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Level from a High Level Network

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Lessons from a high level network

Reasons why Building a network is the HIGHEST VALUE SKILL you can develop.

By Douglas Vermeeren, The Modern Day Napoleon Hill

Douglas Vermeeren - Modern Day Napoleon HIll

Why is the most valuable skill you can generate? It will be the one that opens the most doors of opportunity, gives you the most benefit and support and naturally creates the most income. Over the years I have been able to study more than 400 of the worlds top achievers much like what Napoleon Hill had done to write the landmark book Think and Grow Rich. While engaged in this research there were two powerful things that occurred. One of these things was an observation and the other was a result.

The observation was that EVERY single top achiever that I met with attained their success because of who they surrounded themselves with. The old adage Your Network equals your Net Work is unquestionably true. Associations at high level opened up opportunities not available to the general public. High level networks gave access to support, systems, clients and more high level introductions. Without a powerful network you are limited to your personal efforts and your connections are limited.

Nearly all results in life come through our interactions with others. If you have a low level of network you will have a low level of results.

The results I experienced were first hand success and wealth. Obviously success is not a destination but an ongoing series of experiences. As I began to level up my connections my results have continued to rise. Those that entered my network helped me, mentored me, opened my eyes to possibilities I had never experienced or considered. My network literally taught me what success could look like. Perspective is a powerful thing and generally eh result of who you spend the most time with. We are all teaching and influencing each other. If you surrounding yourself with inadequate teachers and influences you will live far below your potential. 

Below are some of the most important lessons I have learned from having a high level network. 

The #1 Habit and skill of the rich is high level networking.

Your network determines your net worth. But first you must decide what is of worth to you and what you value most.

Networking is not about simply making a sale it is about creating relationships that make selling easier.

Your network is a safety net that allows you to solve bigger problems.

Your network will determine your quality of life more than any other factor.

All wealth comes from your ability o connect with other people. 

Social capital is the most important asset a company or individual can build in todays marketplace.

Your highest value skill will be your ability to connect with people who can help you get what you want.

Access is the most highly sought after opportunity today.

Your rolodex is your greatest asset.

It is better to have 100 friends than 1000 rubles. Russian Proverb

We become the combination of the 5 people we spend the most time with.

We rise to the level of the things we allow to influence us.

The people you have in your network determine the opportunities that you have access to.

People help their friends most.

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

Everything you want is only a relationship away.

The pre-internet concept of six degrees of separation is now obsolete. You are now closer to everyone you want to connect with than every before.

All high level success is created by a team, not an individual.

How well are you known in the network that matters.

True networking is rarely done. It’s not about exchanging business cards or meeting for coffee. It is creating synergistic long term connections that create powerful outcomes for all involved.

The highest connections  come because what you are doing has meaning.

Curiosity is at the foundation of connection.

If you are the smartest person in the room you are in the wrong room.

Business success is a CONTACT sport.

Connection is a result of shared emotional experiences. Nothing bonds better.

A circle of influence is never created by accident.

Good networks don’t build themselves.

You’ll never do a $1 Million dollar deal at a $10 breakfast.

Be so on-purpose that people want you in their network.

Decide in advance what you want from your connections.

Networking is rarely about attending a networking event.

First impressions can determine your final outcomes.

Your Highest Value Skill is NOT sales

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Your Highest Value Skill is NOT Sales.

Some business gurus are telling people that they need to develop their Highest Value or most valuable skills.That part is right! You need to focus on the skill that will give you the highest return on your efforts.

What they got wrong is that they are teaching that it is sales. Sales is important, but its not the first step.

Your network is. You can’t sell unless you have someone to sell to. And the level of your network will determine the level of the people who you get to sell to. Lastly I would also suggest that sales is not the most valuable thing your network could offer you either. You will find that networking to sell is the weakest kind of networking. Instead network to find more valuable things. Most of the time in life and business your highest value skills and assets are things that will give you long term returns not a short term sale or commission.

Here are 4 to think about:

1) Support and resources 

Who in your network can help yu with the things you need to grow your business. This can be education and mentorship, financial support, help implementing systems or even introductions to other people. There is truth to the russian proverb which states, “It is better to have a 100 friends than 1000 rubles.”


Most of the big opportunities in my life have come through other people. Some of these opportunities have been to attend or speak at big events, become involved in excellent investment opportunities or attend high level events or meet celebrities. Recently one of my contacts in the UK invited me to have tea at Kensington Palace with the Royals and attend ASCOT. Your best opportunities in life will come through those you know.

3)Team members or business systems

At high level networking events it is not uncommon to meet people with specialized skillset who are very successful at what they do. These opportunities are fantastic occasions to find people, services or systems that you can use to strengthen your own business.

4) Customers (but not in the way you think) 

Low level networkers look for single individual customers — you need to look for people to collaborate with that have large groups of your customers.)

Again sales is an important skill, but it isn’t the one that will create the most wealth or success for you. The skill you need to develop is your ability to build a higher level network.

Hope this is helpful.

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What does Carla Think about Business Networker?

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What does Carla think about Business Networker? You be the judge. More and more people are coming to use the fastest growing social networking site for Business.

Business Networker is the Premiere networking site for business owners, entrepreneurs and business innovators. Powerful Networking for Powerful People. For a free 30 day trial go to and use access code biznet87194

Why Business Networker is an amazing tool for Network marketers

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Business Networker

Business Networker

Why Business Networker is an amazing tool for network marketers By Stan Romero Network marketing or direct sales relies heavily upon finding new leads and new contacts. For most network marketers it is very easy to run out of immediate contacts who are receptive to listen to a company pitch. Most experienced network marketers will immediately tell you the key to success is to be able to find new people to talk to regularly who are receptive to the message. For the last decade social media has played an ever increasing role in helping MLM groups find prospects. It has helped individuals to grow their businesses beyond the borders of their own backyard. In addition, social media has been a brilliant way to keep in contact with past leads and existing clients in a way never before possible. In short, social media has been one of the single most important factors in multiplying individual effectiveness and profits. With all the success that can be created with Social media tools there is one tool that has caught our attention and shines above the others in our conversations with mlm leaders. And that tool is Business Networker.

Business Networker

Business Networker

In our opinion, Business Networker is currently the strongest tool for MLM business for several reasons: 1)Business Networker allows the user to find specific leads that have expressed an interest in the MLM industry or are most likely to do so. With Business Networkers unique search engine capabilities it is easy to track down those who are already receptive to an MLM message or who would be willing to engage in an MLM conversations. Often in traditional networking either online or offline presenting networking marketing can often be a challenge. Many people have preconceived and often incorrect ideas about what network marketing is. Getting through possible negative contacts to find receptive people can be a journey filled with rejection and discouragement. Business Networker makes it simple and easy to find those who can grasp the vision of network marketing. What this means for the network marketer: Less rejection, less time spend searching for leads and a more profitable outcome. 2)Business Networker has live events. Business Networker is one of the only social networking sites that actually has live events. One of the biggest challenges with online relationships is that they stay online. Network marketing is about relationships. And while they can be great online they become powerful once they shift into the real world. Business Networker allows this to happen. These face to face meetings are very important in network marketing. In a recent survey of new network marketers (including several who started and dropped out) it was reported that one of the single most important factors determining whether a person was successful or not was their connection to their uplink or leadership. What this means for the network marketer: Live events create a greater sense of progress and community, not to mention the opportunity to solidify relationships with leads initialized online. 3) Business Networker has customer management tools. One of the biggest challenges in any business that involves a lot of leads and prospects is the way in which they are managed. When leads are managed improperly they are often lost. Lost contacts are literally lost profits. Business Networker has an effective way for tracking and managing relationships in such a way that no one is lost and your time is directed to the leads that are progressing the most. You may not turn everyone into a customer, but you’ll quickly see who is on the way to becoming one. What this means to the network marketer: You will save time and money recognizing which leads to work with and your prospects won’t slip through the cracks. 4) Business Networker also has great training tools for you to keep in touch with your downline and for your uplink to keep in touch with you. Training and motivation are two of the biggest things that keep network marketers closely connected to their community. Business Networker has many of the traditional tools that other social networking sites have, but they have more. One of the features that has been reported to be most useful has been the video connect features. This feature also more than 25 people to be connected in an online training session. What this means to the network marketer: Keep in touch with your whole team no matter where in the world the are. 5)Business Networker allows for each profile to host their own store and receive credit card payments. This is an incredible exclusive feature of Business Networker and one that will make you money. Many network marketing companies rely on product sales and make their product available to people outside of their organization. Many people in the general public are interested in these high quality products, but have no interest to join a company. In the store that Business Networker provides for its members anyone can buy products from you at anytime, 24 hours a day from nearly any part of the planet. THIS IS HUGE. Business Networker is currently the only social networking site that allows your relationships to turn transactional. In addition, to selling products this service also allows the user to process credit cards through a virtual terminal. This means you can accept credit cards anywhere. What this means to the network marketer: When it is easier to give you money you will make more money. It’s as simple as that. 6) Lastly, Business Networker allows people with real knowledge and expertise to position themselves as experts in their field. Network marketing has some of the most amazing experts who really know their stuff. If you are such an expert Business Networker gives you the opportunity to solve problems and provide advice for individuals in a public forum. As you become recognized as an expert you become the trusted source for information and your client base will grow. What this means for the Network Marketer: People do business with those whom they trust and recognize as being able to provide solutions to their problems. Overall Business Networker is currently one of the highest recommended tools for conducting network marketing online. If you are serious about growing your business this is a service you need to add to your business tools. Participation far outweighs the expense which is far less than what you’ll spend with a membership at a local chamber of commerce or networking group. You can find out more at Article by Stan Romero. Stand Romero is an independent business consultant on trends in social media and social networking.