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Is goal setting important? Achievement Accelerated

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Achievement Accelerated

Achievement Accelerated

Is Goal setting important?

We have heard again and again how important it is to set goals. But is it? Can it really make a difference? Will goal setting make you happier and actually improve your performance in your personal or business life?

There are many who would argue that goal setting makes no real difference at all in many settings. Their argument stems from the concept that a person is generally too tethered to their habits that goal setting can’t really disrupt the level of performance that was going to happen anyways. Many studies can be shown that support this opinion. One of the most commonly visible forms of goals setting failure can be observed in just simply looking at the failure rate of defeated New Year resolutions. According a recent article on Wikipedia it s estimated that more than 92% of all New Years resolutions end in failure. 80% of those resolutions fail prior to the 20th of January.

Others argue that goal setting can improve performance. Studies supporting this opinion place many of the world’s top achievers as people who set and realize goals regularly.  Millions of dollars are spent each year in corporations and businesses implementing strategies for goal achievement.

Psychologists suggest that a significant component of human drive comes from our desire for improvement or change. Our brains are satisfied to be problem-seeking and problem-solving. Indeed, it is one fundamental thing that sets apart the human race from all other organisms on the planet.

Aristotle speculated that purpose causes action. In other words where there is no purpose there will be no action.

So who is correct and what are the differences between these two groups?

Share your opinion and your reasons why you feel the way you do.

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  1. I have read a great deal of material on either side of this argument. On one hand I agree that many of the goals I have set in my life I have not achieved so maybe goal setting is not important. That being said every incredible I have accomplished has been tied to a goal that I was passionate about. As I visualized about what I would feel like once I achieved the goal it helped move me to action. “Words without works are dead.” So it is with goals. DNA-Dreams Need Action. Undirected action can lead to several partial finished project. For me I need both Direction and Action so that my activities produce the correct results.

    Guy Burnd

    March 18, 2013 at 7:00 pm

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