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13 things some speakers do that makes them suck. 10X Your speaking business with Douglas Vermeeren

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10X Your Speaking Business Douglas Vermeeren some speakers suck

Have you ever heard a speaker that sucked? Of course you have. (I know in the beginning of my career I was often THAT speaker.) Share your thoughts on what makes a speaker successful and what makes them suck. I’m interested to know for a project I am working on and when I share the answers to this you may be surprised.

Here are a few immediate things that people have shared which you want to be careful of:

(And by the way I’ve actually seen all of these happen.)

1. Speaker is unprepared.
2. Speaker shows up late and unprepared.
3. Speakers pass around crinkled up and soiled order forms or handouts
4. They try to sell products that are damaged
5. They make excuses about why they didn’t bring products
6. Too much powerpoint or tech (ie. Videos etc.)
7. Too many high fives, handshakes, hugs and stand up/sit down exercises. (Also dancing without purpose just to dance)
8.Too much text power points
9.Pitching through the entire presentation and no content. (Very desperate)
10. Ego based speech (all about how they did this, that and the other. No audience relevance)
11.A memorized scripted “Signature speech” with no audience connection
12. Cliche phrase. ( I don’t say this impress you, but to impress upon you etc.)
13. Trying to be someone they are not.



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