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Are you on Purpose? Personal Power Mastery – Douglas Vermeeren

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Are you on purpose?
Personal Power Mastery Moment by Douglas Vermeeren

Douglas Vermeeren Personal Power Mastery 126

As I have taught the principles of Personal Power Mastery over the last decade Have seen some extremely talented people in business, in the performance arts and athletics. Once while in Canada I met a young man who was an incredible hockey player. He was no doubt destined for an incredible career in professional hockey. By the time he was 16 he was already being scouted by several NHL teams. Secretly they had each cursed he and his parents and shared offers and promises if he were to make them his first choice.

You’d think that would have been motivating. But instead it was exactly the opposite. This young man began to think of the money, fame and fortune that was headed his way and at times he began to think beyond the mark to what life would be like when it was time to retire. One of his relatives after all had warned him to put money aside so that he would be prepared when he could no longer play hockey.

His focus began to shift to what he would do after rather than on what he could do now. His practicing began to be more relaxed and he began to sit still reading business books more often. He justified it by thinking he was still so far ahead of his peers and he assumed the promises to him from the dreams were not conditional. Slowly his lead on the other began to diminish and in a short time the phone calls and correspondence from the professional teams began tot disappear.

Unfortunately he didn’t recognize what was happening until it was too late. He lost his focus on hockey and it was no longer an option for him. He eventually took a job in the trades and is now almost forty. He will never play professional hockey and it all came to loosing his focus and looking beyond the mark.

There are great lessons from this situation. The time to do your best is in the present and even when you are ahead there is still a lot of work to do. Obviously this missed opportunity is still one of the biggest regrets and what-ifs in my friends life. Had he pushed hard for the few years between his teenage years and taking the ice as a professional everything would have been different.

As we spoke together and worked through some of these questions it became clear that part of the challenge may have been the pressure and a desire to self sabotage. But we will talk about that another time. Today is about focus which is the first thing he lost.

When we are focused and committed we have more moments of what some experts term as flow. Flow is when we get into our groove and we perform at our very best levels. When we get out of flow we can then see distractions, self sabotage and feel pressure.

When we are in the flow there is no pressure. We are doing what we love and doing it well. When this friend was on the ice playing hockey he was in his flow. When the money, agents, teams and meetings were added to the mix he started to step outside his flow. The reason why is that he couldn’t directly connect those things to the feeling he was getting on the ice. Instead in his mind he separated them. There was the sport and there was the business.

The more he thought about the business the more he became split between the sport and his flow.
My challenge to you today is to recognize where you are splitting your focus and what it is costing you? What could you eliminate or delegate to others so you can be focused on your flow more each day? I call it getting into your brilliance zone.

And with the things that you must do that are not dialled into your flow how can you attach them to your highest values so that they support you rather than distract you. Take some time and think about that today.

Activities without purpose can never produce progress.

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