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Have enough pens
I know this sounds totally basic, but it gets forgotten a lot. I recently attended an event where the speaker had a reasonably successful close and a few dozen people headed to the back of the room to sign up for a two-day workshop. When they got there he had only three or four pens. As people waited around for a free pen they became discouraged and began to discuss more carefully the offer. The speaker rather than making himself available to answer the concerns was on the telephone at the other end of the room trying to get the hotel staff to bring him more pens. Those interested to sign up could not have their questions answered and the speaker was no where to be found. It was a really uncomfortable situation. Ultimately I don’t know how many signed up but I do know that he lost almost half of those lined up ready to do business with him.

Key: I generally try to have at least 3 pens in the room for every attendee present. People lose them, they run out of ink, they go missing on breaks. And on breaks check always check three things: The water, the notepads and the pens.PENS

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