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A busy week in Movies

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This week I am back in Canada and I had a ton of fun working on a small film called COURAGE. I play a tough 1950s style biker. Much in the traction of Marlon Brando in the Wild One with a James Dean/ Elvis kind of attitude. I am literally the original bad boy. It was so much fun. Here are a couple of photos from that film.

Douglas Vermeeren as Billy from COURAGE
Douglas Vermeeren, Billy in the upcoming film COURAGE

This was a really fun role to play – but I don’t think I’m really this cool in real life. It was a fun shoot that moved very quickly. I am excited to see this when it is finished.I had a really fun love interest in this show and everyone on the set kept saying “Awwwwww” every time we had mushy scenes. I hope that feeling translates well to the screen.

This week I also was on “The Birds Who Fear Death.” The cast was primarily First Nations people. In my time there I attended two funerals that were supposed to take place on two different days. It was all shot outdoors. On the set was Adam Beech. You have probably seen him in shows like Squanto, Wind Talkers, Suicide Squad and others. Adam was fun to hang out with and we had lots of jokes on set. Here’s a quick shot:

Douglas Vermeeren and Adam Beech

In addition, this week has been full of media interviews and phone calls for future projects. Most people don’t see the behind the scenes in what it takes to make a career in film work. It is a constant hustle and hunt for the next opportunity while still shooting the current one and then promoting the stuff that’s already been shot. I love it though.

I should mention its not all red carpets and VIP galas. A lot of the hard work happens in private where no one ever sees. It’s kind of like what Stephen Covey says in his book the 7 habits of highly effective people, “Private victories proceed Public Victories.” No one sees the hustle – but you gotta do it.

The day I busted Tom Sizemore!

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It’s been an interesting few weeks. I apologize that I haven’t written more but I have been on the set. A great place to be for an actor. (and sometimes the producer ask us to keep our mouth shut so we don’t give too much away about upcoming projects.) But I will write about this.

This entire week I was in Greensboro North Carolina. I flew from my home city of Calgary Alberta. No direct flights so we stopped in Atlanta along the way. I like Atlanta – home of Coca Cola. I’d been to North Carolina before – I did a gig in Charlotte before. But this was my first time to Greensboro.

For this film they rented several Air B’nbs and had most of the actors staying there. I guess it was kind of like an episode of Big Brother with all the different personalities. It was actually quite fun – but yes there was a little bit of drama. I wasn’t involved in creating it – but I was a peace maker on a few occasions calming it down. That’s another story and I don’t want to get anyone in trouble. Overall it was a great collaborative effort. I ended up helping out a little bit with the crew when my scenes weren’t shooting – it was a blast. Great bunch of guys.

It was pretty ambitious shoot, but things came together pretty good.

I had the chance to do several different scenes. They won’t all make it into the film of course. but I played both sides of the fence. I was a criminal and a detective.

First the criminal:

This is a mob/gangster film about family. I played Uncle Mikey in an Italian family that has a very “direct” way of dealing with things if you catch my drift. After their 4th of July party goes a little off the rails, (illegal sale of fireworks, a body in the desert and a few other fun things to be revealed later) the entire family winds up at the police station. My character loves to make veiled threats to an arresting officer (except the pretty ones.)

Mikey(Douglas Vermeeren) threatens the arresting officer
Mikey (Douglas Vermeeren) doesn’t care who are where he is when he threatens others
Mikey(Douglas Vermeeren) playing games with the authorities

Needless to say these were fun scenes to play. I had a really good time.

Since I normally play law enforcement, specifically police men or detectives we decided to give that a try. Obviously since that is my comfort zone we did several scenes where I was sitting on the other side of the table trying to break down the suspects. Both were fun. Here’s a shot from that:

Detective Darren Scott (Douglas Vermeeren) interrogates on of the family members.

We had so much fun with this that when Tom Sizemore arrived on set they had us continue. As this was not written this way in the script Tom and I improvised all of it. That was really fun. He is a great actor and it was fun to work with him.

Douglas Vermeeren and Tom Sizemore

It was like a game of cat and mouse. He would try to keep me from getting to the truth and I would try to corner him into giving me the information I needed to make the charges stick.

Douglas Vermeeren and Tom Sizemore play cat and mouse in the police station

It was a great experience. It was interesting to see how quickly we found our rhythm and were able to pause and pick up exactly where we were as camera positions were changed or the scene was paused. I always find it interesting to learn from more experienced actors and see how they approach the work. I think one of the most important things an actor can do is STAY A STUDENT. I especially found what Sir Michael Caine once said about acting – It is essential that you listen. You can’t be playing what you’ll say next. You need to really hear what the other actor is saying in order to respond properly. This is what made all of this work.

Douglas Vermeeren and Tom Sizemore face off
Louie A-ha(Tom Sizemore) tries to sell his story to Detective Scott (Douglas Vermeeren)
Between takes with Douglas Vermeeren and Tom Sizemore

This was such a fun experience. I am thankful for a great crew and producer. This was a great opportunity to learn and grow in my craft as an actor and I look forward to using what I learned here in future projects. I feel very blessed for all of the great opportunities coming my way. I seriously am very lucky. Many this is a good opportunity to thank my wonderful agents, PR team and others who are helping me. I am sincerely grateful – thank you everyone.

Here’s a few final pictures of Tom and I. We became pals that day and I look forward to working with him again. I also look forward to sharing this great project with everyone when it comes out. I think it will be really fun.

Tom Sizemore and Douglas Vermeeren
Tom Sizemore and Douglas Vermeeren

Some big things happening in movies!

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It’s been a busy summer thus far with days on the TVs shows Joe Pickett and My life with the Walter boys. I have even had days where I was too busy and had to let go shows. I missed working on the Canadian favorite Heartland and a new movie called The Birds Who fear death, not only was scheduling a problem but the requirement for 24 hour advance Covid testing. Super difficult. I am sure I’m not the only one with this problem. But I am glad to be busy.

I have signed on for two very cool feature films. I am one of the leads in both of these films. The first is called Bring me a Skin for dancing in. It is a UK production with Chris Sanders and Black Coppice Films. It will shoot in London and Burbank. I will be working with Vernon Wells who you might know from Weird Science, Mad Max 2 (Road warrior), Commando and others. Here’s the artwork:

Douglas Vermeeren in Bring me a Skin for Dancing in

This week I also secured a role in the upcoming film Mob Humor with Tom Sizemore. I am playing Uncle Mikey Giambrone in the Italian family. This also sounds like a super fun role and I looking forward to it. Next week I’ll be shooting some material, including a trailer with Tom Sizemore in Greensboro, NC. I’ll be sure to post pictures. Here’s some advance art – keep in mind this is not the finished imagery.

Again these should be really fun productions. I am grateful for all of the people that are helping me with these fun opportunities.

Last night I worked with my friend Emma and also did self tapes for two more productions. A scary movie out of Las Vegas – I can’t give too many more details except that I read for a character called Jason’s dad and it seems really really fun. And the other one was for a show in London, UK. Again can’t say too much but I really enjoyed this script also. I also did a reading in a British accent. We’ll see I haven’t booked either yet, but I expect I should hear back shortly.

I love working in Movies

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Today they changed the color and style of my hair. Sometimes I feel like a human experiment.
Sometimes it works out great other times not so much. What are your thoughts with this today?

Today was a fun day. I love working in film & TV. Even on the smaller lower budget independent films. Sometimes there is so much creativity in the air you can literally feel the electricity. Everyone is busy and buzzing and magic happens.

Today actually started very early. At about 2:45am my phone buzzed and I found a new script waiting for me. I was curious and started reading and naturally couldn’t get back to sleep. But this was a really good script. (Unfortunately I am bound by a confidentiality agreement so I can’t really say much about it. But it was great. The writer/producer/director offered me my choice of parts and I’m kind of torn. They are all so well written.

I finally rolled out of bed around 5:30am and worked out for 45 minutes as I watched some Youtube videos on Orson Welles. The video analyzed his cinematography and filmmaking tactics. I became a fan of Welles way back in film school. I believe he was one of this generations geniuses. I learned a lot. It also made me want to be better at what I do.

I grabbed an apple and ate it in the shower. Yes, I’m a weirdo. I get it. Hoped out, put on some clothes quickly and a ball cap and headed out the door. When I got to the set they put me in a new costume. I am playing kind of a James Dean type in this show. I’ve always admired James Dean. Definitely one of the great actors of his time. It’s such a shame he didn’t live longer to do more movies. Did I mention I watched East of Eden last night? Actually over the last two weeks I’ve been watching a lot of James Dean just to be ready for this project. I love Rebel Without a Cause – but I have to admit I absolutely love all 3 of the films he had done. I revisit them frequently.

Anyways, after my costume was in place I went into hair and make up. they darkened my hair a bit. I actually like it. And they gave me a new style. I like it too. That’s the shot of it above. Then I had a quick snack and in front of camera.

My dialogue was fun and witty. I can hardly wait to see what it looks like. I totally wanted to throw in some of my own ad libs, I tried to come up with something really cool – Like Marlon Brando in Wild One. Kathie Bleeker asks him, “What are you rebelling against?” Marlon as cool as school answers, “What have ya got?” That’s just pure cool. I am not that cool. Maybe one day I’ll be more clever.

Anyways, After my scenes I was wrapped for the day around 2pmish. I had a great chat with a friend who is bringing me onto a movie she is working on in Berlin. I have never done a film in Germany before. They are hoping have me say some lines in German. I speak a little German – we’ll see how it goes. I’m going to be brave and go for it.

I also spoke with the magazine Hollywood Weekly today. There’s a pretty cool surprise coming. I’ll tell you about it later.

I also got a script for something I am doing Wednesday night. I am working on another show during the day on Wednesday. I am little worried about what time I’ll wrap and the travel time between the two gigs. I also have a gig on Thursday this week too. Getting busy with lots of little parts and so forth. But hey that’s the life of an actor.

Check back and I’ll share more of what’s next.

Acting in Movies

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Douglas Vermeeren, Actor

Acting in movies is not something new to me. Most people know me as a public speaker, author or producer/director of several personal development documentaries. These things are all me. But what most people don’t know is I actually started as an actor. My first gig was in a television show for CBC. I was maybe 11 or 12 or 13. I really can’t remember. But it was fun.

It marked the beginning of acting for me. I used to skip school inMiddle school and High school to be on movie sets. Pretty much anytime I heard about an open call looking for background performers I went out. I had two teachers in school who helped cover for me. I remember one specific Canadian film called “Primo Baby” that I convinced my friend James to come with me. I borrowed some clothing from my dad’s wardrobe to look older. He never knew. I saw the film and can still see the scenes in it where James and I were. We were 16 or so, but we look like we are betting on horses at the track.

Acting and filmmaking continued to be a big interstate’s for me. I tried other things. And in college I even took at a crack at pre-medicine, but wound up on academic probation. I just didn’t have a gift there. So the next semester I switched from pre-medicine to theater arts and film studies. I instantly became an honorary student. That told me where I did and didn’t belong.

Here’s an old headshot from those days. I had someone once tell me that I reminded them of Marlon Brando. I don’t think like I look like him but that was a very kind compliment. I think Brando was one of the greatest actors ever. I’ve also gotten James Dean – I think that is more because of the loner kind of energy I sometimes have rather than my acting style. James Dean was also a legend to me. See the photo below for why I sometimes get labelled this way. But seriously, those guys are legends. I’m just me. And I’m nobody important.

I have loved acting. I had a lot of roles in smaller independent productions and a handful of non-speaking roles in other productions. I have paid a lot dues. I also have tried my hand at stunts. I’ve got a lot of scars and even broken bones that tell those stories. Maybe more on that another day.

I have also done a little modelling along the way as well. Who would have thought? Me, a male model? I have never really considered myself good looking for charming enough to be a model. But some people felt differently. Here’s a very dated advertising piece I did for Walmart. This was forever ago. I still remember I got paid somewhere around $175 for this photoshoot. Damn, I look so happy.

Douglas Vermeeren in a Walmart ad selling a $12 shirt at everyday low prices. Everyone in the entertainment business has some interesting things in their history. Now you know one of mine.

But it was after working on Open Range with Kevin Costner that I decided to do some producing and directing behind the camera. So now I do both acting and producing.

Douglas Vermeeren Gunslinger, Open Range
Douglas Vermeeren, Kevin Costner and unknown actor
Douglas Vermeeren, fooling around in between shots

Overall it’s been an exciting journey. I have been very grateful for all of the people who have helped me along the way. There’s plenty more to share and plenty to come in the future. I will share more on this blog in the future. Should be a fun journey. Love to know more about your journey.

What got you to where you are today? What secrets are there that people don’t know about you? OVIE

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Predictable Millionaire™ – What do you want?

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What do you really want? The answer to this question is the best predictor of whether or not you will become wealthy. The reality is that wealth is not about the “Have and Have Nots” but rather the WILL or WILL NOTs. 

No alt text provided for this image

The reality is very few unmotivated people have ever become wealthy. At least there certainly aren’t any self-made millionaires that got there by accident. The choice to be a millionaire isn’t a one time decision. It is something that you must want bad enough to remake that decision every day and stay focused even when things are difficult. 

Those who are stuck on the poverty pattern find themselves there most often because they are comfortable. Comfortable never has the power to create change. The reality is that if you want to achieve millionaire status you must become a different person than you currently are. 

I was once asked “How long does it take the average person to become a millionaire?” The answer is simple. “Average people don’t become millionaires.” 

If you want to reach higher levels of wealth and financial success you will have to make several significant changes. The ability to make and keep these commitments will be a direct result o how bad you want to arrive at this destination. It never happens randomly. It will be a reflection of your decisions and commitment to keep those decisions. 

Most people don’t have the will power to do it simply because they don’t want it enough. 

How bad do you want it? What are you willing to do? How often are you willing to do it? What will you do when things get difficult? What is your finish line? What will cause you to compromise? In my research of more than 700 self made millionaires the highest contributing factor of wealth creation is the ability to stay the course. That resolve and commitment is directly attached to how bad they wanted the end result.

How bad do you want it?

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Predictable Millionaire™- 89.6% Millionaire say this is how they become wealthy

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Predictable Millionaire™- 89.6% Millionaire say this is how they become wealthy

Douglas Vermeeren — Entrepreneur & Speaker

You’ve heard it said that your network equals your network. You’ve also heard the idea that our income is a reflection of the 5 people we choose to spend the most time with. The reality is that our network and those that we associate with have a greater influence on our earning potential and financial life than most people realize.

Those that you associate will influence the way that you think, the things that you believe and the activities that you participate in. Your network is a crucial component of the team you will surround yourself in building your wealth.

Average people do not think deeply enough about the influences the allow into their lives.

The reality is that people rise to the standards of their environment. Environment is always stronger than will power. When the environment we are in accepts comfort at a low level or finds financial struggle normal those are the outcomes we continue to create. When we level up our environment our results follow.

Over the course of five years I interviewed and studied 700 self made millionaires from all over the world. Without exception associations and networks were the most profound indicating factor that determined the financial future of individuals.

One of mentors stressed the importance of raising your level of associations at networking events when he said, “You’ll never do a million dollar deal at a $10 breakfast.” Through my own experience and the reports of others I have found this to be true again and again. Lower level networking is transactional, while higher level networking provides connections that are transformational.

Higher level connections raise the standards of your thinking, your beliefs and your activities. Higher level connections provide a higher quality of opportunities, further connections, ability to solve problems, experienced perspectives and expectation management.

As I grew my network my net worth grew. I experienced first hand, one of the benefits that most over look. My multi-millionaire network helped provide the emotional support I needed as I made my first million dollars. I had never had so much money. At first I went through what many might call toy-phase. This is exactly what most lottery winners experience and what leaves them broke. I went from a status of having no money to having no shortage of money. It was a bit of a shock to the system.

My network helped me recognize what was happening to me and coached me through that experience before I wound up back to broke. They helped me to learn many lessons and skills that got through to a stabilized experience of lasting wealth.

Your network will do more to help you create and maintain your wealth than almost any other consideration. Set goals now to create a strong, powerful and high level network and watch your financial situation change.

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Predictable Millionaire™ – How important is WILLINGNESS to your financial future?

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One of the most important principles in create Predictable Wealth in your life is the Willingness Factor! How are you applying this in your life? #predictablemillionaire For example what have you done today to increase your willingness to achieve financial mastery and freedom? Get specific. Specific is the prerequisite to mastery. 

The Willingness factor™

Willingness is directly attached to your approach and your attitude. 

A person may be given correct strategies and patterns to follow in order to create wealth, but the quality of the results will always be a function of the approach and the attitude. 

A good pattern partnered with a bad approach and attitude will generally produce a negative result. Even if the information is guaranteed to produce a good effect it will suffer if the attitude and approach are lacking. 

Consider how much good information you have already received along the way when it comes to wealth building. Much of the good information you have received about money is in fact common sense. For example, The idea of ‘spend less than you make’ has been repeated probably more than almost any other advice about money. It’s good advice.

But until a person is willing to live by that advice in reality it will not benefit that person. The attitude and approach in daily habits and patterns is what makes the advice of ‘spend less than you make’ valuable. There is very little value in an affirmation or saying that doesn’t translate into activity. And the more willing and eager (attitude and approach) a person is willing to implement that advice the more benefits it will have. For example, a person with occasional willingness will only receive occasional rewards. 

How committed are you to your wealth and financial freedom? Are you WILLING to follow the path part of the time or all the time? Are you WILLING to do it even when it is hard? Are you WILLING to do it even when it requires sacrifice?

I was once asked how long it takes the average person to become a millionaire? The answer is that average people don’t become millionaires. To achieve millionaire status you must be WILLING to do things that average people will not. 

Douglas Vermeeren conducted studies of more than 700 millionaires to identify the common attributes, patterns and approaches that they used to create their wealth. The Predictable Millionaire™ program reveals those lessons in a way that the average person can use them to create results in their financial life.

The research clearly indicated that anyone following the predictable patterns of millionaires is able to create dramatic changes in their financial future. And you can too!

No alt text provided for this image

To learn more about this program and obtain some free resources go to:

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July 20, 2021 at 12:15 am

Predictable Millionaire™ – How do millionaires set goals?

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Goal setting is important in creating wealth. However most people don’t set goals the same way millionaires do. Think about how you set goals? Are they allowing to create the future you really want or just accumulate things?
Goals are a view to the future. What can be created in the mind becomes a plan to follow. Which ultimately becomes the results a person is seeking.

As I researched more than 700 Millionaires I found that Millionaire goals can actually be divided into 4 main categories. They consider these goals above all purchases and have a clear view of the future with each.

The 4 main areas of focus millionaires set goal for include:

Income Creation
Asset Creation
Wealth Preservation
Legacy and contribution

Although these overlap you’ll notice the sequence is also quite important. You must create income streams to be able to create assets. Assets them contribute to further create income streams. Once these are created preservation is an important part of growing wealth. And lastly, as part of legacy contribution is essential.

Predictable Millionaire™ – Gurus lied about how millionaires get Ferraris!

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I always like to get to the facts on something. I find the best way to learn is to actually learn from someone who has done it rather than get an opinion from a well-meaning but unaware person. 

Here’s an example. In my studies of more than 700 Millionaires and Multi-millionaires I discovered the truth behind expensive toys. 

Many of the money gurus today keep saying that millionaires do not buy toys – BUT IT’S JUST NOT TRUE.

(Actually like I say in the graphic – it’s kinda true , but not really.) They buy earn money through their investments and assets first and then they buy toys. I suppose if we really look at the difference between the truly rich and the broke people wanting to appear rich it really comes down to sequence.

The wealthy buy the cash flowing assets or investments first and then they use those returns to buys toys and experiences. The struggling go for the toys first. 

It really comes down to the old saying which you’ve probably heard, “If you play now, you have to pay later. But if you pay now, you get to play later (with interest, I might add.)

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