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The truth about excuses

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Excuses keep people from so many things that would make their life better. Chances are pretty good that you’ve missed out on some of the greatest moments in your life simply because you let an excuse knock you out or keep you from even getting started with stuff you needed to do. Even when the ideas of inspiration come within you those same excuses have robbed you and taken that idea away. It sucks. It really does. You could have really been so much more.

But here is the truth about excuses today. When you can recognize this about excuses you will have more power to do the things you really want and achieve the success you deserve. Now I will start with one caveat and a last thought on why beating excuses is so important. Heres the caveat.

The number of excuses you chose to eliminate will be completely up to you. Beating excuses is not a one time event it will be something you have to do again and again and again. Everyday. Maybe even multiple times a day. It will not be easy. You will have to be aggressive and recognize these excuses every single time they show up.


And here’s the thought. There is an old Samurai saying that says “when we conquer the enemy within there is no enemy with out that can defeat us.” You’ve already heard that success is an inside job. Well, so is defeat. You need to decide right now that you will master the power over excuses so that you can create the things in your life that you really know want and deserve. You can develop your ability to reign over and destroy excuses. It is a habit that can be cultivated and built. So get started now!!!

Here’s the truth about excuses that I promised you.



In other words you only create an excuse when you actually have or had the power to do differently.

For example, If you say I will do it next time. Right now I just don’t have the time. You actually do have the time. You are actually just making a choice that the item you are excusing yourself from is just not priority.

If you say I am not making the phone call they probably aren’t there right now anyways. You actually have the power to make the call and you don’t always know if they’ll be there or not.

We only make excuses for something we could do. We don’t make excuses for things beyond our power. We don’ t make excuses for the weather, gravity or the way grass grows. We only excuses what we could have either done better or the things that we could do. Think about that next time and just get started.

Besides excuses never built anything.

douglas-vermeeren-600Douglas Vermeeren is the CEO of the Millionaire Training Systems. He teaches wealth strategies and mindset. Unlike most wealth coaches and teachers in the market today Douglas Vermeeren actually makes money in the real world and not just through the sale of seminars or personal improvement products. He is the author of the book Guerrilla Millionaire, Millionaire wisdom and several other books on money strategies that build wealth in today’s marketplace. He is also known for his extensive research into the lives of many of the elite and wealthy of today.

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Personal Power Mastery is Coming to FLORIDA!

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Douglas Vermeeren – Excuses are the result of unprepared

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Too many excuses keep people from achieving their dreams. But have you every thought how excuses could be prevented from happening in the first case. Well, excuse really are the result of being unprepared and caught without a safety net. As you’ll remember in previous posts excuses are a symptom of a a reactive person. Proactive successful people take ownership and thats what gives them power.

Douglas Vermeeren PPM 44But the truth of the matter is that excuses can be prevented by the same proactive approach. When we build systems and strategies ahead of time to take care of the details of life as they come along we never have to build excuses.

What excuses are you currently using in your life?

What strategies could you build that would eliminate these excuses you often share?

You are in control – That’s why you can be awesome BAM #6

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You are in control – That’s why you can be awesome BAM #6
By Douglas Vermeeren


An Awesome life is living your life by decision. You are where you want to be, doing the things that excite you, inspire you and bring out the best in you and in those around you.

It’s not uncommon to hear people say that something was not their fault, they were the victim of circumstances, they had no choice or that someone else made them do something. Often one of these phrase is their reason that they are not taking accountability for their own lives or their justification for doing nothing.

Essentially these excuses do three things:

The first is that they eliminate the necessity to make choices. Choices in life are often difficult. Sometimes it is possible to make a wrong choice. When we make a choice or a decision something in your life will change. Change is not always easy. Change is also unpredictable and frightening. You are stepping into the unknown and entering a new situation you have never encountered before. Rather than face this fear or potentially make a bad choice people with a victim mentality choose to make an excuse instead. What they don’t realize is that not making a choice is a choice for naught. In other words when they do not make a choice of yes they are automatically saying no. When they make no choice at all it is indeed a choice.

If you aren’t proactively making a choice to reach out for an awesome life you are automatically making a choice to settle for average.

There is a big lie that many believe and that is that if we don’t take action and make a choice we get to start where we are. The truth is the world around you is changing a lightening speed. If you don’t make a choice you get left behind. Nothing is ever going to stay the same. Think of technology as a great example. Blockbuster video tried to stay with the model of renting dvds from a brick and mortar store while everything was shifting online. The ignored the outside signals and chose to try and resist change. What happened to them?

The second is that excuses release you from accountability. (Or so you think.) There are two kinds of sins in this world. Sins of commission which are things you do wrong by your actions or words. Then there are sins of omission, things you knew better and you should have done but you chose not to. You mean you can do something wrong by not taking action? Absolutely.Did you know that neglect is actually a form of abuse? Neglect is a sin of omission. Not only do people get hurt when those who have the ability to help do nothing you are violating one of the laws of being awesome – leave things better than you found them. Imagine if you knew a bank was going to be robbed and you had the power to either stop them or at least report it to someone and yet you did not. Would you be guilty of what would happen next? YES. Under the California Penal code 31 it is called aiding and abetting a crime. (Other areas have similar laws.) Under this law you can be charged for knowing and not doing anything, even if you were not present when the crime took place.

Edmund Burke put it best when he said, “The only thing needed for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” The same can be said of your life if you do nothing – you get nothing. It’s that simple.

Lastly, some think that excuses keep them from having to work hard. There is an old saying when it comes to money (but applies to many other things too.) It goes like this: “You can pay now and play later or you can play now and pay later with interest.” Life always has a way of requiring you to work hard for the things you have or wish to create. Some people look for short cuts and in the end paying far more than they needed to. The best way as with things in life is make payment instalments. In other words pay as you go. When you make a commitment to an awesome life you make payments in regularly along the way. An awesome life is built one brick at a time and that’s what secures it in place. The requirement is consistent effort and diligent care.

Those making excuses mistakenly feel that they are excusing themselves from these efforts. What you needed to create today becomes an emergency tomorrow when you need in the future.

In conclusion I want to point out that you are in control. If you have been taking short cuts and making excuses in the past you can change your approach right now.If you know in your heart of things that you need to make choices about and let go of excuses holding you back – do it! The present is called the present because it really is a gift. Now is the best time to get started living the life you deserve and want. So why not get started?


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