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Are you on Purpose? Personal Power Mastery – Douglas Vermeeren

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Are you on purpose?
Personal Power Mastery Moment by Douglas Vermeeren

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As I have taught the principles of Personal Power Mastery over the last decade Have seen some extremely talented people in business, in the performance arts and athletics. Once while in Canada I met a young man who was an incredible hockey player. He was no doubt destined for an incredible career in professional hockey. By the time he was 16 he was already being scouted by several NHL teams. Secretly they had each cursed he and his parents and shared offers and promises if he were to make them his first choice.

You’d think that would have been motivating. But instead it was exactly the opposite. This young man began to think of the money, fame and fortune that was headed his way and at times he began to think beyond the mark to what life would be like when it was time to retire. One of his relatives after all had warned him to put money aside so that he would be prepared when he could no longer play hockey.

His focus began to shift to what he would do after rather than on what he could do now. His practicing began to be more relaxed and he began to sit still reading business books more often. He justified it by thinking he was still so far ahead of his peers and he assumed the promises to him from the dreams were not conditional. Slowly his lead on the other began to diminish and in a short time the phone calls and correspondence from the professional teams began tot disappear.

Unfortunately he didn’t recognize what was happening until it was too late. He lost his focus on hockey and it was no longer an option for him. He eventually took a job in the trades and is now almost forty. He will never play professional hockey and it all came to loosing his focus and looking beyond the mark.

There are great lessons from this situation. The time to do your best is in the present and even when you are ahead there is still a lot of work to do. Obviously this missed opportunity is still one of the biggest regrets and what-ifs in my friends life. Had he pushed hard for the few years between his teenage years and taking the ice as a professional everything would have been different.

As we spoke together and worked through some of these questions it became clear that part of the challenge may have been the pressure and a desire to self sabotage. But we will talk about that another time. Today is about focus which is the first thing he lost.

When we are focused and committed we have more moments of what some experts term as flow. Flow is when we get into our groove and we perform at our very best levels. When we get out of flow we can then see distractions, self sabotage and feel pressure.

When we are in the flow there is no pressure. We are doing what we love and doing it well. When this friend was on the ice playing hockey he was in his flow. When the money, agents, teams and meetings were added to the mix he started to step outside his flow. The reason why is that he couldn’t directly connect those things to the feeling he was getting on the ice. Instead in his mind he separated them. There was the sport and there was the business.

The more he thought about the business the more he became split between the sport and his flow.
My challenge to you today is to recognize where you are splitting your focus and what it is costing you? What could you eliminate or delegate to others so you can be focused on your flow more each day? I call it getting into your brilliance zone.

And with the things that you must do that are not dialled into your flow how can you attach them to your highest values so that they support you rather than distract you. Take some time and think about that today.

Activities without purpose can never produce progress.

About Douglas Vermeeren
What would you do with the secrets of the world’s top achievers? Would you level up your income? Your business? Your opportunities? Now you can find out because those secrets are now available to you.

Over the last two decades Douglas Vermeeren has conducted extensive first hand research into the lives of the worlds top achievers. He has the success strategies of top business leaders from Nike, Reebok, Fruit of the Loom, FedEx, KFC, United Airlines, Microsoft, Disney and others to share with you. ABC television and FOX Business refer to him as the modern Day Napoleon Hill.

In addition, he is the producer and director of 3 out of 10 of the top personal development movies ever made. He is the producer of The Opus (featuring Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Joe Vitale, John Demartini, Marci Shimoff, Morris Goodman, Bob Doyle and others.) The Gratitude Experiment (Bob Proctor, Marie Diamond, John Demartini, John Gray) and The Treasure Map (John Demartini, Loral Langemeier, Raymond Aaron, Marshall Sylver, Randy Gage.)

He has authored 3 books in the Guerrilla marketing series and is the creator of Personal Power Mastery which has been consistently rated as one of the top events for personal change and development worldwide.

He is a regular featured expert on FOX, CNN, ABC, NBC, CTV, CBC, The Huffington Post, NY Daily News and others.

For more info go to

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An important component of Relationships – Personal Power Mastery

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An important component of relationships
Personal Power Mastery by Douglas Vermeeren

Douglas Vermeeren Personal Power Mastery Quote 120.jpg

Relationships are one of the five pillars of success. We will talk later about what that means and why they are so important. This pillar of relationships is not limited to a spouse, one of your children or even your extended family – it refers to everyone you interact with and how you are connected to them. But today I want to talk about the closer family relationships and let’s face it sometimes we don’t always feel as connected to them as we would like.

Being connected to others can sometimes be a hard thing. Even when our intentions are great and we want more connection the other person may resist and not feel the same way. Sometimes we may have even made mistakes that have hurt the other person or done something to break down trust and connection.

While this short article won’t give you all the secrets of creating a stronger relationship instantly I want to share with you one observation that has created a special connection. I can it “our secrets.”

By definition I guess you could say the “our secrets” concepts is essentially creating a bond with someone you love by simply sharing or creating experiences that belong to just you and that other person. I guess in some ways its very similar to the concept of an “inside joke.” Something only the tow of you would find funny and no one else would understand.

Having “our secret” creates a special bond because now only the two of you have something that no one else on the planet shares. Let me give you an example of an “our secret” moment. (And by the way, just my sharing it now includes you in “our secret” but don’t worry I have permission from my sons to share this one.)

When my two sons were little it was pretty easy to give out hugs and kisses and they didn’t really care what their friends thought. But as they grew a little older (somewhere are eight or nine) it became a little embarrassing for them to say “I love you dad” or give me a hug with all their friends present. They still felt the same way but they just didn’t want to do the public display anymore.

So we came up with one of our most famous secrets. We call it N M W. And funny enough even when I say goodbye to my sons today (they are now in their twenties) you will still hear us say N M W.

When we say it no one has a clue what it means. And often people will ask us if they can get in on the secret. Most of the time we change the subject and keep them out. That keeps our special connection unique and exclusive. In some ways it bonds my boys even more to me. It helps them feel that they have something special. You are about to find out what it means…

N M W means No Matter what, No matter Where, No Matter When daddy loves me. Or from them to me, No Matter What, No Matter Where, No Matter When Jordan (or Jared) loves dad.

No matter what setting we have been in or no matter who is around my boys were no longer embarrassed or shy to shy N M W to me and I to them. It was “our Secret.”

Having intimate secrets like this that have meaning only to us has been one point of significant connection between us. It is exclusively our and because of this exclusivity it has made them feel that they are uniquely special. That is a powerful form of connection.

Over the years we have carefully decided who gets to be included in that secret.

I have similar secrets with my wife and some specific secrets even with my specific children. These represent a special form of trust or a bond between us.

Special connections like these create a sense of unique value in a relationship. When people feel a special or exclusive connection they have stronger bonds.

My challenge to you is look for unique ways to connect with those you love in ways that make them feel that they are unique and in a special position with you above all others in your life. It might be to develop a few of your own “secrets.” What can you do or create to help your loved ones feel that they are special or unique in your life?

Our Values determine so much!

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Douglas Vermeeren - Personal Power Mastery Quote 118.jpg

Our Values determine so much.
Personal Power Mastery Minute by Douglas Vermeeren

This is a most important subject which I anticipate you will be seeing many times in the future with Personal Power Mastery. The reason why is that people always support what they value most. Let me put it another way, Why do people struggle to get to their goals? Why do people struggle to keep New Years resolutions? Why do employees miss sales goals? Why do people even forget things they said they would do? Why do people even forget important dates like birthdays and anniversaries? It all has to do with our values.

What we value most becomes a priority.

What we don’t value gets procrastinated, discarded, postponed, avoided or experiences whatever other kind of neglect you can think of. We always do what we value most. We always protect what we value most. And so therefore our life is really a reflection of what we value most.

For some people we can instantly see that values that are not creating patterns of success. i call these the patterns of poverty. They include values such as immediate gratification, the value to impress others, the value to appear powerful, the desire to be liked.

There are additional values that rob people of success and that can include appetites that can’t be feed with food, drugs, sex, and any other physical indulgence.

And naturally there are ego based values that also keep success from coming your way.

The truth of the matter is after conducting seminars for the last 20 years and having thousands of attendees come through our doors even these values are not what people really want. Most of the above we have been taught by sources outside our true self that these values if you embrace them will bring happiness and fulfillment. Instead the are nothing but counterfeits and imposters in the long run.

The most powerful values come from what I call Authentic of purpose.

When people discover their sense of true purpose their true values appear. Most of these are often about connecting with the true self and connecting with the goodness in other people. (That will be an article for another time.)

But for today I would challenge you to think carefully about what you really want and if you spend some soul-searching time to consider the roots of why you really want it you will be able to discover how genuine your values are. And the shift that you might experience could very well surprise you.


Your Will-power starts with your Why-Power! Personal Power Mastery

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Your Will-power starts with your Why-Power! Personal Power Mastery
By Douglas Vermeeren, Personal Power Mastery

Douglas Vermeeren – Personal Power Mastery Success quote

Too often I have people that attend my seminars ask about the idea of motivation. Most of their questions and comments revolve around the challenge that have experienced in the past about not being able to stay motivated. They often share how they’ve thought out their goals and they really know what they want. They even confess that the things they have set goals around really are going to serve them best in the long run. They stress in their explanation that they are bewildered by how they just can’t follow the logical plans that were so well-laid.

The challenge does not rest in their desires or even their well-laid plans. The challenge lies in how our brain actually chooses the activities it will support. Without getting into a long explanation this particular post actually addresses a few of the various “powers” we discuss in Personal Power Mastery. I could have easily positioned this topic with The Power of Focus, The Power of Momentum, The Power of Thought, The Power of Values and others. Today I’m going to position this article and solution that I want to discuss squarely on The Power of Values.

To get to the heart of the matter as quickly as possible I’m simple going to share that our actions and motivation only coincidences with our highest values. In other words, we give our attention to the things that are most valuable to us. And by the way that is with every activity through out every moment of the day.

Let me share an example from the lives of one of my students. (But it might as well be my life as I am sometimes guilty of the same thing) One of my students Shane works at home. He is a home based entrepreneur. He has three small children who are now in school but are at home during the summer. Shane loves his business which is web design and social media marketing. However his highest value is his family and especially spending time with his wife and children and seeing them happy.

Recently Shane was telling me about a day at home during the summer. He had a lot of work to do and several clients counting on him with a handful of projects. Just as he was getting started his wife and kids appeared on the scene and pointed out the beautiful sunny day outside. Shane’s highest values are his family and so his attention shifted there.

Within a few moments plans were made to go to the zoo for day. Obviously Shane’s highest value caused him to stop working and he went with the family to the zoo. Thankfully after the kids went to bed Shane was able to catch up on his work.

Thankfully this was a happy ending but for too many people it is not. They are constantly placing their real value on immediate gratification, the current netflix series or even taking a nap. This misplacement of activity is the primary reason most people never accomplish their goals and dreams.

But how do you stay motivated with what matter most to you in the long term? How do you stay focused on the goals that you know will give you best rewards? How do you do what you logically know you should do and keep recommitting to do?

The first thing to understand is the emotional part of your brain is more important than the logical part of your brain. Your brain does not seek out logical activities as the priority. It does seek to satisfy the emotional demands first because those necessities are closely tied to our survival instincts.

So if you want to create more success and stay focused with the logical goals the question really becomes how do you make the Logical more emotional?

There are several techniques that we share in the Personal Power Mastery live sessions but the one I’d like to focus on here is the seek out more important emotional reasons why the goals you’ve chosen are important to you. Why do you really want these things in your life? And the more powerful and emotionally connective your answers for why are the more power you will have to get to your goals.

As the article title infers – Your will-power with be a reflection of your why-power. if you have no reason why, when emotional disruptions appear in your day you will have no will power to stick to the task at hand.

Emotional connections to your goals and dreams help you to create boundaries that keep you on task.

Exercise for today – Consider your top tasks for the week. What do you really need to get done in order to make progress towards your really big goals? Take some time right now and come up with some strong emotional reasons why these activities need to get done.

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Wow! This is crazy. Thank you so much!

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Wow! I am blown away to be listed as number 13 on the all time greatest 50 success quotes with the Motivate Amaze Be Great Blog. That is such an honour others on the list include Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Brian Tracy. How did I get on that list? Truly honoured that people found my thoughts valuable. Wow!

1 Action doesn’t create an empire. Douglas Vermeeren

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When experience success it is a time for congratulations! Maybe even time for a celebration. But success is a time for one more important element! And that is to keep going.


Everyone experiences success from time to time. One could even say that it was luck. But when you keep going after the success and work according to strategy that when things really begin to happen in positive ways.

Interestingly enough not everything is going o work out but that’s the time to keep going even more. In fact, things that don’t always work out really successfully but are still done according to a predesigned strategy still make more success than a single win. Focus on moving closer to your goals rather than creating success.


Douglas Vermeeren – Are you ready to level up? You’ve come to the right place. Douglas Vermeeren is considered one of the top leaders in personal development and achievement psychology. He is considered by many to be the modern day Napoleon Hill for his extensive research into the lives and psychology of more than 400 of the world’s top achievers. Douglas Vermeeren is the creator of The Personal Power Mastery program which helps you unlock your most powerful self and created positive changes in your life.

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Why laugh at the learning curve? Douglas Vermeeren

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Today I am in Fort Lauderdale, FL. I will be speaking at an event later today. As I think about some of the things that I could say that would be most useful to the participants who are coming I think about their needs. Many of them are entrepreneurs, some of them are speakers and life coaches, some have home based businesses, there will be network marketers, there will even be students and some people who are either not employed or looking at starting a business.

As I have been sitting here eating my oatmeal and thinking about what would be most valuable to them I let my mind wander past all the experiences I have had that would be valuable to them. I think of some of the people I’ve met and the lessons they have taught me. For some reason my mind stopped on a one person, I’m going to call her Susan. (Not her real name but close.)

Susan wanted to be a speaker. She didn’t have a lot of experience yet so there were a lot of rough edges. But she had a lot of desire. Every time we talked she would take lot sod notes on what she could do. She observed every other speaker she could find and I could tell she was excited and fuelled to get to that next level. Soon she had her chance to get in front of a few groups. Just like when I started the groups were small. (My first speaking event I had 3 people show up.)

I attended her first event and there was about 12. Her second one that I attended had 7. And I am told her third was about the same. Her speech was valuable but not polished.

She was frustrated not with herself but with the numbers who came. She thought that she was ready and the world should have responded. She let those experiences effect her. And rather than laugh at the learning curve she projected the lack of people at those that were helping her. They should have helped her better. They should have filled the room. They gave her false expectations and hope. She fired her mentors. Ultimately you guessed it she shifted from being a speaker to something else where she continues to take the learning curve too seriously.

You may have guessed by now that this is a pattern she had experienced before. A repeated challenge that is destined to repeat again. She had amazing potential but failed to recognize that there is a learning curve, a progress curve and that all development takes time.


frank_maguire_sc_photoFrank is another person I thought about this morning.  He knew how to laugh at the learning curve and as a result he went on to create some pretty amazing things in his life. Whenever a failure or setback or experience was less than he wanted he dug in deeper and recognized it as a temporary station. He did not let the setback or situation define him or put him off track from his dreams and desires. One such business failure he was involved in lost millions and millions of dollars every month for close to 36 months. Yet he knew the idea would work and together with his partners they hung in there. That company today is known as FedEx.

Frank Maguire became one of my personal mentors. Almost like a grandpa to me. He taught me again and again that it is important to expect the learning curve and although he didn’t use these words he implied that you should laugh at it. When you failed or things didn’t flow like they should put on a smile and laugh at your mistakes. Don’t take failure personally or too seriously. It’s gonna happen. And its never as bad as you think its going to be.

Even the best laid plans have challenges and bumps. But more important that the plan is the person behind it. Are you a leader or a limper? To you whine when things don’t flow like you expect or do you accept it and make adjusts to improve each time.

The amazing thing about learning curves that I have learned is that it is in the shape of a J. Success follows and comes in this shape. After you get past the low rolling curve at the bottom of the letter goes straight up. Had Susan recognized where she was on the curve she would have understood that there is always a period of time to pay your dues on the curve. Once that’s through success comes in a very big way. Most people are like Susan and when things don’t flow immediately and powerfully they abandon ship.

They never give themselves a chance to succeed because they never get past the inevitable learning curve.


Don’t make the same mistake. Get committed! Decide that you will hang in there. Go the distance. Be like Rocky and even tough things are tough you keep going. Take the punch and stay standing. You can do it. And it you hang on long enough you will always win.

th-1Howard Putnam former CEO of Southwest airlines once told me that the key to success in his life has always been to keep going when the other stops. It’s not a matter of being smarter, or better looking, or better connected or luckier. It’s mostly a matter of hanging in there especially when it gets hard.

So to conclude today. I just want to say go for it. This is your time!

Now is your time – Make it count!



Douglas Vermeeren – Are you ready to level up? You’ve come to the right place. Douglas Vermeeren is considered one of the top leaders in personal development and achievement psychology. He is considered by many to be the modern day Napoleon Hill for his extensive research into the lives and psychology of more than 400 of the world’s top achievers. Douglas Vermeeren is the creator of The Personal Power Mastery program which helps you unlock your most powerful self and created positive changes in your life.

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