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Are you running your business right?

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Do you think I am right? What kind of business are you running? Or are you running a babysitting job? This is a special episode for entrepreneurs. Learn about what it really means to hustle – AND to HUSTLE WITH PURPOSE. You won’t want to miss this episode.




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How to get to high levels of success – Personal Power Mastery minute by Douglas Vermeeren

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High levels of success require the support of a team. But a team requires the vision of a committed and dedicated leader. The idea that a solopreneur can create massive success by themselves is incorrect. It has never happened on a major scale. In order to reach higher, further and do it faster you will need the expertise, effort and insights of others. You can’t possibly do it alone. So the question is how will you find and inspire those people to get behind your vision? The answer get committed to one. #douglasvermeeren #personalpowermastery #ppm #success #enterpreneurship #commitment #goalsetting

Douglas Vermeeren Personal Power Mastery 190

What is your business model? The Speaking Business Multiplier

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What is your Business Model?

By Douglas Vermeeren, The Speaking Business Multiplier


Many speakers want to create a successful and profitable business. The reality is that there is a lot of competition out there and only a small portion of speakers are actually even able to do this full time let alone build a prosperous business. There are a few things that you can do to increase your chances for success and the first thing would be to determine the business model you are going to use for your speaking business.


Early in my business career I had an experience that may be useful to share. In my late teens I had an idea for a business. I had a family friend that expressed he might be willing to help me launch it. He invited me to assemble my materials and come see him. I decided to get busy and build a business plan. I borrowed books form the library and got busy assembling what I thought a business plan looked like. I’ll never forget the night before I was at the local Kinkos putting the finishing touches on the plan until two a.m. adding colour diagrams and images. I put in a lot of work.

The next day when I brought it for him to take a look at he didn’t even open it up. Instead he asked one question. Where are the transactions in your business? He then explained that while a business plan was useful it was only a guide and often changed with the marketplace conditions, challenges faced by the business and many other factors. However if I knew where the transactions were I could recognize what activities where going to make my money.

So today I’m not going to tell you how to build you business specifically but I want you to think about where your transactions are. Here’s a small list some of my students came up with at on of our High Profit Speaker events:

Speaking for a fee

Selling product from the stage

Be an MC

Speak at schools




Joint venturing

Training for others

online courses




study at home courses



Network marketing trainer

Selling products in stores/infomercials

Product consultant

Hosting your own events

Event consultant

Mastermind host

Speaking bureau

Writing articles or blogs

Media guest

Smart phone applications

Designing a game (ie. Cashflow)

Naturally there are many more options. I have listed only the few my students mentioned at our last event. Naturally there are many more. Feel free to pick ones you’d like to use and make a comment and list the ones that are not mentioned here.

douglas-vermeeren-600Douglas Vermeeren is the Speaking Business Multiplier. His clients include beginning speakers all the way to celebrities, athletes, top business leaders and more. His focus is on helping them to develop high profit speaking, coaching and training businesses. He is the author of three books in the guerrilla marketing series and filmmaker behind 3 of the most popular personal development films of all time.

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Missing opportunities and targets – WHY – Douglas Vermeeren

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When I am teaching the Personal Power Mastery course level that is designed for Business & Entrepreneurs I often hear of people concerned that they want to find more customers, discover more opportunities for their companies and identify ways that they could increase their profits.

Many of these people ave tried a lot of different things and may have found quick fixes or small improvements. But most of the time high levels of success have somehow passed them by.


As I have observed these individuals it has become clear why most of them miss their target goals and what they can immediately do to fix it.

Problem #1 – When they look at new things to do they move froward with what they want. Too many business owners progress their business from an ego point of view. In others they move their company in the direction of the thing they think the customer needs and wants. They move towards things which they think will make them look better. Often they also move toward things that they find easy to do rather than gain new skills to serve. Your desires however great aren’t really what your customer is looking for.

Problem #2 – They aren’t hearing the complaints. Customers will tell what they need. Just listen to their complaints about their problems. These are what they are trying to solve and are most willing to pay for. Too often business owners just nod their head when they hear complaining when they should be taking notes. Especially when it comes to things they may hear about their competitors and the marketplace. Some of our best materials and developments have come to our company as we have heard horror stories about how other training programs let people down.

Douglas Vermeeren ppm 50

Problem #3 – You’ve heard it before and nodded your head but most likely you haven’t done a thing about it. Problem # 3 is that most people don’t get these opportunities because they aren’t prepared. Success doesn’t just fall into place it arrives only as you are ready to receive it. It isn’t an accident that the same people keep making incredible progress or that their companies continue to grow and soar. The stretch themselves and reach for the next level and all the opportunities on that next level reach towards them to help them up.

It’s like climbing a ladder. You can’t reach the rung of success until you step up a rung yourself. Then it’s in reach.

climbing the ladder

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Douglas Vermeeren – Decisions and taking the easy road

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Douglas Vermeeren PPm 20#douglasvermeeren #dougvermeeren #personalpowermastery

Written by douglasvermeeren

July 12, 2016 at 12:24 am

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Personal Power Mastery Intro session curriculum

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Personal Power Mastery

Maximum Results coaching franchises now available!

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Maximum Results

Maximum Results









An opportunity to become a successful life or business coach with Maximum Results!

By J. Ephazi

With all the advancements with technology, people are thriving on amounts of information available at our finger tips.  There are many people with brilliant minds that don’t have an outlet to release their ideas and philosophies.  Other people have a knack for assisting and motivating people to succeed with business ventures based on personal experience, or have been blessed to change another’s life by building people up, instead of tearing them down.  Now that people have access to share their knowledge and build people up with technology, it becomes a win-win situation for those starving to build businesses for success and turn lives around.

Information and technology have come together to offer a solution to individuals that desire to become a growing professional.  Unfortunately, these people are at a dead end for professional development, and that’s where you can be a relief and support these strong willed individuals on their ventures.

Maximum Results coaching is a full on franchise to pair people that are gifted and can help professionals become successful stewards of their company.  This franchise opportunity isn’t a cookie cutter approach to solving a problem.  The foundation of the franchise was built upon from Douglas Vermeeren’s research.  He is the single most important personal development, subject matter expert of our time that has proven to help people succeed in life.  The franchise has a tight record over the last decade and has high impact results, and the content utilized is so effective that Vermeeren’s success had a deep dive interview from some of the media’s biggest names like FOX, CTV, and CBC.

Vermeeren’s success has been ingrained in the Maximum Results franchise with a business system within the personal development framework that is able to generate a sustainable and growing income stream.  The Maximum Results program infrastructure utilizes the successful approach that Vermeeren established.  The Maximum Results Franchise opportunity will allow you to wash, rinse, and repeat success for yourself and for those that you support.

Again, there are millions of business owners that are thirsty for success and don’t know where to go to help them put their ideas in motion.  The Maximum Results brand is the most reliable and credible name in the personal development realm.  Douglas Vermeeren actively promotes the brand with multiple media outlets and has seeded his name deeply within the many facets of business development and life success.

This media recognition alone should allow you to open the flood gates of success and pour guidance onto those that are seeking the knowledge, support and vision to become a business powerhouse in their field. The knowledge, experience, and planning that has been injected into the Maximum Results franchise is priceless and you will not be able to get this model from any other company.

Becoming a life or business coach can put results and money into the pockets of those you coach but what about you?  As a Maximum Results franchisee you will be able to establish a secure source of income and a stable career.  The franchise itself is a success just based on the superior content alone.  Maximum Results arms their franchise owners with knowledge and strategy for success.  All of the tools and business concepts are already created for high performance results.  Any Maximum Results franchisee can tune and mold the franchise to help them succeed so you will only be a better, stronger business professional.  We would lie if we said we weren’t unique, in fact every franchise is unique if you think about it, but this one has been created for success and not for a “sink or swim” mentality.  Those that qualify to start the Maximum Reality Franchise will also have ongoing professional development through our training platform that gives you the edge.  We aren’t like others that get you started, pat you on the rear and say “good luck!”  We are driven by success and if you succeed we have met our goal, and will continue to support your franchise endeavor with customer service tools to help you succeed.  Our well connected corporate team can give you the outlets you need to affiliate with other well-known brands.  We even offer payouts to help people, and to have fun.

For more information please call 1-877-393-9496 or email

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June 18, 2013 at 2:26 am

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