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Thank you – Why your messages were important

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Thank you for so many reasons – Why your messages were so important
By Douglas Vermeeren

Happy-Birthday-Fresh-Cake-HD-WallpapersYesterday was my birthday and it was one of the best days ever. I want to thank everyone for your birthday wishes and kind messages. It’s pretty easy to say,“it’s no big deal.” But it really is.

Just like everyone in the world my life doesn’t always go smoothly. Things don’t always go as expected and sometimes life really sucks. There are also times when I have made mistakes and hurt people or have people get mad or frustrated with me. I try my best in life but things can happen. I am sure that you have experienced this in your life too. It can be challenging to attempt to lead an inspiring life and encounter this.

Occasionally when things don’t go well it’s easy to forget the blessings and great people in your life. It’s easy to feel alone.

In admitting this I don’t want anyone to think that I was depressed about my life. I love my life.

Yesterday clarified for me that I was not alone. My Facebook, linkedin, email, home phone, cell phone, voicemail and mail box were all filed with messages of love from friends from around the world. Some of the messages were from places in the world I’d never visited and from people that I was sure would never remember me. One of the calls from a radio station was so random I thought I had missed scheduling a radio interview in my appointment book. every message was received with gratitude and consideration. I felt loved, appreciated and valued. I want to thank everyone.

These messages reignited my desire to do good and be of service to those around me. Many of these messages were from people who claim I touched their lives for good. As I read them I couldn’t help but rededicate myself to the cause of helping people find their brilliance.

Now here’s the message I realized yesterday and I wanted to share today.

If these messages made me feel so loved I wonder why we save messages of love and appreciation for birthdays. How many others around us must be in a funk? How many others (especially among those we love) are feeling alone? How many could use a simple message reminding them they are appreciated?

In this world where we often experience and focus on the negative far more than we deserve shouldn’t we take a minute today and send a few quick positive and encouraging messages.

You never know the good you will do.

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