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The Gratitude Experiment is nearing the release date.

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The Gratitude Experiment is nearing release date

Can gratitude make a difference in the way things happen in our lives? Can gratitude change a negative situation into a positive one? Can gratitude bring goodness into the world in general?  One speaker/filmmaker thinks so and his new move the gratitude experiment will share what he has found.

This law of attraction movie also features the opinions of Bob Proctor (The Secret), John Gray (The Secret, Men are from Mars women are from Venus.), Marie Diamond (the Secret), John Demartini (The Secret, The Opus), Mary Morrissey, Lisa Ryan, Laurie Davis and Joe Rubino. The film will specifically explore the effects of gratitude and how a person can increase expressions of gratitude in their own life.

Here is a clip from the film:

The Gratitude experiment will be releasing to the public on April 17th, 2013 with a special VIP screening in Calgary Canada. At the event several speakers from the film will be present and speaking. The film will also be shown. The event is limited in seating capacity and tickets are on sale now through the film’s official website

The Gratitude Experiment

The Gratitude Experiment