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Create more power in your life today!

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Douglas Vermeeren Power
I often have my students ask me how they can feel more empowered and inspired everyday. Often it’s not that they are engaged in work or careers they don’t like or enjoy and it’s also not that they don’t enjoy the company of friends, family or coworkers. They claim its a deeper kind of rut they feel like they are in and they just don’t know how to shake the boredom or sense of same. Here’s may answer – we can only experience what we choose to create. And if we want to be more powerful and inspired we need to put more powerful and inspiring things in our lives. Too many people that I have had ask about this issue often live a life in front of the TV, a computer screen on social media or doing the same habitual boring activities every day and in every way and then they wonder why they feel uninspired.
Yet my experience both personally and observationally is that we get excited as we do inspiring things, learn powerful ideas and expand and grow! A sense of power and inspiration come from a sense of progress! So today I challenge you to do something inspiring that will add more power to your life. And it doesn’t take a lot of effort of money to escape boredom and find power.
Here’s a few examples:
Read a good book
Go to a seminar
Serve a family member
Mentor someone who needs your help
Exercise (and do more than you normally would)
Clean your house (more on why this works later)
Make written plans for your best future
Do it right now and don’t wait!
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Creating the outcomes you want – Personal Power Mastery by Douglas Vermeeren

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The reason why most people are not successful is that they either wait until they feel inspired, in the mood or excited enough to do something to get to work doing what they need to do to get what they want. Or they wait for the opposite feelings of pain, regret, guilt or remorse to come to spur them work. Top achievers and those who are successful actually get to work by choice not as a result of feelings or reactions to something outside themselves or around them. That is the definition of proactivity. To be successful you must be a self starter regardless of what is going on around you or how you feel. #douglasvermeeren #ppm #personalpowermastery #success #goalsetting #achievement #personaldevelopmentDouglas Vermeeren Personal Power MAstery 193

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August 21, 2018 at 12:00 am

Douglas Vermeeren – We act on what we feel emotion about most.

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Douglas Vermeeren PPM 18

Millionaire Training Systems coming To Calgary and Vancouver

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Millionaire Training Systems coming to Calgary August 27

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The Gratitude Experiment Movie premiering in Calgary April 17

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If you loved The Secret or The Opus then you won’t want to miss this special event! The Gratitude Experiment is premiering in Calgary on April 17th. Selected members of the cast and crew will be present including Douglas Vermeeren, Dr. John Demartini, Lisa Ryan and Laurie Davis. (and others are tentatively scheduled to be there too.) The film features Bob Proctor, John DeMartini, John Gray, Marie Diamond, Marie Morrissey, Lisa Ryan, Laurie Davis, Joe Rubino, Douglas Vermeeren and others – sharing insights and tools to ignite the spark of gratitude and to answer the questions CAN GRATITUDE MAKE A DIFFERENCE?

At this special screening some of the speakers will be speaking live and a special Q&A session will follow the film.

The screening takes place April 17th, 2013 at the Empire Studio 10 Theatres in Shawnessy. (100-16061 MacLeod Trail SE) The event starts at 6pm and seating is limited. You can get tickets by calling 1-877-393-9496. VIP packages are available.


For more information go to:


The Gratitude Experiment

The Gratitude Experiment



CREATE WEALTH TODAY – CANADA, Calgary May 25, 2013

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Create Wealth Today - CANADA Calgary, May 25, 2013

Create Wealth Today – CANADA Calgary, May 25, 2013