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What do 84% of all self-made millionaires have in common?

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Self Made Millionaires are everywhere

Self Made Millionaires are everywhere

What do 84% of all self-made millionaires have in common?
Douglas Vermeeren, CEO of The Millionaire Training Systems

Many people in the world would like to become millionaires. Becoming a millionaire comes with privileges and financial freedom that people who live paycheck to paycheck will never realize. A millionaire lifestyle comes with greater opportunities and increased freedoms. Millionaires experience less stress and increased opportunities to creatively explore their full potential. Most millionaires today are self-made and according to current research are made quick quickly. The average self-made millionaire today accomplishes this task in less than five years. Each year there are more than 200,000 thousand added to the ranks of the millionaires. Which translates into 547 per day and 22.8 per hour.

There has never been a better time or an easier time to become a millionaire than now!

Most self-made millionaires today live in North America. 84% of them have one thing in common. That one thing is that they are entrepreneurs. (The other 16% of self-made millionaires typically come through investing, including real estate.) These entrepreneurs can be divided into several sub categories. For this article I will focus on three.

Inventor – Inventors recognize a need for a solution to a specific need in the marketplace. They then devise a way to provide that solution. Often inventors partner with manufacturers and distributors to take the new invention to market. Inventions don’t always to be unique and incredible to be successful. In fact, generally inventions that are not highly simple don’t make it. Inventions aren’t limited to products, inventions can also include services or systems. Generally speaking, the bigger the problem the invention solves for the most amount of people, the more successful it will be. What could you invent that would solve a problem in todays marketplace?

Innovator – Innovators take an existing idea, service, product or business model and innovate it into something more effective. Typically the best innovations make something easier to use, save time or take up less space. Innovators are always on the prowl to determine how they can take something and make it better.The majority of Thomas Edison’s patents (and things which we was credited for inventing) were actually innovations on existing ideas that were either already in the marketplace or that had been presented in a more clumsy form by other inventors. Innovation is generally most successful when the subject being innovated is something that large groups of people need or would use. What existing idea, service or opportunity in the marketplace today could you innovate to become highly success?

Goods and service provider – Goods and service providers generally do not invent or innovate at all. they simply out perform their competitors. A great example would be Walmart founder Sam Walton. He simply found a better way of delivering products at a better price. The products weren’t essentially different from other department stores. The difference was in his ability to deliver them at a discounted rate by acquiring them in greater bulk. You’ve probably caught a little bit of a theme by now that you need to have a significant audience to support your entrepreneurial idea. In order for your goods or services venture to be successful you need to have something where a large enough support audience exists. What goods or service could you bring to market that a significantly sized audience would support? How could you bring it to them in a way which is better or more convenient?

84% of all self-made millionaires are entrepreneurs. Once they understand what they will deliver to their target audience they then develop systems to make marketing, sale and delivery possible and easy.

Our organization Millionaire Training Systems  shares expertise from many self-made millionaires who have done this before. Mentors like ours can help you analyze and strengthen your ideas, and then help you take them to market in the best ways possible.

Millionaire Training Systems

Millionaire Training Systems

The Millionaire Training Systems program is the only millionaire training that conducts ongoing research into the construction of millionaires in todays marketplace. We also provide exclusive support from real millionaires and billionaires to help you with implementation of winning strategies that get real results.

If you would like to learn more about how you can gain this advantage for your entrepreneurial adventures please feel free to contact us at 1-877-393-9496 or online at

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