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Secrets of selling from the Stage tip#13, Douglas Vermeeren 10X Your Speaking Business

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10X Your Speaking Business Douglas Vermeeren Sell

Selling from the Stage – Secret tip #13
by Douglas Vermeeren 10X Your Speaking Business

It is important to always remember that people buy emotionally and they back it up logically. Where most speakers fumble the ball is in understanding how to transition effectively from emotion to logic in the purchasing decision process. Most speakers have a clear distinction between their teaching and their pitch and this is where the sales break down occurs with most audiences.

This concept of transition when executed correctly guides the audience to keep the emotional high that got them interested and keeps their momentum high through all steps needed to complete the purchase.

One of the techniques we use in our Secrets of Selling from the Stage program to facilitate this transition is to use transition phrases which guide the audience into a state of logic without compromising the emotion.

One example of these transitional phrases leading into the logical portion of your offering is to start by sharing a date. For example, You’ve just been teaching and the emotional connection with the audience is high. you sense its time to proceed with your offer. You simply shift by saying “On October 16 & 17 I am going to be coming back to this location to teach more on the principles I’ve just shared.” That’s the transition.

So rather than leading with “I am going to do a workshop.” (That’s pitchy and the audience knows the pitch is coming.) or even worse, “I’d like to share an opportunity.” (The audience braces themselves because here comes the ask.)

Instead by starting with the date the audience begins to shift to logic by asking themselves what they re doing on the dates mentioned. After you’ve subtly got them thinking about the logistics of how they will attend you can begin to ease into your offer.



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