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The Monthly Millionaire Mentor program – What are people saying about us?

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The Monthly Millionaire Mentor program is sweeping the nation as the most popular wealth education and training available. It is brain child of Douglas Vermeeren, who is known as the modern day Napoleon Hill. Over the last several decades Vermeeren has conducted extensive research in to the lives of more than 400 of the world’s top achievers and wealthy. With these lessons he has constructed a variety of programs that have been successful implemented as far away as China. (Where Vermeeren was also awarded the distinction of ¬†Youngest Visiting Professor for his contributions to the field of human performance and motivation.) The Monthly millionaire Mentor program is different than anything that Vermeeren has constructed in the past. this program involves one on one mentorship and support from more than 100 millionaires in different parts of the world. These millionaires are partnered with individuals looking to grow their wealth and together they take the journey to increased abundance. For more information on the program go to

Upcoming events

Jan 28 Vancouver, BC

Feb 1 Edmonton AB

March 1 Las vegas, NV

March 21 Calgary, AB

April 3 Barcelona, Spain

April 7 Madrid, Spain



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