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MAXIMUM RESULTS with Douglas Vermeeren, The Modern Day Napoleon Hill

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MAXIMUM RESULTS with Douglas Vermeeren, The Modern Day Napoleon Hill

As a business owner in today’s tough economy, it is extremely easy for discouragement and pessimism to quickly turn a company with a very high potential of success into just another “failed business” statistic. Because the business environment is changing so rapidly right now, it can be extremely difficult for you as a business owner to focus on how to get what your business needs to stay afloat: results.

Without getting the results you need, you will quickly start to see the ceiling you once had for business growth quickly collapse. Without results you are going to constantly struggle to keep your company profitable and increasing your bottom line is something completely out of the question.

Fortunately it doesn’t have to be that way. Let me explain…

If you are any type of businessman, entrepreneur, or just someone who is looking to get ahead in life and take yourself to that “next level”, the odds you’ve heard of Napoleon Hill are pretty high. Napoleon Hill is the man responsible for writing one of the most popular self-help and personal development books that has ever been written. The premise of the book is simple: during the early 20th century, Hill conducted a bunch of research on 400 of the most successful people during the time period in an attempt to fully understand what separated the financially successful apart from the average person.

Fast forward 100 years. The things that worked back in the 1900s are not necessarily the same type of programs, strategies, and mindsets that would be successful in the generation we now live in. Can you imagine what the results would be if someone was able to repeat Hill’s experiment with top industry leaders and successful businesspeople today?

Now someone has gone out on a limb and done exactly that. Douglas Vermeeren, the man that has been called the modern day Napoleon Hill, the man responsible for shaping positive financial landscapes for thousands of businesses across the world, spent years doing exactly what Hill did. While still a broke college student, Douglas Vermeeren set out to discover those secrets that the millionaire’s and top successes of today must have.

Years later, after successfully understanding the business models, principles, and ideologies of 400 of today’s leading business men and women, Douglas Vermeeren knows exactly what separates the successful from the “average” business owner that just doesn’t know how to increase their profit and bottom line.

The best part? Vermeeren is determined to get this knowledge out to as many businesspeople as possible. To do so, Vermeeren has created the Maximum Results Coaching Program specifically for business owners like you who want to find out the secrets the successful business men and women aren’t willing to share with the public.

Unlike many “gurus” and other self-appointed teachers, Douglas Vermeeren knows exactly what it takes to maximize results; with the exact same strategies, teachings, and methodologies that he shares with some of the top business owners in the world, Vermeeren has been able to successfully turn himself from someone living on parental allowance during college into a self-made millionaire.

So what is it, exactly, separates Douglas Vermeeren and Maximum Results Coaching Program from other coaching and consulting programs that are available today? Simple: the majority of people who are talking the talk are simply doing just that; they don’t actually demonstrate that their systems will provide any type of results. For all anyone knows, these “strategies” that are being taught today to small business owners could be nothing more than theory to get the hopes up of unknowledgeable business owners.

Vermeeren, on the other hand, strives to provide teaching and materials that are specifically based and backed-up by real world data. The Maximum Results program isn’t full of fluff and filler that are simply there to waste time and make you think you’re learning something. No; maximum results can only be achieved if they are strictly tested against what is actually happening in the field today.

Just like Napoleon Hill went out and found the root of success by studying and learning from the successful people of his time, Douglas has done the exact same thing for the world we live in. The Maximum Results Coaching Program will allow anyone; whether you’re a small startup business owner who has 2 employees, or you’re a marketing executive for a Fortune 500 company, the answers you can uncover with Douglas Vermeeren and Maximum Results can change the entire financial landscape of your future, turn your business from nothing to a highly profitable company, or simply help you become a better person.

It’s time you put your business on the fast-track to success. It’s time you made your company as successful as possible. It’s time you finally strive for maximum results. With Douglas Vermeeren as your coach and guide, success is bound to be just around the corner.

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June 11, 2013 at 3:43 am

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Maximum Results – Douglas Vermeeren 21

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Maximum Results - Douglas Vermeeren 21

Maximum Results – Douglas Vermeeren 21

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June 10, 2013 at 10:18 pm

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Do you want to be a life or business coach?

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Do you want to be a life or business coach?

A Maximum Results franchise could be just what you’re looking for.


The personal and professional development industry is exploding. It is estimated that it is now a 2 billion dollar industry and according to the National Post, “coaching is the second-fastest growing profession in the world, rivaled only by information technology.” The profession of personal development coaching also is among the highest employment rates in the United States and one of the highest reports of job satisfaction.


Have you ever considered a career in personal development or coaching? If so, you’ll want to keep reading.


To be successful in the coaching field you will need to two major components. The first will be the content that you share as a coach. Will what you the processes and systems you teach be effective and guide people to the results they really want? The second consideration is business model that you will use to monetize your efforts.


It is only by pairing powerful content with an effective business model that you can create a sustainable coaching business.


With this in mind I would like to tell you about an exciting franchise opportunity with Maximum results coaching.


Maximum Results coaching is exceptionally different for several reasons:



  • The content in the program is based on the direct research of Douglas Vermeeren. His research is the only personal development program since the time of Napoleon Hill to actually conduct first hand success research into the lives of more than 400 of the world’s top achievers. For this research Vermeeren is considered by many to be the ‘modern day Napoleon Hill.’
  • The content has a tried and true track record of more than 10 years. The material works and people get results.
  • The content is so effective that Vermeeren is a regular featured expert on ABC, NBC, FOX, CTV, CBC and others. He is also a regular guest on talk radio and various print media across the nation.



-Vermeeren was able to create a business system within the personal development framework that is able to generate a sustainable and growing income stream.

-Within the Maximum Results program support is built into the business model. Anyone who is willing to put in the effort can succeed.

  • This model can be duplicated by anyone.


Extensive training and support is provided to help our franchise partner be successful in delivering the content in the most effective and powerful way as well as to establish a self sustaining profitable business.


Our Brand

The Maximum Results brand is one of the fastest growing brands in personal development. Douglas Vermeeren actively promote the brand through regular media appearances and strategic partnerships. One of those partnerships is with the Guerrilla Marketing brand. The Guerrilla brand has sold more than 22,000,000 books worldwide in a variety of languages. The Guerrilla series is considered the top selling business series of all time. Vermeeren has written three books for that series and all are used in the Maximum Results program.


Vermeeren appears as a regular expert on ABC, NBC, FOX, CTV, CBC and other TV networks. He also appears regularly on radio and in print. What this means for our franchises is that they receive the benefit of marketplace credibility and regular exposure to the marketplace.


Vermeeren is also the producer of two major personal development films. The Opus ( and The Gratitude Experiment ( These two films feature an amazing cast of some of the top personal development leaders of today.


In 2011 and 2012 Vermeeren was also nominated as the top professional speaker by the Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultants.


The Opportunity

We are looking to find people to partner with us and leverage our success to create their own.


If you are interested to build a profitable coaching business we want to help you. We would like to teach you the systems we have been using to create success over the last decade. We want you as a business partner and will share with you the exclusive content as well as the profitable business models that have allowed us to create a loyal following and financial abundance. The bottom line is that if you’re serious about becoming a coaching professional then we need to talk!



Direct benefits to you:

– Increased income

  • stable income
  • superior content
  • a unique business model that works
  • ongoing training and support
  • customer service tools to help you succeed
  • opportunity to affiliate with known brands
  • get paid to help people and and have fun



Compensation is an important part of any successful franchise system.  We have built a system that will allow you to create greater financial abundance, stability and freedom in a very short time. All that is required is for you to get to work and follow our system.


What will it cost?

Ultimately we are looking for people who are go-getters and excited about coaching and helping people create success. If that’s you, in the end this investment will return far more than what it costs to participate. Coaching certification and franchise options begin at $15,000 for your initial start up and $5,000 per year after that.


What next?

If you feel this is a good opportunity for you please contact us for a no obligation discussion at 1-877-393-9496 or email

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June 8, 2013 at 2:21 am

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Maximum Results – Douglas Vermeeren 20

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Maximum Results - Douglas Vermeeren 20

Maximum Results – Douglas Vermeeren 20

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June 7, 2013 at 11:47 pm

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What has love got to do with Courage?

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What has love got to do with courage? 

By Douglas Vermeeren

What do you think of when you hear the word courage? Do you think of bravery and a dangerous battlefield? Perhaps an important mission to accomplish? Do you think of a moment when you knew the right thing to do but stood alone in your convictions? Do you think of a moment when you found out that you had made a mistake and you knew that confessing it would cost time and money? All of these moments would no doubt require courage.

Courage is symbolized by a proud and protective lion. Courage proceeds all other virtues as without courage it is difficult to practice any other virtue in the face of danger.

According to ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, courage is a virtue that is only yours if you can sustain it in a moment of adversity. Courage is very much like artistic ability. It only appears in the works we create. A demonstration of courage requires adversity and activity in the moment of that adversity.

What is it that allows us to create the immovable virtue of courage in our lives? Do we all have courage or is it a gift given only to the few? In his work Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle answered the question by expressing that all have a degree of courage.

Courage, he felt, was situated in the center of a spectrum. On one hand was recklessness and on the other hand cowardice. Courage was in the center as the balance.


Reckless                                 Courageous                                            Cowardice

The kinds of activities we choose to respond with in while in moments of adversity demonstrate whether we are reckless, courageous or a coward.

As I conducted my research into the lives of more than 400 of the world’s top achievers I found that no great success was ever created without courage. Courage is essential to success.

To create an extraordinary life will require you to go beyond what an average person is doing.  In your quest for success you will undoubtably face fear, pain, uncertainty, obstacles, failure, intimidation and naysayers.

However, there is a greater danger than the adversity that surrounds us. That greater danger comes from what we belief inside. Modern Psychology terms this kind of courage psychological bravery. It primarily describes the inner working of our mind and our courage in overcoming our personal inclinations and habits.

Our inner voice is the most challenging enemy we will ever face. Buddha said it this way “ It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles.”

Regardless of whether the adversity you are facing comes from external sources or internal sources the question remains how do you find courage when you need it?

What will get you through a difficult time? What can you do to create more courage? When you have a difficult moment what will allow you to stand immovable in the direction of what you know to be right?

Chinese philosopher Tao Te Ching shared a powerful insight into courage that many have seemed to miss. He stated simply that “loving causes the ability to be brave.”

This profound truth is what allows extraordinary success to be created. Think of stories you’ve heard about how a loving mother does extraordinary things to save her child from extreme danger. The same is true of you and your efforts to create success. If you truly love what you are pursuing you will face any and all dangers to protect that dream.

The more you love something the braver you will be in the defense of it.

The philosopher Thomas Aquinas made an interesting observation that fits very nicely with this idea of love and courage being connected. Typically most people think of courage as an act of combat or conflict. Aquinas suggested that courage was actually more about endurance than attack.

Personally I like this idea. We often hear people say that the first step is always the hardest to take when it comes to creating greater success or making change. I don’t believe this is true. Starting is pretty easy for most people. The hardest part about creating success is sticking with the task and finishing.  According to Aquinas he would agree that it takes more courage to stick with a task and endure than it does to rush into the fight.

My challenge to you is to first find love. Discover what is it that you really love and you will immediately gain power to find courage when you need it. And secondly, get committed to endure. Expect that adversity and challenges will come as they always do. But decide now that you will be courageous and endure.

Douglas Vermeeren

Douglas Vermeeren,

Douglas Vermeeren has conducted extensive research into the lives of more than 400 of the world’s top achievers. Douglas Vermeeren knows what they did to get to the top and he can show you how.  He appears regularly on ABC, FOX, CNN, CTV, CBC and is known as the modern day Napoleon Hill. He is the author of 3 books in the Guerrilla Marketing series and is the creator of the hit personal development films The Opus & The Gratitude Experiment. His results based coaching program MAXIMUM RESULTS is currently among the fastest growing in the nation and franchises are now available in selected markets! If you want to make more money as a coach please contact us. For more information on Doug and his programs go to or

Maximum Results for You

Maximum Results for You

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Douglas Vermeeren on The Rush in Vancouver

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Douglas Vermeeren on the Rush in Vancouver

Douglas Vermeeren on the Rush in Vancouver

Douglas Vermeeren on the Rush in Vancouver

Douglas Vermeeren on the Rush in Vancouver

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June 7, 2013 at 2:18 am

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Jodi Vance from City TV Vancouver and Achievement expert Douglas Vermeeren

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Jodi Vance from City TV Vancouver and Achievement expert Douglas Vermeeren

Jodi Vance from City TV Vancouver and Achievement expert Douglas Vermeeren

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June 7, 2013 at 2:05 am

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