughts become things. Every single speaker gave me insights into how to sharpen my focus for manifestation and what is really happening when thoughts become things in a way that never has been taught to me in my over 20 years in metaphysics. Doug is a master of capturing the best information to support others and making it much more useful for anyone willing to employ these teachings!!” — Daniel John Hanneman — Host of Spiritual Rockstar Podcast Show

“How Thoughts Become Things is different. This is a Must See EXPERIENCE. It is truly transformative and a major benefit to every one who utilizes, internalizes, and leverages these vital practices, tips, and tools. The (R(Evolution is HERE! BRAVO to Douglas and the TEAM.” – Barry Shore, The Joy of Living Institute

“Way beyond The Secret. It lays things out so clearl!” -Psychic Spectrum Radio 1150 KKNW AM Satellite 98.5

“A perfect 5 Stars! — Entrepreneur Success Magazine

“The most powerful personal development film since the Secret!” – Law of Attraction Radio

What are your thoughts on the film?

#bobproctor #personaldevelopmentcoach #mindsetcoach #lawofattraction #confidencecoach #mindsetcoaching#personalgrowth #thesecret #life #joevitale #thelawofattraction #yourlife #yourlife #thoughtsbecomethings#johnassaraf #mariediamond #thoughts #johndemartini #douglasvermeeren #deniswaitley #bobdoyle#marinabruni #travisfox #karenperkins #thesecret #thesecret2 #htbt #howthoughtsbecomethings


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How Thoughts Become Things — Is it really the next SECRET?

Lately it seems everyone, everywhere is talking about the film How Thoughts Become Things. It’s pretty much showing up everywhere just like the law of Attraction movie The Secret did from 2006 to about 2009. In fact, many people are calling How Thoughts Become Things a sequel to the film The Secret — but is it?

As the director and producer of the film I thought it was important to set the record straight. This is an easy question to answer: NO IT IS NOT THE SEQUEL TO THE SECRET.

But having said that there are some things that unmistakably connect those on a journey of self discovery to both films.

Let’s look at the similarites and differences.


Many of the cast from the original film The Secret make an appearance in How Thoughts Become Things to further expand on the knowledge they shared in the previous film. Some of the thought leaders that have appeared in both films include (Sorry the images are not all sized properly — I snuck them off the net):

Bob Proctor

Bob Proctor in The Secret circa 2006

Denis Waitley

Denis Waitley in The Secret circa 2006

Joe Vitale

Joe Vitale in The Secret circa 2006

John Assaraf

John Assaraf in The Secret circa 2006

John Demartini

John Demartini in The Secret circa 2006

Marie Diamond

Marie Diamond in The Secret circa 2006

Bob Doyle

Bob Doyle in The Secret circa 2006

The other similarities are simply that both films talk about the Law of Attraction and the power of thoughts. Other than that there really aren’t that many similarities.


The Secret introduced the world to a concept called the Law of Attraction. The premise is that universe responds to the frequencies which create our reality. You have control over those frequencies through your thoughts and feelings.


How Thoughts Become Things goes deeper into the idea that our thoughts create our reality. This film focuses less on the Law of Attraction and explores concepts like your programming, overcoming negative thought, the role of emotion, how habits are created, overcoming fear and the process by which thoughts manifest themselves in reality.

You can view How Thoughts Become Things now by going to

Level from a High Level Network

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Lessons from a high level network

Reasons why Building a network is the HIGHEST VALUE SKILL you can develop.

By Douglas Vermeeren, The Modern Day Napoleon Hill

Douglas Vermeeren - Modern Day Napoleon HIll

Why is the most valuable skill you can generate? It will be the one that opens the most doors of opportunity, gives you the most benefit and support and naturally creates the most income. Over the years I have been able to study more than 400 of the worlds top achievers much like what Napoleon Hill had done to write the landmark book Think and Grow Rich. While engaged in this research there were two powerful things that occurred. One of these things was an observation and the other was a result.

The observation was that EVERY single top achiever that I met with attained their success because of who they surrounded themselves with. The old adage Your Network equals your Net Work is unquestionably true. Associations at high level opened up opportunities not available to the general public. High level networks gave access to support, systems, clients and more high level introductions. Without a powerful network you are limited to your personal efforts and your connections are limited.

Nearly all results in life come through our interactions with others. If you have a low level of network you will have a low level of results.

The results I experienced were first hand success and wealth. Obviously success is not a destination but an ongoing series of experiences. As I began to level up my connections my results have continued to rise. Those that entered my network helped me, mentored me, opened my eyes to possibilities I had never experienced or considered. My network literally taught me what success could look like. Perspective is a powerful thing and generally eh result of who you spend the most time with. We are all teaching and influencing each other. If you surrounding yourself with inadequate teachers and influences you will live far below your potential. 

Below are some of the most important lessons I have learned from having a high level network. 

The #1 Habit and skill of the rich is high level networking.

Your network determines your net worth. But first you must decide what is of worth to you and what you value most.

Networking is not about simply making a sale it is about creating relationships that make selling easier.

Your network is a safety net that allows you to solve bigger problems.

Your network will determine your quality of life more than any other factor.

All wealth comes from your ability o connect with other people. 

Social capital is the most important asset a company or individual can build in todays marketplace.

Your highest value skill will be your ability to connect with people who can help you get what you want.

Access is the most highly sought after opportunity today.

Your rolodex is your greatest asset.

It is better to have 100 friends than 1000 rubles. Russian Proverb

We become the combination of the 5 people we spend the most time with.

We rise to the level of the things we allow to influence us.

The people you have in your network determine the opportunities that you have access to.

People help their friends most.

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

Everything you want is only a relationship away.

The pre-internet concept of six degrees of separation is now obsolete. You are now closer to everyone you want to connect with than every before.

All high level success is created by a team, not an individual.

How well are you known in the network that matters.

True networking is rarely done. It’s not about exchanging business cards or meeting for coffee. It is creating synergistic long term connections that create powerful outcomes for all involved.

The highest connections  come because what you are doing has meaning.

Curiosity is at the foundation of connection.

If you are the smartest person in the room you are in the wrong room.

Business success is a CONTACT sport.

Connection is a result of shared emotional experiences. Nothing bonds better.

A circle of influence is never created by accident.

Good networks don’t build themselves.

You’ll never do a $1 Million dollar deal at a $10 breakfast.

Be so on-purpose that people want you in their network.

Decide in advance what you want from your connections.

Networking is rarely about attending a networking event.

First impressions can determine your final outcomes.

Your Highest Value Skill is NOT sales

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Your Highest Value Skill is NOT Sales.

Some business gurus are telling people that they need to develop their Highest Value or most valuable skills.That part is right! You need to focus on the skill that will give you the highest return on your efforts.

What they got wrong is that they are teaching that it is sales. Sales is important, but its not the first step.

Your network is. You can’t sell unless you have someone to sell to. And the level of your network will determine the level of the people who you get to sell to. Lastly I would also suggest that sales is not the most valuable thing your network could offer you either. You will find that networking to sell is the weakest kind of networking. Instead network to find more valuable things. Most of the time in life and business your highest value skills and assets are things that will give you long term returns not a short term sale or commission.

Here are 4 to think about:

1) Support and resources 

Who in your network can help yu with the things you need to grow your business. This can be education and mentorship, financial support, help implementing systems or even introductions to other people. There is truth to the russian proverb which states, “It is better to have a 100 friends than 1000 rubles.”


Most of the big opportunities in my life have come through other people. Some of these opportunities have been to attend or speak at big events, become involved in excellent investment opportunities or attend high level events or meet celebrities. Recently one of my contacts in the UK invited me to have tea at Kensington Palace with the Royals and attend ASCOT. Your best opportunities in life will come through those you know.

3)Team members or business systems

At high level networking events it is not uncommon to meet people with specialized skillset who are very successful at what they do. These opportunities are fantastic occasions to find people, services or systems that you can use to strengthen your own business.

4) Customers (but not in the way you think) 

Low level networkers look for single individual customers — you need to look for people to collaborate with that have large groups of your customers.)

Again sales is an important skill, but it isn’t the one that will create the most wealth or success for you. The skill you need to develop is your ability to build a higher level network.

Hope this is helpful.

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