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What has been your most interesting experience as a speaker? Douglas Vermeeren

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Douglas Vermeeren become a speaker tools

I love being a speaker. I have been a speaker for more than a decade and a half. Yes, I started way way back in the 1990s. (Late 90’s mind you) But it feels like forever ago. I have loved every minute of it. Not only have I met some incredible people, but I have had a chance to see and do some incredible things.


The incredible people have been awesome and inspiring. I can’t calculate how exciting and amazing it has been to meet some of these people. My life has literally been changed by some of them. ┬áIn the future I will certainly do a post to share some of the incredible lessons from these people and the amazing blessings some of them have brought into my life.

I have


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always considered this one of the bigblessings of Doug with JandSBhaving a career in the




business. I want to be clear though its not all play time. There is a lot of hard work, but


when you learn how to work hard in the right way you also do the get the benefits that will come which means when it’s time to play you get unspecified-3to play.

Some of my play time as a speaker has created some of the memorable life moments and experiences that have shaped who I am, how I think and see the world. The world has gotten so much bigger and intimate at the same time.


Any ways, the purpose of this short post is simply to say that if you are a speaker yet you have not yet expanded to become an international speaker you must. With an organized and valuable business not only will you bless the lives of others, but your own life will experience some massive expansion as well.

And it’s amazing that this expansion also continues once I’m home in terms of relationship with my loved ones (who I get to spend lots of time with. If you follow me on Facebook you’ll see I am done work quite early most days and spend my time in the park enjoying an abundant family life – who wouldn’t want that!?!)


This is why its so important that you need to not only create great content as a speaker – you need to have the right business structures in place so that you can be free to live your life to the fullest!

Keep Speaking!!!!


Douglas Vermeeren, The Speaking Business Multiplier at London UK Most powerful Personal Development Event!!!!

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Are you coming to London’s most powerful personal development event? I’ll be there will incredible tools for speakers. If you are interested to grow your speaking or coaching business you will not want to miss this session where I will give you the tools that will take your speaking business to higher levels of influence, opportunity, reputation, credibility and income!

Learn how I was able to JV with some of the top speakers in the world, get on more stages, open up massive doors of opportunity and take my speaking business to over 7 figures!

If you are a coach or speaker you will not want to miss this session!

And here’s a link to a free ticket for you! Don’t miss out!


The Speaking Business Multiplier coming to Edmonton

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the-speaking-business-multiplier-bannerAre you a Speaker or coach in Edmonton? Come and let me teach you how I was able to create a 7 figure speaking business and JV with some of the biggest speakers in the world today! By the way did I mention I’m going to also show you how to attract more media. This is an event that will get you ready to rock 2017!