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Money cannot solve Money problems!

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Money cannot solve Money problems

Money cannot solve Money problems

Money cannot solve money problems

By Douglas Vermeeren

Money cannot solve money problems. Yes, that’s what I said. No doubt you are shaking your head saying ‘this Vermeeren guy has really lost it this time. That doesn’t make any sense.’ Naturally our first assumption is that any and all problems created by a lack of money ought to be able to be solved by simply throwing a few bucks at it. Simple right?


The financial problems that most individuals and families face find a root much deeper than on the surface. All financial problems, like financial successes are first born inside. All financial situations begin first in your mind.

Thoughts are drawn like gravity to lower an less productive results. So when you decide that you would rather not give direction or leadership to your thoughts they naturally settle to the lowest possibilities. The real problem isn’t a lack of funds. The real problem is a lack of constructive, empowering and wealthy thinking.

One of my favorite sports is scuba diving. In diving we learn of the principle of buoyancy. Buoyancy is simple the measurement of an objects ability to float or sink. If it stays in the middle and doesn’t sink or float it is considered neutrally buoyant. Our thoughts are similar and different in one significant way. We have positive thoughts that empower us and allow us to create the lives we want and deserve. Negative thinking is just like what it sounds. Thoughts that pulls us down and frustrate our ability to be great. Neutral thinking also exists. In fact, this is where most people spend most of their time. They are thinking neither positive or negative.  However, when it comes to thinking we won’t just rest neutrally in the middle. As  the world moves around us our thoughts that are neutral keep us from participating and making any progress. The result: Negative results.

You see it isn’t enough to just avoid being negative. You actually have to do something positive and proactive to change your situation or it will not change.

This is where most people run into their money problems that we started talking about at the beginning. You see, we could cut you a check to cover of all your debts and put you on the road to easy street, but until you understood the power of being highly proactive and positive you would fall right off that road. You have got to believe that you can stay on the road yourself and begin to think about things that will repair and change your situation. The more effort you spent thinking about this objective the more resources will appear to help you accomplish that mission.

So what can you do about all this? The only two ways to fix a financially dismal life is to either spend less money or make more money. The answers as to how to do that come from your thinking. Here are few thoughts:

What thoughts have I been holding onto about my financial situation that is keeping me from solving it? Why do I feel I need to be poor? Take a careful look at what things you are simply not paying attention to that are costing you money. Where is money disappearing for late fees, interest charges, unnecessary credit fees?  How can I change this? What are you passively spending your money on without thought? etc. etc. etc.

How can I make more money? I prefer this route because to be honest I like to spend lots of money on things that maybe some people would think are foolish. What gifts and talents do I have that can be shared for profit? Where are you spending your most productive hours? How can you use these hours to build additional income streams?

Start inside your thoughts to look differently at your financial problems. From your thoughts everything can change. The problem for most people is they look outside for answers when the truth of the matter is they have all the solutions inside them already.

Money problems are never about the money.

The Millionaire Myth

The Millionaire Myth


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