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How is it some speakers can get results? 10X Your Speaking Business Douglas Vermeeren

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10X your speaking business logoOver the years I have had the opporutnity to observe many speakers, coaches, trainers and mentors. It has quickly become apprarent t ome that some of htese people are masters and much more effective at changing lives than others. In fact, I have often been in awe of how they have been able to change peoples lives even with just a few sentences.
How are they able to do it?
While not all of the secrets to their success are easily accessible to all, some quite frankly are inutional things that an article could never teach. But I will expose a few big things that anyone can dial into immediately to improve their ability to lift others.
Connection — Connection with your audience is the first step to any form of influence. Your audience needs to feel like you are intersted in them as individuals. They need to know that you are competent and they can open their hearts and minds to you because you have something valuable to share. They need to feel that you are reachable. (Too many speakers today try to put themselves in a position of authority over their audiences and convince people of their worth through accomplishments and status. This doesn’t work.) Connection is a powerful principle and cannot be sufficiently covered to the depth it deserves in such a short article. I encourgae you to maek the study of connection on of you most important pursuits in your development as a speaker.
Vision of the future — I know this may sound a bit bizaare but in order for anyone to make a change in their life they must have a vision of the future and if they can’t see it you have to see it for them. In other words you have to hold the belief in the vision until they can get it for themselves. Speakers that change people are full of hope and opitimism. Seeing the future includes seeing possibilities and asking your students the right quesitons to help them see the right posisbilities for themselves. This is not something that happens by accident. Many times I have seen people just get stuck because the problems of the day weighed down so heavily that they couldn’t see any other options. freedom is about options and when options apeear there is hope.
Start with something they can do now — Despite what movies, pop culture and people make it look like sometimes change and big results are the results of big events. Big things happen after a series of small things create a tipping point. Often most speakers are not able to create change in their students because they are trying to get them to do big dramatic things. They are on the hunt to share as many “A-ha” moments as they can because it makes them look smart. Results follow action. Action follows activities that can actually be performed. The most powerful speakers start with activities that can be completed, not lofty ideals that are beyond the reach of the student. Ask what can you do, not what could you do.
While there are lots of other things that can be done to help your students, and we will most likley talk about those in future article, I want to challenge you to look for ways to implement these three as listed above. You can go a long way to being a support to your sutdents with just those few points.

douglas-vermeeren-600Are you ready to level up your speaking business? Douglas Vermeeren is the Speaking Business Multiplier and the CEO of 10X your speaking Business and host of the popular 10X your speaking business show. His tool are helping speakers: Create highly profitable speaking businesses, Position themselves as experts, Attract media attention, Get publishing deals, Get more speaking gigs, Speak internationally and JV with other top names in the business. Douglas Vermeeren has done this and more and now his systems and secrets can be yours. His clients include beginning speakers all the way to movie and music celebrities, professional and Olympic athletes, top business leaders and other speakers just like YOU!
He has been consistently rated by the media as the top speaker trainer in the world today with the most comprehensive and powerful tools available. Other trainers stop at presentation skills while Vermeeren is the only one who helps you build the speaking business systems that you need for success. Now is your opportunity to find out why all the top speakers are working with him!

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