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Our Natural Way is Negative – Bam#9

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Our natural way is negative – BAM# 9
By Douglas Vermeeren


It doesn’t take long to see the negativity in the world around us. It seems everywhere you go there is negativity reported in the media, negative posts about people on facebook, gossip slander, haters and trolls online and whispering criticism at work, school and even in homes. It is a very difficult world to navigate if you are hoping to stay positive and surround yourself with inspiring people. Yet it is possible and even when surrounded with negative people it is possible to stay positive if you recognize why negativity is such a big part of our life.

Much of our tendency to become negative can be easily traced back to our human ancestors. Negativity is a form of survival. In order to stay alive our early human ancestors had to be very aware of threats tot heir survival and existence. As a result they had to become suspicious of things that we take for granted. In a world where so many things could be a threat it became necessary to be on the defensive. I guess you could say that our ancestors became so good at it that it became par tot our natural out look.

As things evolved and progressed survival became easier but the habit of being on guard stayed with us. Our environment – parents, community, society – had been trained to be on the look out for negativity and was determined to point it out. Often times the intention is still to protect those we interact with. Think of the last time you spoke ill of someone else to others. Was it specifically to bash the person being talked about it was it to protect the person you were talking to. In my case, I was at an event and someone told me about the history of another speaker. They warned me by illustrating a negative experience they had had with this person. Naturally you and I are wise enough to recognize that there are two sides to every story and often times simple misunderstandings can be blown out of proportion publicly and privately. But I did recognize as this person spoke to me that their interest was more in line to protect me rather than destroy the person I was being warned about.

So how can we control our response to the negativity around us? How can we remain focused on the positive How can we be inspiring ourselves? How can we shine like a light in a tunnel of darkness?

I have two suggestions.

1.Recognize the negativity for what it is and where it’s coming from. In doing so I want to be very clear! This does not mean endorsing it. This does not mean participating to empathize with the other person. This does not mean feeding it in any way. In fact, recognizing the negativity is as simple as saying that you see what’s happening and what the source is. It’s like wet paint. It’s possible to know the paint is wet without touching it. Especially if the sign is big and clear. (But just like with the wet paint the temptation to touch is there. Don’t touch.)

2. Remove yourself. Continuing the analogy of the wet paint you would stick your fingers in it and draw pictures or sit down in the paint. You would leave it alone. Like the paint the minute you touch it it is on you too. Negativity also sticks to those who stick their fingers in it. Often times it may feel difficult to remove yourself. Especially when the person sharing the negativity has you engaged in a conversation. However I have found that if you don’t feed their negativity or endorse what they are saying they soon discontinue. (As a side note it has been interesting to feel the emotion that accompanies this awkward moment when the other person doesn’t engage in the negativity. It’s slightly embarrassing and often the person being negative tries to backtrack or recall what has been said. These emotions alone should give you evidence to recognize that this kind of talk is not on the right track.)

3.Realign yourself. Once you have left the negative situation it is important to realign yourself to your positive state and mission. This is something I recommend you do often anyways as there are so many times in a day that we interact with negative circumstances and situations that often we don’t even know we’ve encountered it.Realigning yourself is almost like washing off whatever negativity happened to sneeze on you without your control. You don’t want to be influenced by the negativity in any way.

Remaining positive in a negative world requires effort. It also requires constant addition of positive to your life. One analogy I like to use in our seminars in regards to being positive is this. Everyone is like a glass of water that is full of everything we let into our life. Most people have a mixture of positive and negative. This glass is also the lens through which we see the world. (But more on that later.) The glass is full and the only way to get more positive than negative and to keep the negative out is to fill the glass so full of positive that there is no room for negative.


My challenge to you is to find more positive today and fill your glass with positive everyday. And every time you encounter negative follow the escape and cleaning route outlined above – Recognize, Remove, Realign.


An Awesome life is living your life by decision. You are where you want to be, doing the things that excite you, inspire you and bring out the best in you and in those around you.

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When A Terrible Day Strikes – Bam#5

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When a terrible day strikes – BAM # 5
By Douglas Vermeeren

An Awesome life is living your life by decision. You are where you want to be, doing the things that excite you, inspire you and bring out the best in you and in those around you.


But the truth of the matter is that not all days are like that no matter how hard you try and how positive your outlook. Sometimes life is just hard and things seem to go completely wrong. These are all part of our existence as humans.

A bad day does not mean you have a bad life.

So how can a person continue to be positive and seek an awesome life when things hit the fan so to speak? These challenging days will be something that everyone faces from time to time so here are three suggestions on what to do to stay on track with an Awesome when these moments strike.

Have correct expectations – The greatest reason for negative human emotions like anger, hurt, frustration and pain all stem from unmet expectations. In other words, you expected a certain result from a situation and you were disappointed that the outcome did not match those expectations. Think about the last time you were upset with your spouse or a close friend. It will be because you had a specific expectation that they would act a certain way and they did not. Your expectations were not met and you became frustrated, angry or hurt. (We will talk more about expectations in a later article, because I do believe it is important to have expectations and people often rise to what is expected of them. But for today’s article I simply want to share that it with a correct expectation that occasionally things and people will disappoint we can be better equipped to deal with them when they appear.) The beginning of getting through a terrible day is to have a correct expectation that they will occur. The next step of this process is now that you expect that they will show up from time to time is to identify the terrible day for what it is when it arrives…

Identify the terrible day for what it is – So you expected that occasionally there will be tough days and here one shows up. You have identified it. When you recognize something for what it is you gain power over it. Awareness is a massive key to unlocking awesomeness in life. The instant you can identify a challenging day is also the moment you can remember that negative days are temporary. You can also instantly recognize that you are in the circumstance but you are not the circumstance. Once you recognize that the situation will pass and that it is not your identity you can evaluate whether you need to provide solutions or simply let it pass. Many problems will just pass if you give them the needed time to do so. However the majority of problems will require some efforts from you to help them move out of your life. That brings us to the final point….

Move forward and create awesome. Forward motion and moment generally break through most negative funks or situations. It is near impossible for the power of positive and the anchors of negativity to exist in the same moment. I want to be clear that I’m not just saying think positive and everything will change. While that’s a good start positive thinking is only a starting point. for example, if you don’t have the rent money just thinking it will be okay won’t make it so. You need to add positive actions and solutions to positive thinking. As you get moving you will experience a state change as well which will immediately change your thinking and situation. All situations can be improved upon by generating forward motion. Often when negativity strikes people shut down and accept the negative fate. There is always something that can be done.

Not too long ago I had a very negative experience that left me with a bill of nearly $390,000. Naturally the day I discovered this was a terrible day. Some of this debt arose from something that wasn’t even my fault. At first I felt the paralyzing despair that everyone feels when faced with something that seems truly overwhelming, frustrating and difficult. I had bruised expectations of the way something should have happened – yet it did not.

Recognizing that there was nothing I could do in my frustrated state I decided to identify the situation for what it was. I knew this was a circumstance I had to deal with. I knew could get through this with time. I also knew that although I had contributed to this situation it was not a reflection of who I was. Even though I had helped to create an awful situation I was still capable of creating awesome too. I determined I would get through it.

I determined to move forward by exploring solutions that would get me through this situation and allow me to get back on track with creating more awesome. Naturally as I looked for solutions I found several ways to immediately make the situation more better and more manageable. I recognized payment options I could make to clear this obligation. I thought about additional business activities I could engage in that would provide for the debt. I thought about friends I could enlist to help me by letting me sell their services. I thought about talents, assets or gifts I had that I could utilize. Solutions began to appear.

As a result I actually developed a new opportunity within my business. This would never had appeared without the terrible day pushing me for solutions. Often solutions only appear out of necessity. This was a blessing in disguise.

In conclusion, don’t let a terrible day destroy your hopes and efforts for an awesome life. All terrible situations are temporary. If you have a committed and focused effort at making your life better your life will continue to follow the direction you have build for it.

P.S. – One last thought that I think is the most powerful way to shift out a negative situation is to find someone to serve. When you do something for others that helps them it allows you to escape the negative energy of your own problem. Often it is in the midst of this serving that your best ideas for solving your own problems shows up. That’s actually what happened to me in the above the example.

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Create Maximum Results in your life right now!

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Maximum Results - Douglas Vermeeren 9

Maximum Results – Douglas Vermeeren 9

Written by douglasvermeeren

May 3, 2013 at 10:54 pm

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Make more money as a coach, speaker or consultant with MAXIMUM RESULTS!

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Maximum Results for You

Maximum Results for You

You are here because most likely you are a coach, professional speaker or consultant looking to make more money. Congratulations you have come to the right place. I am confident that if you will invest just two minutes to read this information it will change your business forever.      A quick note about who I am 

Douglas Vermeeren

Douglas Vermeeren,

My name is Douglas Vermeeren and I’m looking for partners for my Maximum Results program. Chances are you’ve seen me on FOX business news, ABC or CTV. I have been getting a lot of headlines lately for what we do here.

My career as a speaker has been notable from the beginning. I was able to generate more than 1.6 million dollars in my very first six months in business. I have been recognized as an expert and awarded the distinction of visiting professor in China. The Canadian Association of Professional speakers selected me to teach other speakers about becoming an expert at their national convention.

I was personally selected by Jay Conrad Levinson to write three books for the multi-million selling Guerrilla Marketing series. ABC and FOX call me the modern day Napoleon Hill and feature me regularly as an expert.

I have produced and directed two of the top selling motivational inspirational movies of all time The Opus (Also featuring Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Joe Vitale, John Demartini, Marci Shimoff, Bob Doyle, Bill Bartmann and others.) and The Gratitude Experiment (Featuring Bob Proctor, John Gray, Marie Diamond, John Demartini and Mary Morrissey.) I’m a regular featured expert on TV, radio and other media now when it comes to creating success. Several of my personal clients of celebrities, athletes and top business leaders.

And now I’m in talks to host a regular TV show on two of the major networks in Canada and the US.

I don’t tell you these things to brag. I tell you these things so that you can know who it is that is inviting you into a partnership. I know all about how to create a successful business in personal development and I am looking to connect with you for a possible partnership.

Sound like something that might be interesting to you? Keep reading.

Let me tell you how you could fit in with us and why you really need to seriously consider this opportunity!

A little background first. I started out as a broke college student. I had no idea what my future would bring. One day while working a summer job I ran into a book called, “Think and Grow Rich.” Quite likely you are familiar with this book and the author, Napoleon Hill. In the book shares some of the most profound and influential lessons on success ever created. Most people consider Hill to be the father of modern day personal development. To acquire the systems taught in his book, Hill conducted extensive research into the lives of more than 400 of the top achievers in his day. Most of them were innovators and inventors like Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Andrew Carnegie and others. Many feel that Think and Grow Rich is responsible for creating many millionaires and great successes in every generation since the book came out.

When I read this book I was impressed. Yet I determined not only would I live the lessons contained in Hill’s volume but I wanted to develop the relationships with top achievers in much the same way he did. I immediately began to share my dream of connecting with the world’s best and brightest and soon I was connecting with my own set of top achievers.

My top achiever group had a few differences however. I decided to expand my group to go beyond innovators and inventors. I  included business models that didn’t exist in Hill’s day. Namely Network marketing, Technology companies, internet business and multinational corporations. I also included another group that was now making incredible money but wasn’t really around when Napoleon Hill conducted his original study. The group I am talking about is celebrities, athletes, and entertainers.

My research continued on for nearly a decade.

By the time I completed my research I had met with business leaders like the founders of FedEX,  CEOs of companies like Nike, Reebok, KFC, Southwest Airlines, Christian D-or, Fruit of the Loom, American Airlines, Aveda, Taco Time, United Airlines, Sony, Disney and more! I had met with celebrities from the silver screen and TV. I had investigated top athletes and olympians. I had spent time learning from award winning musicians and academy award winning filmmakers. Each interaction gave me significant insights into creating massive success. It was an exciting time and I made many close friends.

In essence it is these strong success lessons that make up the content of the MAXIMUM RESULTS program. As began to practice these principles in my own personal life I began to experience massive success. When I began to teach these principles to others they began to experience success too.

Now here we are several years later I live an incredibly exciting life. I get to travel to exotic locations. I get to meet inspiring people nearly every day. I drive a Ferrari in the summer and a Hummer in the winter. I have a beautiful home and an incredible family. I have more than enough financial resources to do everything I want and take care of family and friends. And I get to do what I love which is to teach others how to live their dreams too! It’s an incredible opportunity! Again I’m not bragging. I’m merely sharing a preview of what you may be able to create for yourself as my new partner.

There’s nothing like Maximum Results on the planet!

The strategies that got me here are very different than what is currently being taught by most coaches and speakers today. Most have unfortunately gained their insights through reading popular books and attending seminars themselves. Their clients are then taught information they learned second hand. Which is like getting a photocopy of a photocopy. It’s for this reason that I believe most of these coaches or speakers have trouble filling a room, finding clients and becoming financially free. Their stuff isn’t really effective.

In fact, through my research I have found that much of what is taught in popular personal development is just plain wrong. People won’t pay for tools if they don’t work.


To be so different from the rest of the crowd has been a significant advantage for me. It has made my programs attractive subjects for books, TV appearances and other media. I have a very strong brand and it’s only getting stronger. But the biggest things that sets me apart are that my programs work in the real world. My strategies work because they were all developed with a direct connection to real life top achievers!

There is no one on the planet today who has conducted such extensive research on success. There is no one who has put in the effort, spent the money, travelled the distance nor invested the time to track down and learn from more than 400 of the top achievers on the earth today. The last person to do that was Napoleon Hill and that was almost 100 years ago now.

That’s what makes MAXIMUM RESULTS so powerful! No where else can you find such powerful and practical tools and support to create these higher levels of achievement.

Demand for our programs is at an all time high and growing!

The demand for our programs has always been high from the very beginning. As I mentioned even in my first six months as a speaker I exceeded an income of a million and a half dollars. I have never heard of any other person in the personal development business breaking into the market like that.

But lately growth has been incredible. I have reached a tipping point. The dam is about to burst.  The interest has risen so high that I can’t service all of these opportunities alone.  I mentioned this concern to the top achievers I still keep close contact with he said that when you get to this level – you have no choice but to get help! So that’s what I am asking for.

Where you fit in!

This can be your future. I am looking for people just like you to partner with to be my coaches, represent my brand and start making an exceptional income.

I have a winning system and I am looking for people just like you to join my team.

I will help you succeed and make money immediately

I will give you all the training, tools and support needed for success for your success. I will show you exactly what I did to create a multi-million dollar organization. I will also provide all the tools necessary for you to create an immediate income and be recognized as an expert in your area. There is a science and system to doing this and I will share it with you.

No experience necessary

No experience necessary! But don’t apply if your attitude sucks. One day I was chatting with Howard Putnam the former CEO of Southwest Airlines and he told how they hired at Southwest.  He said they hired for attitudes not skills. Skills can be taught. But a bad attitude can’t easily be fixed. I feel the same way. If you have a bad attitude don’t apply. But if you are willing I can teach you everything you will need to know.

Don’t miss your chance

One little thing I want to mention so as not to disappoint. Although I am looking to expand I also recognize that I have to choose the right people and not oversaturate the marketplace with too many of my own coaches. For this reason I am only looking to find a limited number of people in each geographical location. If you are too late and I’ve found our people for that area then out of necessity your application will be turned down.

Are you ready to get started?

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started! If you are serious about exploring this opportunity I want to hear from you. Call 1-877-393-9496 or go to to get started.

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3 Keys Every Entrepreneur must master to grow a Million Dollar Business

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Maximum Results for Your Business

Maximum Results for Your Business

3 keys every entrepreneur must master to grow a million dollar business

By Douglas Vermeeren

As I began my research of the world top achievers I was a broke college student barely living on the small allowance my parents were helping me with. Within my research it wasn’t too long before I discovered three keys that helped me launch a business that now brings me several million dollars a year. I want to clarify that while I am excited about my business these keys are not exclusive to one specific kind of business. In fact, if you can learn to improve these key areas in any business you will immediately make a significant difference to bottom line.

Being and staying in business is a privilege granted to only those who know how to become profitable and manage that profit for growth.

Here are the three key areas that every business needs and cannot neglect. To the degree you master these three keys will determine the size of your business and your bottom line. I divide these three keys into the categories of TELL, SELL and SERVICE.

Let’s talk about each one of these:


This categories is by far where most of your efforts and budget should be spent. This is how people find out about your business. If they don’t know you are in business they can’t do business with you.  How are they supposed to find you. Think of the marketplace as a big library or bookstore. Unless your customers know your name or come specifically looking for you – they’ll never find you! How are you letting people know who you are, what you do, how you can help them and why they should choose you over your competition? If you aren’t answering those questions well it will diminish your bottom line entirely. Here are some examples of some things you need to consider in building the TELL components of your business:

Your mission statement *Branding *Networking

Public Relations* Company Image *Social Media

Packaging *Referral programs *Advertising *Attracting customers Store front Website

Your presentation* word of mouth* Categorizing

Essentially anything that has to do with how people perceive you and what they understand you to be fits into the TELL category. I have seen a lot of great business ideas who just didn’t know how to find their customers or tell their story correctly and as you can guess – they are now gone.

It isn’t enough for you to understand what you do – your customers must get it too. If they don’t get it, you’ve missed the purpose of your business. 


This area of your business is probably the most important. If you don’t make sales your business will not survive. There are many great brands that many people have heard of and that have done a great job of TELLing people who and what they are, but that is not enough. In order to thrive a business must make money and that means sales! This key area essentially includes everything and anything related to the sales process of getting your product or service into the hands of the customers. Some of the activities here include:

Pricing *Agreements* Sales presentations

Contracts *Negotiating *Collections

Billing *Asking for the money *Sales calls

Sales teams *Persuasion skills *Communicating value

Credit policies* Up selling *Problem solving

Some people I have run into in our coaching programs are frightened by this area. They sometimes feel that asking for money or charging too much will offend customers. Without mastering the area of sales your company is in a very risky place and will most likely not survive.

Sales is not only necessary for you to stay in business it allows you to continue to provide value to your customers. If they are not excited to pay you then you haven’t given them enough value. 


This area related directly to how your customers receive your service or product. The way this is done is what keeps your customers coming back and it is also connected very closely to the first section TELL. Naturally when people have a good experience they TELL others. The same is true when they have a bad experience too.

All business comes down to an exchange of value for value. They value your business enough to give you their money. And you value their money enough to provide a product or service. You can provide that service in a way to be profitable and the benefit the customer receives is also profitable or beneficial to them. It is a good relationship.

Some of the areas that you need to consider when it comes to service include:

Systems *Processing orders *Shipping

Distribution & delivery *Creating repeat customers *Guarantees

Inventory *Shrinkage *Return policies

Manufacturing *Customer retention *Customer Support

Naturally even companies with great products lose customers because their delivery strategies are terrible. To me this makes no sense considering that most of your money is generally spent in TELL and most of your efforts are used in SELL, once a person is a customer it is least expensive and time consuming to maintain them, but most companies have a problem with this.

If you can master these three keys of business you can create increased business success. for more information on additional essentials that you need to consider in each of these categories participate in my MAXIMUM RESULTS Business coaching program where I share more of the tools that I learned in my research of more than 400 of the world’s top achievers. These are tools that I have used to create several million dollar enterprises for myself and others.  You can find more information at or or you can call 1-877-393-9496.

I might warn you upfront however, we do not take everyone who applies into the program. We are looking for businesses that we can believe in and support and people who are serious about growing their bottom line. If you feel you are ready to really make things happen please contact us!

As a side note think about this: When a brand new product from Apple comes out how many people line up to give them money (and even before the store opens.) All products and brands are on a spectrum with companies like Apple being on one end and slow moving products on the other end. The ones on the end where people are excited to pay generally solve big problems, are innovative, exciting and are worth talking about. They have mastered TELL, SELL and SERVICE and because of that their jobs become easier. Customers line up to do business with them. How is it that people currently feel about you? What can be changed to improve your product or service?

Douglas Vermeeren

Douglas Vermeeren,

If you want results you’ve come to the right place! Douglas Vermeeren has conducted extensive research into the lives of more than 400 of the world’s top achievers. He knows what it takes to become among the top 10% in your field and he can show you how. He is considered by ABC and FOX to be ‘the modern day Napoleon Hill.’ He was the first North American invited to address the Chinese Political leaders on human performance and motivation. He is the creator of the films The Opus and The Gratitude Experiment, co-author of Guerrilla Achiever, Guerrilla Masterminds and Guerrilla Millionaire with Jay Conrad Levinson. His coaching program MAXIMUM RESULTS is currently rated as the top coaching program by celebrities and business leaders for getting results.

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April 22, 2013 at 11:58 pm

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