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10 lessons from Warren Buffet on success

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013
Fortune The Most Powerful Women
Washington, D.C., USA


Photograph by Stuart Isett/Fortune Most Powerful Women

10 Lessons from Warren Buffet on success:
1. Find your passion
2.Hire well
3.Don’t worry about what others think
4.Read Read Read!
5.Have a margin of safety
6.Have a competitive advantage
7.Build your schedule to suit your personality
8.Always find a way to be more competitive
9.Model success
10.Show unconditional love

Taken from various media interviews, articles and books with Warren Buffet.

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Douglas Vermeeren is the CEO of the Millionaire Training Systems. He teaches wealth strategies and mindset. Unlike most wealth coaches and teachers in the market today Douglas Vermeeren actually makes money in the real world and not just through the sale of seminars or personal improvement products. He is the author of the book Guerrilla Millionaire, Millionaire wisdom and several other books on money strategies that build wealth in today’s marketplace. He is also known for his extensive research into the lives of many of the elite and wealthy of today.

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