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Yahoo News is weird – Get this headline: Should Wonder Woman have armpit hair?

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By Doug V


Just for those of you who don’t believe me here’s the article:

I don’t get it. It’s not like she’s french.

I think it would be interesting to have a vote. Of course we all already know the answer – no one wants to see Wonder Woman with armpit hair. Thats crazy!

The fact that this is even a question explains why Marvel is making movies that people love while DC keeps missing the mark every time. If they are challenged on such a simple issue of whether Wonder Woman should have armpit hair or not maybe they shouldn’t be making movies. (That must have been a strange and expensive artistic meeting to be a part of.)

The strangest thing is that there are actually nerds online and in this article debating the issue.  first of all are nerds the right people to ask for advice about women. (Very unlikely)

So this is their argument, (This is my paraphrase.)”She lives in a forest and she should have furry pits. And besides she lives with a bunch of chicks so she’s not trying to impress anyone.  Again shows how much nerds don’t know about chicks.

Girls are always in competition with each other. Have you ever seen the looks that two women give each other if they wear the same dress to a party. They won’t even go in the same room with each other. One of them is in the hallway crying and wailing, ‘I’m not going in there. She’s got the exact same dress as me.” While the other one is gripping to her friends how she “hates that bitch” and they are planning how they are going to make her disappear.


My vote keep superheroes pit hair free.

P.S. – I’m gals this wasn’t an issue with Lynda Carter. She’s was smokin’




How Batman Versus Superman could have been an Awesome Movie

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How Batman Versus Superman could have been an awesome movie
By Douglas Vermeeren

It’s not very often that I voice my opinions about other peoples films, but with Batman versus Superman I’m afraid I can’t help it. These are two of my favourite heroes and it was more than disappointing to experience what was done with them in this film. As a screenwriter myself, I can understand that there is a significant temptation to search for an original point of view on any subject matter that has been covered before. But that raises the question where should the line be drawn?

I think one of the things that really bothers me about the direction that Superman especially is headed is how dark he’s become. He is supposed to stand for Truth, Justice and the American way – but he has become an alien that seems to have bad luck in relating to humans no matter where he goes. DC seems to have lost the spark of fun that Superman had back in the Richard Donner era. Marvel has it and look at what they’ve been able to create because elf it. Dark heroes just don’t work. Especially Superman.

The story of the film was also unnecessarily dark. And let’s be honest a bit too long and lacking. Did we really need to visit General Zod again to introduce Batman?

The appearance of Wonder Woman and cameos from those to come was completely unnecessary. Additional characters to cloud the plot really. Since the days of Michael Shumacher’s Batman days it seems that there has been a bit of a contest to see how many characters can fit in one movie. (Naturally its all about the toy sales.) But it doesn’t work and characterization and memorable stories are lost in the process. I don’t mind putting in multiple characters but give them a stronger purpose within the script.

One of my big problems with Wonder Woman is that she had no real charisma. When Captain America shows up in a room people notice. Even Black Widow stands out as a hero. Wonder Woman was just flat. Sorry Gal. I love ya, and blame the writing. (It’s kind of like George Lucas in the prequels – Cast great actors but gave them nothing to do.)

I suppose sometime should also be spent talking about Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor. Normally I like Jesse. He’s fun to watch and adds an interesting component to many films he’s in. However in this case I felt like I was watching Jesse play Lex Luthor as the Joker. The character was too zany to be Lex and the calculating intelligence that Lex is was lacking.

As we left the theatre disappointed my friends and I started chatting about what caused problems for us with the film. It was then that I shared my version of what I would have done wight he film. Unanimously my friends agreed and one even said he would wash Batman Versus Superman from his memories and replace it with my version. You may like mine better or maybe not, but share your comments below.


This is what I would have done:

Superman is the American hero that we remember him to be. He is a saviour and everyone loves him. He is shiny and bright and can do no wrong.

At the time that Superman is saving everyone and anything in sight the military is sent a request for help to deal with an uncontrollable vigilante in Gotham City. He goes by the name of the Batman.

No one knows his motives or his affiliations. However he is bringing several to justice, but his methods are not always within the law.

Superman is called in to catch the Batman.

Superman finds Batman and the first fight begins. Round one goes to Superman. Batman never saw him coming and was unprepared.

In custody, Superman delivers Batman to Arkham Asylum of all places. In a cell next to the very people he put there (Joker, Riddler, Harley Quinn, Bane and others) Batman must stay alive and figure out a way to escape.

All the while outside Superman continues his heroic efforts. (You know saving cats from trees, bank robbers, the regular stuff.)

Batman figures out a way to escape but in the process accidentally releases some of his strongest past foes. He knows that he cannot stop them on his own. Chaos in Gotham begins.

Batman realizes he has one hope. He needs to persuade Superman to help him to stop these baddies. He studies Superman and discovers the element of Kryptonite. Constructs a weapon and then goes hunting.

Superman and Batman have a second confrontation. This time Batman is prepared. Through the fight Batman attempts to share his mission to enlist Superman’s help. But Superman is too busy trying to get the upper hand in the fight that he will not listen. That is until Batman strikes him down. Now Superman has no choice. He must hear what the Bat-costumed mortal has to say.

Superman now understands Batman’s motives and also recognizes what dangers lurk ahead with these villains on the loose. He agrees to help Batman and they prepare to clean up the town.


That’s where you end the movie and you are set up for the next one. Maybe this is even where they recruit some help and the next movie becomes the justice league.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on what should have been done. Again feel free to agree or disagree, but at least share your comments below.


P.S. – One day I would love to write and direct one of these.