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Is success reserved for someone else? Douglas Vermeeren

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Often times when I speak with people about success I will hear people point out that many people are born into ideal circumstances and that’s why they are successful. Sometimes it will be mentioned that those in the “lucky sperm club”  were born into money and opportunity and that the biggest successes experienced in the world are reserved for them.

Douglas Vermeeren PPM 48After interviewing more than 400 of the worlds top achievers today (and even some who could be considered as being from the “Lucky sperm club.”) I would like to refute this idea. Success is available to all. Success is not a respecter of person. Success follows those who comply with the rules and laws of how success is created.

In fact, I have seen those from the lucky club who have not created lives of success because they haven’t kept these rules. They may have started with money or opportunity but very quickly they have revealed their values.

What we value most in life immediately becomes reflected in our actions and results. The only thing I have observed is that those who start with more money and opportunity can often get their a little easier or quicker, but that certainly does not prevent others from getting there. I have also noticed a massive shift even in the last few years of people who had no previous advantage rise to the highest levels of success.

The most important commodity for success (even more important than money and opportunity) is resourcefulness. Anyone can access this – especially with the way the internet connects us all together. There are no limits. Py the price and you will gain the reward.

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