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Be Realistic! Can you be Rich?

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Can you be Rich?

Can you be Rich?

Be Realistic! Can you be Rich?

By Douglas Vermeeren


When I set out to begin the 1 X 180 Million Dollar Experiment I heard something familiar to almost everyone who has ever tried to do something incredible, “Be Realistic!” You see the 1 X 180 Million Dollar Experiment involved me taking a $1 bill and inside of 180 days turning it into $1,000,000. Maybe right now you’re also saying be realistic.


The cry of ‘be realistic’ is something that we often hear when we are trying to do things that others may feel is impossible. While it is true some of the things we attempt may be difficult are they really unrealistic?



Let me ask you to think on this, here are the daily (Yes, I said daily) incomes for  a few names you’d recognize:


Indra Nooyi – Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo…………………………$50,960.00

Alan Mulally – President & CEO Ford Motors ………………………….$54,400.00

Donald Trump – CEO Trump Organization………………………………$200,000.00

Josef Ackerman – CEO Deutsche Bank………………………………….$7,616.00

Bernard Arnault – CEO Louis Vitton……………………………………….$21,104.00


Just for Fun:

Oprah Winfrey……………………………………………………………………..$1,260,000.00


The reason I share these isn’t to get you discouraged by noticing the current difference between what your daily income is and theirs. In fact, quite the opposite. I share these numbers, which by the way are not from the wealthiest people in the world, to share that  it is REALISTIC that there are people that make large amounts of money daily.


Reality is defined as having correct expectations for a certain set of circumstances. The problem for most people is they base their expectations on what they have experienced in the past or on what others tell them is possible. Generally speaking when you have no previous or false expectations imposed upon you and are left to simply engage in an activity you can meet with wonderful success.


Be very careful about what ideas from others you will accept as truth and reality.


When someone says ‘You are being unrealistic in your goal to be rich,’ ask yourself, is it the reality you want to endorse?  You have a choice. Remember the reality for many people is wealth, not poverty. You can choose that reality.


Choose today to live in and create your own desired reality rather than the reality that others have told you to live. You can create whatever possibilities are important to you.


Now what does it take to be a millionaire? I define millionaire in terms of cash flow, not assets. so how much cash do you need to have flow through your hands each day to be a millionaire?


Let’s do it the easy way:


$1,000,000 divided by 365 days = $2,739.72


To become a cash flow millionaire you need to have $2,739.72 come into your hands each day. (If you break that down even further it comes down to about $114 / hr)


When you start looking at it that way it becomes a little bit more realistic. Wouldn’t you agree?


Now the next question becomes one of how can you successfully construct systems that will allow you to generate $114 per hour twenty-four hours a day?


If you’d like the answer come visit us at and we’ll start sharing with you some of the answers. Use the redemption code: DVB1


The Millionaire Myth

The Millionaire Myth

For more on beliefs that keep us from being Rich order the brand new book, The Millionaire Myth and 21 beliefs about money that keep you from being Rich.  This book can be pre-ordered by phone right now by calling 1-877-393-9496.





Douglas Vermeeren

Douglas Vermeeren

Douglas Vermeeren is the director of the SUCCEED Research Center which is dedicated to sharing research on the systems that top achievers use to create lasting success and wealth. Over the last decade Vermeeren has conducted extensive research on more than 400 of the world’s top achievers, including business leaders, celebrities and professional or Olympic level athletes.

Recently Doug completed the 1 X 180 Million Dollar Experiment where we turned $1 into $1,000,000 in 180 days.

Douglas Vermeeren is the author of The Millionaire Myth, Guerrilla Achiever (With Jay Levinson) and the creator of the film The Opus (with Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Dr. Joe Vitale, Dr. John Demartini, Dr. Sue Morter, Marci Shimoff, Bill Bartmann, Bob Doyle and Morris Goodman.) Currently Doug is completing another film entitled, How Thoughts Become Things. This film will explore the process of how our thoughts become manifest in our lives as reality.

For more on this film go to: For more on Douglas Vermeeren go to: Douglas Vermeeren can be reached for speaking engagements and training at 1.877.393.9496.


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  1. This is so true. I choose to live in the reality I want to create. Too often people tell me how I should live and what is possible for me. I agree that I can choose to accept their ideas about my life or not. It’s time to choose for yourself.


    March 5, 2011 at 3:38 am

  2. Wow! Thank you for sharing this information. I think it is so important for each of us to expose ourselves with this kind of thinking every day! We are constantly being bombarded with negative events, thoughts, feelings, and these negative influences if let loose will cause havoc in our ability to recognize people, and opportunities encircling us daily to help us reach our full potential in life. I know there are positive forces around us that are constantly at work to help us increase in knowledge and achieve success in every area of our lives! The only catch is we must train our minds with an increased awareness of these great blessings around us. We must desire these blessings and have the courage to take vital steps (however small they may be), to takes us to living the lives we all know we want and should have. Lives of abundance and joy! Imagine how many people we could be helping and influencing each day to have better lives just because we believed we could, took the necessary steps, and we got it!

    Paula Brown

    March 5, 2011 at 4:53 am

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