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It’s okay… You’re worthy to be awesome

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By Douglas Vermeeren

I travel around the globe and have had the chance to discuss the rules of awesome with people everywhere striving to be more awesome. As I have I have found a common concern among these people in my interviews on the streets of major cities and rural communities. I have seen the same common concern appear in the classroom among the youth. I have heard the same concern voiced among those who enter my seminar rooms.

Overall perhaps this has been the most common issue that keeps people from living an awesome life.

My definition of an awesome life is as follows: An Awesome life is living your life by decision. You are where you want to be, doing the things that excite you, inspire you and bring out the best in you and in those around you.

The most common feeling that keeps people from living an awesome life are feeling of unworthiness.

Unworthiness is any feeling which interferes in your ability to create an inspiring life. It may come from feelings of self-doubt. It can be guilt from unresolved pain or hurt. It can stem from mean things others have said. It can come from a series of experienced that leave you feeling incapable.

Whatever the source of these feelings of unworthiness they are all lies. The state of unworthiness does not exist.

Each being born on the planet is a being of infinite worth. Although we may make mistakes or may find ourselves on the receiving end of negative people, circumstances or events those situations do not define us.

One of the most amazing abilities that humans have is that we have the ability to make choices. Each choice is an opportunity to create a new future. The ability to make a choice is not based on how successful a person has been in the past or determined by the value another may assign to you. Choices are available to all and as such all are worthy to make the choice for awesome.

Often at my seminars I find individuals who struggle with the idea that they are worthy to create the life they desire. The boldness required to move forward with an awesome life begins with belief. In moments where this boldness is required it is not uncommon for doubt and worthiness issues to strike a defeating blow. Overcoming these feelings is not an immediate or quick fix.

I often compare this experience like holding a cube of ice in your hand while it melts. It is not comfortable, but to make it go away (meaning the ice) you have to keep hanging on. As you begin to experience the tiniest glimpses of awesome your faith in your worthiness will grow.

Get started working on yourself now and when the doubts appear keep going. Don’t listen the negative voices that will try to sabotage you and steer you off your true path. As those voices rise from a whisper to a shout have strategies in place that can remind you that the negativity will pass and you need to keep going. A few of the strategies that I think work well are having a vision board, listening to a special motivational song, surrounding yourself by inspiring people and engaging in physical exercise. However, I have found one quick solution that also builds feelings of worth quicker than any other method. And that is service.

As you serve others your sense of worth explodes. You can’t feel bad for yourself while lifting others. It becomes even more powerful as you select someone to serve that can’t possibly repay you.

In conclusion I want to reaffirm that you are worthy to be awesome. Your past may be a reference point but it is not your destination. Go forward recognizing that you can repair any kind of past. You can rise above any haters and detractors. And negative situations are temporary. No mistake is permanent. There will be tough days ahead. But stay the course and cling to the moments of awesome when they appear. When you seek awesome it clings to you.



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10 tips to keep your boardroom from becoming a bored room.

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Do your meetings make create boredom?

Do your meetings make create boredom?

10 tips to keep your boardroom from becoming a bored room.

Making your meeting matter

By Douglas Vermeeren


  1. Lead with a variety of presentation methods.

Too often meeting become boring because they become predictable. ONe sure way to spice it up is to change your presentation techniques. Don’t get stuck in a rut of talk, talk, talk. Instead use audio/video, games, panel discussions, Q & A session and more.


  1. Involve participants

Generally speaking boredom sets in because individual feel disconnected or outside the meeting. By drawing them into participation they must be attentive and because they are sharing they feel that what they have to say is valuable. Involvement keeps people present.


  1. Keep the meetings focused

A key killer to successful meetings is lack of purpose. If the meeting carries on without a solid focus people quickly lose interest and become lost. These two points sabotage productivity, because they take away the clarity of what should come after the meeting is done.


  1. Make them shorter

Meetings do not need to be long. Too often people equal the word meeting with a meeting of length. A lot of ground can be covered in a short period of time if the meeting leader is prepared and understands the outcomes they are looking to achieve. By making the meetings shorter the attendees are more likely to give you their undivided attention for the complete duration of the meeting.  Along with this point be sure to start and finish exactly on time.


  1. Change the venue (Take away familiarity)

One of the best meetings that I ever attended was one I attended about supporting the local Children’s Hospital. Rather than conduct the meeting in a board room we conducted parts of it in different areas of the hospital. By the end of the 30 minute meeting all in attendance were convinced of the importance of their cause. Often venue can do as much to inspire as does the leader.


  1. Invite guest speakers

Often times guest speakers provide an outside credibility that a face we see all the time cannot. In addition, often there are outside speakers who can bring a highly level of insight and expertise to a topic that we may be incapable of delivering. Since meetings have such a high impact on the success of our organizations we should be dedicated to making our meetings the best they can be.


  1. Change the meeting format

Too often meetings become monotonous because they are predictable. There is no harm in changing the sequence of the agenda  to stir up a bit more excitement.



  1. Prepare well

Preparation is the key to creating meetings that work. When a meeting leader is prepared the meeting will have a flow that will keep the participants engaged. When unprepared leaders need time to sort out their thoughts they loose the focus of others.


  1. Avoid Topic twists and chit-chat

In the evaluations we do of meetings within companies two major sins are topic twists and chit-chat. Topic twists are introducing multiple topics before completing the initial topic and chit-chat is any socializing, stories or comments that are not relevant to the topics at hand. Both of these errors tend to take away from the effectiveness of meetings.


  1. Begin with a bang and deliver what you say you will

How you begin will set the pace for the rest of the meeting. Your first 90 seconds are crucial. It is a great time to put everyone at ease and give some direction and goals to the meeting. As a second point, it isn’t enough to have a strong beginning. You must deliver what you promise in the beginning.


For more about creating better meetings in your organization call 1-877-393-9496.