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How Thoughts Become Things movie gets visit from KC Kang – Personal best Magazine

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Make more money as a certified Neuroscience of Success trainer!

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How Thoughts Become Things and the Neuroscience of Success

Neuroscience is the study of cognition, thinking and processes of the brain.  Neuroscience is one of the fastest growing interested areas in personal development today.

The Neuroscience of Success is training your cognition, thinking and brain for unmatched success.  All real change begins internally first. This is the program to that will unlock those changes. When you have these tools not only will your life change, but your coaching practice will grow and you will become a recognized expert in your community on “How Thoughts Become Things.”

Through the Neuroscience of Success 2 day intensive you will learn how to make more money helping people:

  • Create change that lasts
  • Understand the 5 ways your brain learns and sorts information
  • Learn how to stay focused with goals that matter
  • Understand thinking processes of top achievers & use it to create their own success
  • Overcome negative and self-defeating thoughts
  • Recognize the three major filters that effect how you see everything
  • Understand the influences of geography and activity on your thinking
  • Learn the process of How Thoughts Become Things

– And more!

In addition, for coaches, trainers and speakers you will learn:

-The 3 massive mental mistakes that keep you from making more money

  • How to become an expert in your community
  • How to leverage the movie “How Thoughts Become Things” to become the leading coach in your community.

We have included these bonuses to help your coaching practice become more profitable:

How Thoughts Become Things – Trainer affiliate

In addition, this exclusive training program is the only one supported by the movie “How Thoughts Become Things.”

You will remember what happened when The Secret made the Law of Attraction popular in the main stream… everyone started teaching it and calling themselves a LOA expert. But very few were actually trained or had any previous experience with the Law of Attraction. The problem: Those coached were not getting the real support that they needed to apply the principles of the Law of Attraction.

Not so this time, only authorized and trained teachers will be associated with our program and you can be one of them!

  • All our accredited coaches will be listed, with their contact information on our official site. When we released The Opus our business month had more than 600,000 visitors to our website. Referral for clients and inquiries will be forwarded to you directly to from our site.
  • You will have access to utilize the “How Thoughts Become Things” logos and materials in your marketing.

* If you are a speaker or coach you know the money that can be made on offering valuable products. Our affiliate sales program will allow you to sell the DVD, Book, Workbook, audios and other “How Thoughts Become Things” programs at a high profit to yourself. More will be presented on this opportunity at the seminar.

Each event is limited to only 50 participants for maximum learning.

When the film is launched this course will be priced at $2000, if it is still offered. Our intention is to have all of our accredited coaches in place by then.  For those who are interested to help us by joining with us from the beginning we are offering a special price with exclusive bonuses available only to our trainers.

Regular pricing $2000

Limited Time pricing  Only $997 for the first 50 registrants per location.

How Thoughts Become Things

How Thoughts Become Things

This investment also includes:

The Neuroscience of Success workbook

DVD with 3 “How Thoughts Become Things” trailers

Screening kit – “How Thoughts Become Things”

Audio CD – 3 “Myths of the Mind that sabotage even the most motivated Achiever”

Certification certificate – Neuroscience of Success trainer

Free ticket to premiere event

To register please contact us at 1.877.393.9496 by email or online at

How do you see Success?

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How do you see success?

By Douglas Vermeeren

Do we see things as they are or as we wish them to become? This has long been the argument of philosophers. Is it more advantageous to see the world realistically for what it is, or do we become positive thinkers and see the world from only an encouraging perspective?

The personal development industry has champions on both sides of the fence.

Some being so bold as to say that without the factual starting point of truth there can be no progression. And the other side of the argument contending that without a positive perspective and interpretation of every action, cosmic forces that be can never reward an individual with success.

So what is the truth?

At the SUCCEED Research Center we have been very interested to discover where the results really exist.

As part of our study we observed groups of high achievers primarily in business over a period of 12 consecutive months. Along the way we had them complete surveys and interviews with us indicating how they made most of their key decisions, identifying contributing factors and fears. As part of this study, we tried to determine in all cases if  these decisions were based on facts and opportunities at hand or a  yearning to create an ideal reality based on positive optimism.

Our results indicated something very interesting in regards to this subject.

The achievers view of reality was generally a reflection of their positive or negative expectations. They were creating their own illusions of reality. If the out look was great so was the interpretation of the facts. As a result when the facts were positively interpreted all the future expectations increased in positivity. They were making their decisions based on interpretation and expectation. Facts were quite irrelevant.

In other words, the top achievers were not creating results according to facts, they were indeed creating the facts as well.

There is a scientific term for individuals who recreate fact to suit their needs and desires. They are called “Counterfactuals.” Most top achievers are counterfactuals.

Top achievers tend to see the world in a way that empowers them and as a place of possibility. Even when a door closes they see or create the open window that replaces it instantly. After having experienced this a number of times, they expect an open window, even where it seems logical that one would not exist. They are innately optimistic and focused on the end result arriving in a positive way. Facts that appear to be in conflict with their destination are given very little credit.

Part of the solution can be found in the way they tend to view the world.  They see the world from a perspective of imagination rather than from a position of concrete knowledge or fact. Knowledge is secondary to imagination. Additional studies indicate the more knowledge one accumulates the more enhanced a persons ability to imagine grows.1

In 2009, The SUCCEED Research Center conducted an extensive study on visualization, imagination and the effects on performance. (See ) It was determined that where an outcome was visualized with intense emotional investment the outcome was 92% more likely to occur.  Emotional attachment was considerable more attainable when a knowledge of the visualized activity was involved. 2

In addition to simply visualizing the outcome in a positive way, talking about the outcome also significantly increased the achievers ability to create it. Talking about the result before it occurred was a strong exercise in imagination. How else could could you talk about something that hadn’t yet occurred. As a side effect, it was also determined that as an individual spoke about the challenges of the task they discovered answers solving for that task as they spoke. Now that’s imagination in action.

In conclusion, Do we see things as they are or as we wish them to become? The answer is yes.

The SUCCEED Research Center

Douglas Vermeeren is the director of the SUCCEED Research Center which is dedicated to sharing research on the systems that top achievers use to create lasting success. Over the last decade Vermeeren has interviewed more than 400 of the world’s top achievers, including business leaders, celebrities and professional or Olympic athletes. For more information and a FREE gift to increase your productivity go to and for more details on how this article can be applied to your personal success become a supporting member of The SUCCEED Research Center . There you will find tools, exercises and strategies to take you to the next level in all areas of your life.

1.Discover Presents The Brain, The Great Pretenders, Alison Gopnik  p. 38

2. Is visualization a key to success in business? The SUCCEED Research Center,

The purpose and mission of this blog- Your Success!

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All human beings have amazing potential to accomplish incredible things.  Marvelous things are achieved in nearly every endeavor of human experience.

We have discovered medical cures and procedures that prolong life and cure disease. We have journeyed and discovered distant lands and now have even begun to explore planets other than our own. What we are attempting seems to be coming towards us faster and with more convenience, intensity and comfort than ever before.

Human athletes have set records only to be broken shortly thereafter by others who would follow running faster, climbing higher, jumping further and pushing themselves harder than was thought possible.

Financial prosperity among us has also grown. I recently read a report that in the year 1900 there were only five thousand millionaires in America. One hundred years later, in the year 2000, it was found that we now had more than five million millionaires.  (And it is incredible to notice that most of them were self made inside of a very short time span of only ten years.) Experts are now predicting that the number of millionaires will continue to increase by another ten to twenty times the current number in the next twenty years.

The message to us is that these incredible opportunities are available to everyone.  Anything you seek after can be attained if you follow the right path  or system to get there.

But what is that path? Is there a system?

Finding such a path has been the subject of investigation for me formally for the last ten years, informally perhaps I could say my entire life. I have attended scores of seminars, read volumes of books and listened to hours of audio programs. I have found a lot of great stuff which has made a difference for me.

But it wasn’t enough. I was intrigued that the teachers who were inspiring me shared many stories of real life successes, people who had actually achieved success. So I determined that logistically that would be the next step, I needed to be taught directly from those top achievers.  I began to seek them out and conduct my own interviews, research and many cases establish lasting friendships. I found that while much of what I was taught in the seminars  and books was useful, there was more to understand about success. Alot more!

Although I am an author, speaker and filmmaker, presenting much of my research, my passion is still discovering the formulas of success. I enjoy the detective work. On this blog that will be my purpose.

My goal will be to give you some insights, strategies and tools to help you in the pursuit of the goals you are seeking.

I invite you to join me for the success formulas that go beyond the seminars.