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Douglas Vermeeren – Achievement Accelerated 8

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Douglas Vermeeren - Achievement Accelerated 8

Douglas Vermeeren – Achievement Accelerated 8

Secrets to achieving more – Radio interview with Douglas Vermeeren

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Do you want to know why traditional goal setting doesn’t work??? Here’s the recording from a fun radio interview I just did. In this interview I share some highly unknown strategies for creating greater results and accelerating your achievement capabilities. This is some serious stuff. If you want to be a top achiever you will find this interesting! This 10 minutes could change your future!


Achievement Accelerated

Achievement Accelerated

Douglas Vermeeren – Achievement Accelerated 7

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Douglas Vermeeren - Achievement Accelerated 7

Douglas Vermeeren – Achievement Accelerated 7

Douglas Vermeeren – Achievement Accelerated 6

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Douglas Vermeeren - Achievement Accelerated 6

Douglas Vermeeren – Achievement Accelerated 6

Optimism and creating maximum results

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Optimism and creating maximum results

By Douglas Vermeeren

Several years ago I was sitting at a campfire with my dad on a family camping trip. I had just completed a series of interviews with a group of high level CEOs the week before. What I had learned was still very fresh on my mind. My objective in the research was to identify key aspects of how success is created. I thought it would be interesting to get a contrasting viewpoint. My dad wasn’t a CEO of a major company. In fact, most of his life he had worked in the trades. But I found the wisdom he gave for my own life to be practical and straight to the point. That day I told him about my research and asked him what he thought the about the specific principles of success the CEOs had told me.

He poked the fire with a stick slowly and I could tell he was thinking. He said those were all pretty good ideas that the CEOs had shared. He then told me a story of a fellow I’ll call Terry.

Terry wanted to be a foreman on a construction site. He had invested a lot of time to learn his craft. He had taken extra courses and sought out additional management training. He arrived early and always left late. The work that was entrusted to him was always done on time and often at a much higher quality than his co-workers. Nearly everything in Terry efforts led you to expect that he would be promoted to foreman, but it never happened. My dad paused to let the lesson sink in deeper, then he asked, “Do you want to know why it never happened for Terry?”

I shrugged and my dad answered. “Because nobody liked him.” Terry was a negative, pessimistic person that didn’t get along well with others. It was simple, but profound.

When it comes to creating massive success we require the support of others around us.  Success requires us to be possibility oriented. Success requires us to look for the best and be hopeful. Success requires us to be optimistic.

Optimism creates an expansive energy within us. As we are optimistic we attract support. No one likes to contribute to a complainer. And for poor Terry his negative attitude cost him the opportunity for promotion and a better future.

So how can we nurture optimism to create better results?

First we must understand what optimism is. Optimism does not begin as an out look, but an ‘in’ look. It starts with a confidence in yourself. You may have heard the old saying, ‘how you see the world is a reflect of how you see yourself.’

When he trust that we are good enough and expect that what we produce is good enough we will begin to be optimistic.

Second, optimism recognizes that events or results are neutral. Our reality is the story we attach to the event or results. No matter what happens to us we are in control to decide whether or not it is a positive event or a negative event. We can choose to see the positive and be optimistic about every situation if we choose to be. It may not be easy – but it is possible. All results appear better with optimism.

Being optimistic in a negative or even tragic situation is important. While we may feel justified in feeling bad or bitter about terrible things in our lives the truth is that feeling bad or bitter won’t ever give you the power to make the situation better. The situation can’t change for the better until you decide to look at it in a better way.

The third way to grow optimism is through contribution or service.  As we seek to be of service to others our own life becomes more and we find more to celebrate. By contributing to others we also change our results from mediocre to magnificent.

Optimism is the fastest way to attract support for your ideas and efforts. But giving support to others is also the fastest way to attract optimism in your own life.

The fourth way to attract optimism into your life is simply to expect it. What we look for in life is what we find. It’s like looking through a window. If there is a crack in the window and all that we focus on is the crack we will never see the beautiful scenery just outside.  What we focus on becomes our reality.

In conclusion I challenge you to look for ways to be more optimistic. As you do you will discover that your results will improve dramatically. And naturally as your results maximize you will discover more to be grateful for and your optimism will continue to grow.

Doug Vermeeren

Doug Vermeeren,

Douglas Vermeeren has conducted extensive research into the lives of more than 400 of the world’s top achievers. Douglas Vermeeren knows what they did to get to the top and he can show you how.  He is the creator of The Opus & The Gratitude Experiment and the coaching program MAXIMUM RESULTS For more go to

Sam’s thoughts on Achievement Accelerated

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Douglas Vermeeren – Achievement Accelerated 5

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Douglas Vermeeren - Achievement Accelerated 5

Douglas Vermeeren – Achievement Accelerated 5