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David Alan Grier from Living Color with Success coach Douglas Vermeeren

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David Alan Grier from Living Color with Success coach Douglas Vermeeren

David Alan Grier from Living Color with Success coach Douglas Vermeeren

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May 30, 2013 at 11:39 pm

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Success coach Douglas Vermeeren with UFC champ Royce Gracie

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Success coach Douglas Vermeeren with UFC champ Royce Gracie

Success coach Douglas Vermeeren with UFC champ Royce Gracie

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May 30, 2013 at 11:32 pm

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Maximum Results – Douglas Vermeeren 16

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Maximum Results - Douglas Vermeeren 16

Maximum Results – Douglas Vermeeren 16

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May 30, 2013 at 11:30 pm

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Maximum Results – Douglas Vermeeren 15

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Maximum Results - Douglas Vermeeren 15

Maximum Results – Douglas Vermeeren 15

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May 22, 2013 at 1:47 pm

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Can the MAXIMUM RESULTS program create a Bigger Bottom Line for You?

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Maximum Results

Maximum Results


Can the MAXIMUM RESULTS program create a BIGGER BOTTOM LINE for YOU?

No doubt you want to create maximum results in your life. And if you are serious about the idea of creating maximum results you aren’t just looking for a quick fix. What you want are lasting results that will have a significant impact on your bottom line and on your quality of life – in every area, abundance, relationships, health & fitness, spirituality and more.

But there is an important question that I would like to invite you to consider. That question is ‘Why?’ Why do you want to maximize your results? Why do you want a more fulfilling life? What does it really mean to you?

Think about your answer carefully. Really think about it. What would better results and really mean for you? If you don’t have a real strong answer to that question then it won’t really matter what I say here or to you in the future. You need to have a strong WHY before any WHAT will work for you. You will not make Better Results a priority until you really have a strong reason WHY it needs to be a priority in your life!

Too many people just think that having more money would be nice, a bigger office would be nice, having a nicer car, a nicer office, a bigger paycheck, better relationships, better health. All these things they think would be nice to have. The MAXIMUM RESULTS program is NOT for those who think these things are nice. This program is for people who think that these things are a necessity.

In order to become highly successful it is essential to begin to think in terms of necessity, rather than to look at things and say ‘it would be nice.’

When you get committed and start looking at things with absolute determination you unlock the most powerful possibilities for yourself. Wishing, wanting, praying, hoping can never create the same results of determined action.

Too many people think that they are ready to play in the big time and maximize their results, but they just aren’t prepared to invest what it takes to play at the highest levels in life. These kinds of people play at where they are comfortable and so they get the same results that everyone else who is comfortable gets.  The truth is that if you think you want to stay comfortable then you don’t belong at the top.

The intent of this article is not to be motivational, but rather to be realistic.

Let’s be honest. Most people, perhaps yourself included, know that they can do much better than they are currently doing. You know that with many things you’ve been giving less than your best efforts. The real question is why?

In my research of the world’s top achievers I have found that your answer generally fits into three possible categories. 1) Your Beliefs 2) Your knowledge of what to do 3) Your ability to do it.

The good news is that each of these three areas can be taught, improved on and used to create real results.

One of my mentors was Frank Maguire. Frank was one of the founders of FedEX. He said something interesting to me once. “Education is never as expensive as ignorance.” Ignorance is one of the most expensive things in the world. Not only does it cost you money and keep you from making money – it also costs you time.

Another thing that he said that was very important was that if you really want to play at a higher level you have got to start surrounding yourself with the very best people. You need to find people who can lift you to higher levels. Coaches, connections, relationships, advisors, associates, consultants – all of it! His advice was to pay whatever it costs because those rare opportunities to learn from the best seldom come. When they do you have to seize them or they disappear forever.

The best teachers are hard to find. Real results opportunities seldom come.

Let me share with you why you can’t afford to miss out on the MAXIMUM RESULTS program.

My passion is helping people create Maximum results in their life. But my methods are highly unusual. In fact, I am very different than many of the speakers or coaches in the marketplace today. Many of them gained their expertise by reading the same books available in any library or bookstore. Most of these books are based on materials from other authors. What I am saying is that most of the teachers and coaches out there today are teaching other peoples materials. In other words. it’s like getting a photocopy of a photocopy of a photocopy. Most of what is being taught is dated and limited in it’s effectiveness.

Most of the authors of these programs have also never experienced a substantial amount of success in real life. A recent study on Business Coaches in Canada revealed that for many of them, their efforts as a coach was their first entrepreneurial endeavor. What could they possibly have to teach?

To create real world results you need to be on the cutting edge with real world tools!

Not all coaches or speakers are created equal.

My background is real life. There is a reason why top business leaders and the media trust me for guidance on achievement and success. The reason is simple – MY PROGRAMS WORK! Although I read all the books, My systems did not come from them. In fact, my exclusive programs came from direct research with more than 400 of the world’s top achievers. I literally went out into the real world and personally took the time, spent the money and formed the relationships with these top achievers. I found out what it took for them to create success in the real world and then developed a program that could help almost anyone. (I say almost because there are some elements of success that I cannot give you – more on that later!)

Some of the people that were included in my studies included the CEOs of FedEx, Fruit of the Loom, Christian D’or, Jordache Jeans, The Gitano sportsware company, California Citrus, Nike, Reebok, KFC, The Aveeda Group, Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines, Taco Time and more.  My research included top celebrities and athletes, billionaires and business leaders and more! I discovered what it was in real life that allowed these people to create MASSIVE SUCCESS.

Through applying this information personally I was able to go from being a broke college student to generating over 1.6 million dollars in my very first six months in business. Today I drive a Ferrari in the summer and a Hummer in the Winter. I get to travel around the world experiencing life to the fullest and hang out with lots of really cool people.

Is that the kind of life that you want?

It all starts with learning how to MAXIMIZE your RESULTS.  I said this in the beginning but I want to stress it here. If you want to be at the top in your field or at the highest levels in your life – you have got to go beyond being comfortable. You have got to determine that you deserve to be at the top and then as Frank said, you have got to take advantage of the opportunity to learn from the best people when they appear in your life.

For those who are serious about success I want to meet you. I want to share with you what other business leaders, celebrities and athletes are learning from me. It is creating massive results for them and it will do the same for you. To be considered for MAXIMUM RESULTS Coaching go to: or call 1-877-393-9496 to find out how you can apply.


Here’s what people have been saying about MAXIMUM RESULTS and Douglas Vermeeren:


“Doug Vermeeren is a man who possess both vision and enthusiasm. He spreads his message of ‘no limits’ to everyone around him and touches lives forever.” – Frank Maguire (co-founder FED EX)


“Doug Vermeeren inspires others to reach their greatest potential.” – Synchronicity Magazine


“Doug Vermeeren knows what he is talking about. He’s dynamic and wise and definitely worth listening to.” – Marci Shimoff (#1 New York Times best seller)


“Doug Vermeeren has the ability to motivate and inspire people to achieve their biggest dreams.” – William Farley – CEO Fruit of the Loom.


“The tips for success, and the hands on approach are unsurpassed. I am more sure of my success now than ever before.” – Kathleen Johnson, BA, AICI, POC, President & CEO R.I.M.


“If you want results you’ve come to the right place.” – M. Benoit, Phoenix, AZ


“This has been an amazing experience…I now have a direction and a stronger vision to reach my destination.” – K. Torrance, Account manager CJAY 92, VIBE 98.2


“I have seen the effect that his clear and distinct principles have had in my office – people are actually different and doing wonderful things. We have real measurable results.” – Lorna Gardner, Toronto, ONT


“He took everything I thought was complicated and broke it down and made it simple.” – P. Bedard, Calgary AB


“You must hear this man speak!” – Marilyn Rose, Spirit Whispers consulting

“With my new vision the possibilities are endless.” Linda L. Remax Realty

“You exceeded my expectations, entertaining and informative.” – Ken Foster, General Manager CTC Training Canada

“There were specific ideas that could easily be applied in real life.” – Claire Beaudoin, MAnager Pro Alta Consulting

“Your dynamic and powerful presentation on achievement was a brilliant fit with our business goals and very applicable to everyone. your delivery was educational, entertaining, captivating and was very well received.” – Tracy Harward co-founder, Vice President of Marketing, Zrii

“Your presentation was not only fascinating, it was dynamic and stimulating.  Your message and words resonate with our students on a level that far exceeds any other speaker we have invited in the past.”  – Sarah Parker, Marketing & Event coordinator, Grant MacEwan College

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May 15, 2013 at 5:29 am

Maximum results – Douglas Vermeeren 14

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Maximum results - Douglas Vermeeren 14

Maximum results – Douglas Vermeeren 14

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May 14, 2013 at 9:50 pm

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Maximum results – Douglas Vermeeren 13

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Maximum results - Douglas Vermeeren 13

Maximum results – Douglas Vermeeren 13

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May 13, 2013 at 11:22 pm

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Are you looking for training that will make a real difference for your team?

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Maximum Results with Douglas Vermeeren

Maximum Results with Douglas Vermeeren one sheet

Maximum Results with Douglas Vermeeren one sheet


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May 12, 2013 at 3:17 am

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Make money as a Maximum Results Trainer!

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Maximum Results

Maximum Results

Now it’s your chance to get involved and profit from 

the success of Maximum Results as a certified trainer!

Superior content and Maximum results!

Douglas Vermeeren

Douglas Vermeeren,

Douglas Vermeeren, has conducted extensive research over the last decade into the lives of more than 400 of the world’s top achievers. You may realize that this was the same journey that Napoleon Hill embarked on to create his landmark books Think and Grow Rich and The Laws of Success.

In Napoleon’s day he studied the behaviors of innovators and inventors like Henry Ford and Thomas Edison. A lot has changed and Maximum Results explores deeper into business models that didn’t yet exist in Napoleon’s day, but more importantly the research goes beyond behavior and explores habits, psychology, neuroscience and findings into success that are just now being understood. This means you will have the best cutting edge materials to teach your clients how to become a top achiever in the most effective ways possible. No other coaching program can offer what we do!

In this exclusive coaching program you will be trained to teach this material through direct support from Doug Vermeeren and his team.  The primary goal of this program is to help you become a profitable and successful coaching/ speaking business.

Talk about an exciting brand!

In addition to the content Douglas Vermeeren has created you will be affiliated with his recognized and growing international brand.

Douglas Vermeeren is a recognized and regular appearing expert on the following TV Stations, shows, radio program and more:

He is the creator of two hit personal development movies featuring some of the most well-known personalities in personal development today.  The Opus (Featuring Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Joe Vitale, Marci Shimoff, John Demartini, Bob Doyle, Morris Goodman, Bill Bartmann and others.) The Gratitude Experiment (Featuring Bob Proctor, Marie Diamond, John Demartini, John Gray, Mary Morrissey and others.)

The Opus was published in 23 languages worldwide by Random House.

The Gratitude Experiment will be published later this year by Wisemonkey Publications.

Maximum Results also publishes a quarterly magazine, Maximum Results Magazine that has a current circulation of over 10,000 units per issue.

Douglas Vermeeren is the author of 3 books in the Guerrilla Marketing series. This is the best selling business book series of all time selling over 22,000,000 books worldwide. The 3 titles by Douglas Vermeeren are Guerrilla Achiever, Guerrilla Millionaire and Guerrilla Masterminds.

And discussions have also commenced for a Maximum Results Television show.

with all that is moving forward Maximum Results will soon be the most visible coaching program in North America and Europe.

Additional Benefits of becoming a certified MAXIMUM RESULTS trainer

Affiliation with a growing recognized world-wide brand

Proven business coaching strategies

Regular Curriculum support for your coaching business

Regular Marketing support for your coaching business

Additional income opportunities for your coaching business

SPECIAL ADVANTAGE *** This training is approved for continuing education credits in many locations around the world* These credits are generally mandatory for all insurance sales people, financial planners, real estate brokers, mortgage brokers and other professionals.

And most of all Maximum Results certification provides a proven systems to 

increase your profits and grow your business! 

The number of trainers & coaches we are accepting in to this program will be limited. Specific geographical locations will be available on a first come basis. For more information on our next certification event near you call 1-877-393-9496 or email

About the MAXIMUM RESULTS training certifications

Certified MR Trainer

This certification allows you to conduct training, workshops, keynote addresses and presentations with the Maximum Results content and material. Certified MR trainers may also sell any affiliated MR products for profit.

What you get with the Certified MR trainer:

Live 2 day training event with Douglas Vermeeren

Regular ongoing training

Invitations to exclusive retreats and events

Opportunities for ongoing trainings with master trainers

Maximum Results training manual

Maximum Results Flashdrive *

10 Copies of Maximum Results Magazine each quarter

10 Interview promo CDs

Certification certificate

Official Maximum Results email address

Listing on the Maximum Results website under certified trainer listings

Ability to list events on the official Maximum Results website

* The Maximum Results flashdrive include logos, artwork and photos to be used in promotions. PDF version of the handouts for workshops and presentations. Selected videos may also be included.

How a Certified Maximum Results trainer makes money:

  • Offering the MRB ongoing coaching program 
  • Conducting workshops & training
  • Speaking as a keynote
  • Selling MR products and Merchandise
  • Offering tickets to live MR or DV events & retreats through out the world
  • Referral fees for DV events and new trainers
  • Contesting – Contesting can be cash or prizes

* Our objective is support you in getting your financial goals. However the amount of money you can earn is directly attached to your performance.  

$997  (Regular $2,500) Initial training

$799 Annual renewal


What kind of coaching, training or speaking am I able to do with this certification?
You have no limitations as to how you want to utilize your certification. The following are some of the ways our coaching has been used to make you money: one-on-one coaching, workshops, corporate training or speaking.

Do I pay a commission back to Maximum Results for work I with this program? No. After licensing fees are paid there are no additional fees that are required. The only costs you may encounter are for products or additional training you may choose to participate in.

Can I use Douglas Vermeeren’s photos or the Maximum Results name and logo in my own marketing?

Yes. Approved logos and artwork are included on the flashdrive provided in your certification package. Additional artwork may be provided to you from time to time.

What are the rules in copying Douglas Vermeeren and Maximum Results materials?

Only approved materials may be copied and distributed as part of your training. Only trainers with license fees that are paid in full are considered authorized to duplicate an distribute materials.  If you allow your license to expire you are not longer permitted to continue use and distribution of Douglas Vermeeren and Maximum Results materials or content.

What marketing support is provided for me?

Maximum Results  and Douglas Vermeeren are constantly running marketing programs and press releases to share the program with people through out the world. His books, movies, audios and other materials are also available in many bookstores and online. Regular support calls are provided that will address new ideas and questions our trainers have. In these calls successful ideas will be shared with amongst trainers. In addition, when Douglas Vermeeren is speaking through out the world at live events and in the media he is regularly directing people back to the Maximum Results program.

What curriculum support can I expect?

Regular curriculum supplements are given to you through out the year. These supplements can include videos, audio materials, written materials, handouts, teaching suggestions and more.

What additional support will I receive?

We want you to be successful not only as teachers, but business owners as well. It is for this reason that we also provide help and support where we can for business support and solutions as well.

What is Ongoing Maximum Results basic coaching program?

The Maximum Results basic (MRB) program is the achievement foundation for your clients provided by head office. Each month your clients have access to things like telephone coaching calls, online recordings, online videos, interviews with the original top achievers, masterminds with top business leaders and exclusive opportunities. You receive a reoccurring commission from your clients participation in this program and the great news is that you don’t have to do a thing once they are registered. This reoccurring commission is the key to creating a highly successful and prosperous coaching program.

How do I register my people for Maximum Results basic coaching?

Simply complete the registration form and get a copy of it to head office. This can be done by mail, fax or emailing a scanned copy of the sign up form to head office.

How do I get paid money owed me from head office?

Checks are issued monthly from head office for commissions or bonuses.

How do I get paid from my clients?

Clients pay you directly. If you are not set up to accept credit cards you may contact head office for help with this service. Credit card processing is subject to service fees.

What happens if I lose some of my materials, can they be replaced?

All materials can be restored to you. Fees may apply.

What happens if I chose to not renew my license?

If you do not renew your license you are not permitted to represent yourself as a certified MR trainer nor share Maximum Results or Douglas Vermeeren materials.


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Maximum Results – Douglas Vermeeren 13

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Maximum Results - Douglas Vermeeren 13

Maximum Results – Douglas Vermeeren 13

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May 10, 2013 at 10:46 pm

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