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Calgary Entrepreneurs – Entrepreneur Academy event November 3

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Entrepreneur Academy Lesson 3 – Wha tis purpose?

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Entrepreneur Lesson 3 — Are you on purpose and what then heck does that mean?

Too often when we talk about purpose and passion entpreneurs talk about their purpose and their passion. I think that is partially off target. If you want to create entpreneurial success you have got to realize that you business must overlap the passion and purposes of your clients. In fact, that may actually be more important. In other words, being on purpose literally includes having a purpose that others can find valuable.

Recently I was meeting with one of my mentors and peers over lunch. He worth several hundred million dollars (500+) and one of his enterprises is that he owns a public storgage facility. When I asked him about building a business in area that he is passionate about he confessed that sometimes purpose and functionality far exceeds passion. And as we talked about the idea of purpose he expressed that so much of his business success is based on serving the purposes of his customers. Now let’s be honest. Public storage is most likely not listed among your most signifcant purposes — so that raises a question as to what is a true purpose that people are willing to pay for?

Obvioulsy ou’ve already heard how you need to solve a problem for your client. The purpose will be attached to a problem. But I think most people are not truly aware of their problems or their purpose.

Can I make a suggestion that was made to me and has been a source of high profit? Too many entpreneurs look for big purpose and dramatic ways to met those desires. As a result they often miss the mark. Start simple. Look at an actually day and what you do in that day. What are the more basic problems that need solving — find that and you will find a valuable purpose that the masses will pay for. The main purpose for most people is simply to have an easier day. Don’t make it complex. Make it practical and straigth forward.

As I have interviewed and research more than 400 of the worlds top achievers that how the majority of them built their wealth.

4 Keys to improve your business networking

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Business Networker

Business Networker

4 keys to improve your business networking Presented by Business Networker Networking is an essential component of creating a successful business. It is the key way in which a business owner can meet new prospects, potential business partners and learn about potential business opportunities in the community. The challenge for most business owners is that they do not know how to fully capitalize on networking opportunities when they appear and often time and money is wasted trying to create results with non-productive activities. The following 4 suggestions are tips that are followed by successful networkers and if used correctly they will help your networking be more effective and profitable. Set networking goals – When you approach each networking opportunity with specific goals in mind you will immediately se a change in the productivity levels of your networking. The problem for most entrepreneurs is that they make a commitment to attend networking activities, but beyond that commitment they have no specific goals as to what they want to attend. As far s goal setting and business are concerned if you aim at nothing you generally get nothing. Yet, as motivational speaker Douglas Vermeeren states, “A goal that is specific and clear becomes attainable and near.” When you set specific goals for your networking you make progress and achieve what you set out to do. Some of the goals you might want to set could include the number of people you want to meet, the specific industry you are looking to connect with, a specific set of solutions you are seeking or even the number of business cards you will share. Having a goal gives you purpose, purpose gives you progress. people-networking-copy Attend the right events – Often very little thought is given to the kind of events most entrepreneurs attend. They immediately think that if there are people there then they should be there. The mentality of “Everybody is my customer” often is very counter productive. When you are specific about your target market and network where they are your results will expand exponentially. Have a plan for follow up in advance – Naturally at live networking events you will make many contacts and often come away with a stack of business cards, but what will you do after the event? Do you have a method of follow up? Do you have a way to organize who will be your highest priority contacts? Do you have a system for identifying those who are a good fit to grow your business? Systems like Business Networker can help you sort these kinds of things out in an easy and straight forward way. The money isn’t in the initial meeting, it’s in the follow up and the continued relationship. You’ve invested the time and money to make the contacts now do something with them. Seek to serve first – Prospects can sense immediately if you are there to serve them or if you a re there for your own interests. A genuine attitude of service creates a sustainable business and powerful word of mouth. It also immediately established you as a trusted resource. When you are a trusted resource your client base will grow and will be paid to solve problems for that client base. Much like the game of volleyball you must serve before you can score! Business Networker is the premiere online business networking tool for connecting business owners with leads, joint venture partners and strategic alliances. Launching in February 2015.

FREE Event – 4 Massive Mistakes Even Successful Entrepreneurs make that keep them from making the jump from 6 to 7 figures!

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4 Massive Mistakes

Even Successful Entrepreneurs Make

that Keep Them From Making The Jump From 6 to 7 Figures!

If you are in business for yourself you won’t want to miss this event.

In this FREE workshop from The SUCCEED Research Center you will learn 4 Massive Mistakes that are holding back even

the most successful entrepreneurs.

This is a one hour event.

June 30, 2010

Engineered Air Theatre, Calgary Epcor Center

Presentations at 2PM & 7PM

Seating is limited

To book your seat call 403.401.2401

or online at

Your presenter for this event will be Douglas Vermeeren.

Douglas Vermeeren is the director of the SUCCEED Research Center which is dedicated to sharing research on the systems that top achievers use to create lasting success. Over the last decade Vermeeren has interviewed more than 400 of the world’s top achievers, including business leaders, celebrities and professional or Olympic athletes.

Expectations and exploration

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Expectations and Exploration
By Douglas Vermeeren

Expectations are imposed upon us from all sides. Expectations as to what our success looks like, expectations of what kinds of cars and clothing we should be wearing and also expectations of the kinds of things we will have to do to get there. While expectations may serve us beneficially in some regards, generally speaking the expectations of others can hinder us from finding our best self and what it is we really want.

I call that quest, exploration.

Exploration is our ability to live our life from a place of authenticity. To explore the things that we want, seek and wish to become. For most in today’s society they rarely venture far down the path of exploration. Expectation demands to much from us to allow for that kind of freedom. As a result, most of us feel an empty desire to seeking for more to fill the void left from lack of self fulfillment. More cars, more clothes, bigger houses, more toys and the sometimes even artificial quick fix relationships to replace the ones that we won’t work at,because expectations are that things should come easy.

These false expectation come first from outward sources. People around us tell us how we should measure achievement and success. They paint for us what failure looks like and how people will feel about us if we don’t measure up. We see these lessons in everything from our advertising to characters in fictional stories. These lessons are then translated into the lives of the people we interact with daily. Our world becomes so saturated with these expectations that we begin to ingest them into our belief and value systems.

Many of these false views of success in the end are totally unobtainable. Like the perfectly airbrushed vision of beauty, or the lifestyles of the rich and famous or the argument free life of the perfect family on your weekly sitcom. These expectations create in us the feeling that we are imperfect without these things and we spend our lives chasing this unobtainable destination.

What’s worse than these exterior expectations placed upon ourselves are the ones we place on ourselves. We begin to expect realities that don’t exist. And because they are unobtainable we suffer a multitude of challenges when they cannot be reached. Aside from decreased self esteem, challenged confidence, wasted efforts, challenged relationships, workaholism and resources that are thrown away there is one tragedy that superimposes then all.

The exploration of self. Upon close examination of all top achievers, today and through out history, we find a significant belief and trust in self. Indeed, even a commitment to self. How can this be found? The first step to believing and trusting self is to find self.

This is not a quick process. This is the process of exploration. Almost like with an onion it involves peeling back layers, one at a time, to find the character and individual revealed inside.

When you can find the true nature of who you are, what you want, what you are excited or passionate about magical things begin to happen. In fact, through this process you will the true path to creating lasting success. Finding this path is what we teach in our “Finding your Brilliance” seminars. That is really what success is all about. Finding out what your “Brilliance zone” is and tapping it to it, unleash your strongest and powerful self.

The outside world would have you identify a comfort zone and then encourage you to step out of it. Do everything that’s new, the things that you are afraid of and find ways to push yourself to new limits. Top achievers don’t work that way.

While they do look for ways to grow and stretch. Most of the time their growth is relatively painless as they do it in areas of their brilliance. They seek for growth in the areas that excite them and that will add to their areas of expertise. The areas that they have chosen for themselves through exploration, not expectation. And as they grow they are never really leaving their comfort zone, the are growing within their “Brilliance Zone.”

When we grow in this area of our lives we will find greater excitement, more motivation, recognize more opportunity and even our ‘groove.’ Groove of course, is not a scientific term. But how can it be described. It is almost zen like. When we are functioning at our highest level of self and it becomes effort less. These are the moments when inspiration can take our work to a productivity level that passes the ordinary.

That is where success and top achievers are born.

My challenge to you is to realize that much of what you are doing today may be the result of expectations. Conditioning placed upon you by the society outside of you. You have internalized and are working to fulfill these mostly false expectations about what is needed to make you successful and happy.

It is time to pause and take a closer look. A time to explore inside who you really are and what you really want and most importantly why. As you journey to the inside of your being you will begin to find the keys that will unlock your possibilities and create greater successes. It is only with your brilliance that you can live from inspiration. It is only by being inspired that you can lead an inspiring life. And an inspiring life is one that is successful and makes a difference. Those are the true successes of the human race.

Douglas Vermeeren is the director of the SUCCEED Research Center which is dedicated to sharing research on the systems that top achievers use to create lasting success. Over the last decade Vermeeren has interviewed more than 400 of the world’s top achievers, including business leaders, celebrities and professional or Olympic athletes. For more information and a FREE gift to increase your productivity go to and for more details on how this article can be applied to your personal success become a supporting member of The SUCCEED Research Center . There you will find tools, exercises and strategies to take you to the next level in all areas of your life.

Written by douglasvermeeren

May 28, 2010 at 10:53 am