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How committed are you to increasing your sales? Learn to Sell or Die – Douglas Vermeeren

If you want to be successful in Sale you need to Eat, Drink, Sleep and breathe Sales. What have you done to improve your abilities today? #douglasvermeeren #learntosellordie #newsalesstrategies, #influenceselling

Sell or Die Cereal Douglas Vermeeren clever marketing

What are you really doing every day to increase your abilities to sell? And I’m not just talking about reading a book on sales or attending a seminar. I am all for that kind of stuff. I do that kind of stuff.

But what I really mean is what are you doing to learn about your prospects? Why are you doing to learn about your competition? What are you doing to learn about todays marketplace?  What are you doing to learn about the social media habits of your prospect? How are you thinking about influence and engaging your prospects in a conversation (online and offline) with you long before you are need or a want?

In other words all of this comes down to understanding Influence Selling and making yourself relevant in todays marketplace.

Douglas-Vermeeren-600Are you ready to take your organization higher?
Are you ready to give them the tools to sell more?
Are you ready to help them become more productive?

Then look no further.

Douglas Vermeeren is considered one of North Americas top speakers and trainers on the subjects of productivity and sales. ABC calls him the modern day Napoleon Hill for his first hand research into the lives of more than 400 of the world’s top achievers. These insider success secrets are the basis for everything he teaches and shares with his audiences.

He is the regular go to expert on sales and business for FOX, FOX business, CNN, ABC, NBC, CTV and others. He is a regular business and sales contributor for the NY daily News, Forbes, INC, CNN online and others. He is a regular sought after expert in the both radio and TV.

Vermeeren is the also the producer and director of 3 of the top 10 personal development movies of all time. (The Opus, The Gratitude Experiment and The Treasure Map.)

He has authored 3 books in the world famous Guerrilla Marketing series. (Guerrilla Achiever, Guerrilla Millionaire and Guerrilla Masterminds) Several of his book have reached best seller status and have been translated in more than 20 languages worldwide.

He has spoken on nearly every continent on the globe and is a sought after speaker at business and sales conferences worldwide. He has also spoken and served as MC at multiple TED and TEDX events around the world.

He has been rated as one of the top business speakers worldwide consistently by organizations like the Professional association of speakers and trainers, The Public Speakers Association and The Professional Speakers Academy.

If you are looking to lead your team higher then look no further than Douglas Vermeeren.

But serious you don’t care about that stuff. You just want to know if I can help you increase your sales and make more money. And the answer is YES I Can!

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August 18, 2017 at 11:14 pm

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