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What do you value? Personal Power Mastery Minute by Douglas Vermeeren

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As people it is our human nature to select the activities and habits in our life to lead with our highest values. One of the disappointments that we create for ourselves is that we try to fool ourselves into chasing and pursuing things that don’t matter to us at deepest levels. We often pursue the wrong things because we take messages from those around us or the media as to what we are told we should enjoy and appreciate. Authenticity to our highest values will create results and happiness. This can be seen in immediate gratification choices too. People grab what they think they want in the short term rather than what they really value in the long term. #douglasvermeeren #ppm #personalpowermastery #success #goalsetting #personaldevelopmentDouglas Vermeren Personal Power MAstery 189

Douglas Vermeeren – There is a link between progress and Happiness

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Depression, discouragement and feelings of discontent plague the world today. Most of these feelings come from a sense of comparison of our success with others. Our society has trained us to install certain activities, possessions and outcomes as necessities. This has been fairly easy for advertisers and salesmen to do because they have been able to tap into one of our important needs: The need to experience program.

As humans we are wired to problem solve and seek out challenge.  Our minds find high value in being able to solve challenges that come our way. In fact, we often seek them out. Why? Because it gives us a sense of purpose and accomplishment. It is to this sense of purpose where our feelings of happiness and fulfillment come from.

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One of the most powerful medicines for someone struggling with feelings of self worth is get active. Especially if they can do something for someone else. This kind of service not only gives you activity which brings our mind into this state of inspiring challenge it also takes us outside of ourselves. Scientific research supports that the best kind of service like this is for someone who can’t possibly repay the service or for close loved ones. Add to that anonymous and you can’t help but feel amazing. A recent study I read demonstrated that regular acts of service like this are massive contributors to our own happiness.

Naturally service is only a part of creating these feelings. It is important to achieve personal progress as well. Pursuing your own goals, results, outcomes and purposes will lead you to feel greater happiness and more fulfilled. When a person states that they don’t know what makes them happy they can often trace that to not know ing their purpose as well.

My challenge to you today is to get busy, get involved, serve and find a purpose to begin to work on. As you make progress you will feel a greater sense of purpose and well being.


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Neuroscience of Success – How Thoughts Become Things coming to Edmonton

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Tired of trying to create success and have it not work out?
The problem isn’t in what you’re doing, it’s in what you’re thinking!

Neuroscience of Success

Neuroscience of Success

In this one day program that will help you learn how your brain works and how you can prime it for great success and achievement.

Learn current techniques in cognitive neuroscience, the law of attraction and real life application that will help you:

– Create change that lasts
– Understand the 5 ways your brain learns
– Learn how to stay focused with goals that matter
– Overcome negative and self-defeating thoughts
– Recognize the 3 major filters that effect how you see everything
– Understand the influences of geography and activity on your thinking
– Understand the thinking process top achievers use to create success
– Learn the process of HOW thoughts become things.
– And more!

To register call 1.877.393.9496 Seating is limited.
Early Bird price $99 Regular $179
Group rates are for available for groups of three or more.

Be one of the first 50 registrants and receive the audio CD “Strategic Cognitive Construction – the key to thinking anything you want into reality.”

This event will be taking place at the Edmonton Delta South
4404 Gateway Boulevard
Edmonton, AB T6H 5C2
(780) 434-6415