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Wealth Secrets that are often forgotten – 4

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One of the biggest things that keeps people broke is inconsistency, hesitation and doubt. This morning I received an email from my assistant about one of my students who has a habit of committing to something and then changing her mind because she feels she always needs more information or isn’t prepared. I worry about her because no matter how often she gains the confidence to move forward she always changes her mind afterwards. Most likely we will stop working with her because I want to have a track record of getting people results. I am more interested in having successful students than an attendee who fills a seat in one of my trainings that someone more committed could have. Outside of my training she will also have a hard time building her wealth in the real world because people will stop working with her. Can you imagine her involvement in a major real estate deal or investment opportunity where she would commit and then keep pulling out. In the real world people don’t want the hassle and she will very quickly be excluded from opportunities. If you want abundance in your life start by making a decisions and stick with it.

douglas-vermeeren-600Douglas Vermeeren is the CEO of the Millionaire Training Systems. He teaches wealth strategies and mindset. Unlike most wealth coaches and teachers in the market today Douglas Vermeeren actually makes money in the real world and not just through the sale of seminars or personal improvement products. He is the author of the book Guerrilla Millionaire, Millionaire wisdom and several other books on money strategies that build wealth in today’s marketplace. He is also known for his extensive research into the lives of many of the elite and wealthy of today.


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